10 Most Least Powerful Characters in Naruto


10 Most Least Powerful Characters in Naruto

There are a lot of characters in the Naruto series. While some of them, such as Naruto and Sasuke, have incredible power, others do not. Because of the Shinobi dominating culture in the anime, these characters are rare and few between. Naruto’s weak characters have no nice moments that show their actual power.

10. Karin Uzumaki

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoKarin is not very powerful, despite her inherent healing abilities and great sealing Jutsu. She has almost little combat experience and has been defeated by the majority of the characters that have attempted to battle her.

She had spent so many years at Orochimaru’s side that she had become astute enough to flee if ever in danger.

9. Ebisu

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoEbisu is a Konoha tokubetsu jonin, or special jonin, and the captain of Team Ebisu, which included Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi. Despite being a jonin, he has no notable achievements that demonstrate his power.

He was even vanquished by a Path of Pain that Konohamaru himself was able to overcome. He is the strongest character on our list since he is number ten.

8. Tazuna

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoDuring the Land of Waves arc, Team 7’s mission centered on Tazuna, who is a bridge-builder. Team 7 had to protect him because a powerful man was angry about the bridge he was building.

He was also one of the reasons Team 7 met Zabuza and Haku, which led to one of the series’ first very sad moments.

7. Mizuki

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoMizuki appeared in Naruto episode one as the series’ initial antagonist. He was a chunin instructor at the Ninja Academy, where the Konoha 11 studied.

Mizuki also duped Naruto into taking the Sealing Scroll. He was swiftly destroyed by Naruto’s barrage of shadow clones, however, and was forced to return the Scroll of Sealing.

 6. Teuchi

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoTeuchi is the proprietor of Ichiraku Ramen and is well-liked by many Konoha residents. Despite the high regard in which he is held, he has no fighting experience.

In fact, since the beginning of the Naruto series, he has never been spotted near a battle.

5. Ayame

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoTeuchi’s daughter, Ayame, used to help her father and is now the owner of Ichiraku Ramen in Boruto. She, like her father, has never been seen or acknowledged to have any fighting experience, hence it’s reasonable to presume she’s the series’ weakest character.

 4. Iruka Umino

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoDespite his high standing in the series, Iruka is one of the weakest shinobi. He, like Mizuki, was a chunin and an instructor at the Ninja Academy.

Iruka did his utmost to protect Naruto after Mizuki tricked him into taking the Scroll of Sealing and walking into the woods. He fought Mizuki but was finally vanquished.

3. White Zetsu

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoKaguya’s Infinite Tsukuyomi inspired the creation of White Zetsu, the opposite half of Akatsuki’s member Zetsu. He wasn’t the kind to go into battle, but he was a great snoop.

Through stealth and intelligence collection, White Zetsu aided the Akatsuki in their fight against the enemy.

2. Yuina Itomaki

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoYuina Itomaki, along with Ehou and Himawari, was one of the kids who tried out for Ninja Academy. She had never fought before the trial, so she didn’t do very well, but she was still determined to become a shinobi.

She has gotten stronger in recent episodes as she has trained with Himawari and Ehou, and she will soon start at the Ninja Academy.

1. Tenten

Most Least Powerful Characters in NarutoTenten will surely be remembered as one of Naruto’s most insignificant characters. Tenten continues to experiment with scrolls as other characters learn new talents throughout the narrative. Nothing impossible could have been accomplished with screentime as little as what was allotted to her.