10 Naruto’s Akatsuki Members Ranked Youngest to Oldest


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In Naruto, Akatsuki was one of the most formidable team threats since Dragon Ball Z’s Ginyu Force or Mobile Suit Gundam’s Zeon Principality. Each member has various abilities, abilities, and attitudes, but they all shared a common goal: to improve the world by sealing the Tailed Beasts.

However, they were all duped because the group was a front for Madara and Obito Uchiha’s ambitions. The two Uchiha were also duped by the ancient Black Zetsu, who desired to resurrect his mother Kaguya Tsutsui.

Akatsuki’s membership was fairly diversified, ranging from the aforementioned elderly Black Zetsu to younger and fresher faces such as Deidara, a clay explosives expert.

The following is a list of the ten Akatsuki members in Naruto, from youngest to oldest.

10:- Yahiko

15 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Yahiko was comparable to Naruto Uzumaki when he was alive. He was the youngest Akatsuki member and co-founder alongside Konan and Nagato. Yahiko, like Naruto, was determined to become the Hidden Rain Village’s leader. Unlike Naruto, Yahiko, on the other hand, adhered to the Social Darwinist ideas of “Survival of the Fittest” and “Eye for an Eye.”

Yahiko was regarded as the group’s charismatic commander, and he began assembling the original Akatsuki as a peacekeeping operation. Yahiko intended to improve the world with Akatsuki’s help, using his control over fire, water, and wind discharge.

Unfortunately, it did not last, as Yahiko committed suicide to spare Nagato the decision of whether to kill him or Konan when the tyrant Hanzo of the Hidden Rain compelled him to do so.

Nagato came to feel that the world was beyond redemption after Yahiko’s death. Yahiko’s corpse would become the Deva Path of Pain, the major body through which Pain’s messages would be communicated.


19 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Technically the group’s youngest member, this explosion-obsessed artist is a Hidden Stone Village native. Deidara departed his town after taking one of his clan’s Kim Justus, which let him knead chakra into substances using his palms’ mouths. After eliminating his pursuers, he discovered art in a single instant (art that lasts only a split second) and generally caused havoc on many militants throughout multiple countries as a bomber.

While he appeared to be calm and comfortable, his sadistic arsonist mentality always surfaced during fights. He was devoted to his explosive art and frequently boasted about it to everyone who would listen.

Deidara’s recruitment was unconventional, as he lost his proving duel to Itachi’s Sharingan. He never forgot or forgave Itachi’s Sharingan and attempted to counter Genjutsu by establishing C4.

Deidara and Sasori eventually captured Gaara, but not before Deidara lost his left arm to the sand of Gaara. Attempting to battle Team 7 and Team Guy failed as well, as his left arm was cut by Kakashi’s Kamui, forcing him to fake his death with a clone bomb.

He was frighteningly intelligent, especially by deceiving opponents and employing his clay in subtle ways, such as stuffing it inside Gaara’s gourd or trapping Sasuke between a dragon and explosives. Regrettably, it frequently took a back seat to his art, which resulted in his death in Naruto Shippuden versus Sasuke.

8:- Itachi Uchiha

21 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Itachi Uchiha accomplished a great deal in his youth, from slaughtering the Uchiha Clan to joining the Akatsuki and foiling Kabuto and Orochimaru’s plots. This post will focus exclusively on his Akatsuki years.

He was initially partnered with Juzo Biwa upon joining Akatsuki. The duo was assigned a mission in the Land of Water, where they were tasked with defeating Yagura, the Three-Tails Jinchuriki. While Itachi was slaying Yagura, Juzo was assassinated.

Itachi fought against Orochimaru’s attempt to seize his body. He was soon joined with the shark-like Kisame Hoshigaki, and Itachi had a significant role in recruiting Hidan and Deidara.

At one point, the elder Uchiha developed a grave disease and was resolved to die by Sasuke’s hand. He did, but his preparations for Sasuke were unsuccessful. When he was reborn, he was candid about everything concerning the Uchiha Clan, telling Sasuke that the older Uchiha told him he loved him regardless of what happened.

Itachi entrusted Naruto with the responsibility of keeping Sasuke on track, and Naruto maintained his word.

7:- Hidan

22 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Hidan is a lost ninja from the Hidden Steam Village. He is one-half of the aptly titled “Zombie Combo” with Kakuzu. After visiting the fittingly named Valley of Hell and being enraged that his town had become a tourist attraction, he massacred his people and joined the cult-like Jashin, where he acquired immortality.

His impolite and masochistic demeanor made an impression on his adversaries, as he is incapable of dying and can survive normally fatal wounds. His ultimate technique — possesses individuals by devouring their blood — can fuse the two, transforming Hidan’s wounds into those of his adversary. This murdered Asuma Sarutobi and resulted in his demise: he was blown to bits and buried beneath a cave by Shikamaru Nara.

While he may still be alive, he was last observed progressively deteriorating due to a nutritional deficiency.

6:- Obito Uchiha

31 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Obito Uchiha was buried behind rubble and barely lived after Rin was assassinated and subsequently masked as Madara. He spent a long time as Tobi after the Akatsuki was created until he stole authority from Pain and slain Konan.

Murder, betrayal, and whatever else was necessary to carry out the Moon’s Eye plot, he would do it. This resulted in his attempt to destroy the Leaf by forcibly extracting Kurama from Kushina. He also attempted to assassinate Naruto but failed due to his underestimation of Minato and Kushina’s talents. He took part in the killing of the Uchiha clan and recruited Itachi.

His talents were startlingly powerful, owing to Zetsu’s improvements to his chakra reserves, his Sharingan and Rinnegan, and Madara’s lectures on ninjutsu. By assuming the guise of the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, he fought the Third, Fourth, and Second Hokage to a draw.

Obito was eventually persuaded to join the combined Shinobi troops and made the ultimate sacrifice to defend Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto from Kaguya. Obito was finally able to join Rin in the afterlife when his spell of hatred was lifted.

5:- Kisame Hoshigaki

32 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Shark-like Kisame Hoshigaki lost faith in humanity after assassinating his mentor Fuguki after discovering he was selling information to neighboring villages. Kisame reasoned that Moon’s Eye’s “World of Truth” was ideal. He and Itachi first clashed, but they later teamed up to attempt to catch Naruto.

Kisame is a bloodthirsty fighter, willing to mutilate and use very violent water techniques such as fast-moving sharks and massive volumes of water. His weapon Samehada possessed the ability to absorb and consume chakra. He also melded with it, transforming himself completely into a shark. He also possessed tremendous physical strength, which enabled him to overcome Asuma and even Guy at one time.

None of this ultimately aided him. Might Guy easily defeated Kisame, and the shark man committed suicide by letting his sharks engulf him to avoid being interrogated.

4:- Sasori

35 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

During his time with Akatsuki, the sadistic former sand puppet master Sasori was associated with Orochimaru and then Deidara. He was rumored to construct human puppetry to alleviate the loneliness he had felt since boyhood.

Sasori also murdered the Third Kazekage and transformed his body into a puppet. His introduction to Akatsuki occurred during a brawl between him and Konan, which he lost but later joined.

Cruel, nihilistic, and impatient, Sasori employed vicious blade work and summoned well over 200 puppets to attempt to murder Sakura and Chiyo. Sasori was a real puppeteer at great ranges, owing to his command of the chakra threads, and could even manipulate living individuals as puppets. The puppets were armed with a variety of weapons: knives, flamethrowers, and poison spitters, to name a few. With them all, he even brought down a small nation!

Despite all of this, as well as a significant intellectual capacity, he was assassinated by Chiyo and Sakura. After being restored, he was later killed and contained by Kankuro and Sai. As atonement, he gave Kankuro his mother and father puppets to be passed on to future generations.

3:- Konan and Nagato

35 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

At the time of Naruto Shippuden, Konan and Nagato were the final two members of the original Akatsuki. Yahiko died at the time, and Nagato lost the use of his legs.

Both were essential in the formation of Akatsuki. While Nagato led, Konan kept an eye on everything and maintained order among the members. She went forward with Nagato’s orders without inquiry and saw through Tobi’s orders to capture Kurama for the suicide mission that they were.

They both possessed enormous power, with Nagato using the Six Paths of Pain to slay Jiraya and even outlast Kazuku, and Konan nearly killing Obito with her paper ninjutsu opening up into the lake of the Hidden Rain and detonating over 600 billion explosive tags.

They altered the course of history and then some, deserving better than being discarded by a larger-scale evil.

2:- Kazuku

91 years old

10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

Kakuzu, the other half of the “Zombie Combo” alongside Hidan, was a more monstrous creature than Hidan.

Kazuku was initially apprehended attempting to assassinate the First Hokage and subsequently murdered his village elders after they cruelly punished him and stole their hearts. Sasori powered himself with hearts and sewed masks and organs together, resembling a weird Frankenstein Monster. He was capable of intercepting Kakashi, let alone catching Choji’s strengthened arms with ease. He could even pull his body apart with huge threads to assault an adversary in a monstrous octopus-like form, shattering rocks with his blows.

When Naruto and team Asuma faced Kazuku, he possessed at least five hearts, necessitating his death at least five times. He also possessed the ability to channel fire, wind, lightning, and water, because his masks were woven with various chakra energies.

He was also a thief, stealing money from bounties and side jobs to supplement his income. Kazuku despised Hidan, and Hidan despised Kazuku. Kazuku’s violent wrath finally cost him his life, as he attempted to assassinate Naruto Uzumaki and had his final heartbroken by a Rasenshuriken before succumbing to Kakashi’s Lightning Blade.

1-: Zetsu


10 Akatsuki members in Naruto

The ancient Zetsu is significantly older than anybody else because he is not human; he was made by Kaguya before the events of Naruto to serve her will. As a result, he has manipulated it all from the start.

From causing Indra to become enraged at Asura, to altering the Uchiha stone tablet and forcing Madara to battle the First Hokage, to manipulating Madra to the finish, Zetsu was there like DC’s Reverse-Flash. It is capable of invisibility, and wood release, and is sufficiently durable to avoid being bisected.

It maintained a polite, appealing demeanor throughout, always keeping its would-be partners in the dark. It was everything for Kaguya, and it would end with her. All that manipulation, anguish, and bloodshed for the sake of being permanently sealed.