7 The Long Halloween: Part One – Batman


The 7 Best DC Animated Movies, Ranked

DC’s animated films should not be as excellent as they are. Undoubtedly, there have been some duds. Some of the most popular DC Comics stories, including The Killing Joke and Batman: Hush, did not receive the adaptations they deserved. Others, such as Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Under the Red Hood, received outstanding adaptations that are among the studio’s finest animated works. The strongest pieces are dispersed among DC’s decade-long animation catalogue.

In honor of the impact of DC’s animated adventures, and in anticipation of the forthcoming animated adaptation of Injustice, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best animated films DC and Warner Bros. have produced to date.

7. The Long Halloween: Part One – Batman

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One, which was released earlier this year, presents a story that is both gripping and full of shocks. Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale added a calm, brooding strength to the source material, preserving Batman’s investigative roots while attempting to advance the character in novel ways.

The plot centres around the Caped Crusader’s search for a serial killer with a holiday motif. The Holiday Killer has begun murdering members of the Falcone crime family, raising tensions between them and their rivals, the Maronis. Obviously, in his attempt to find Holiday, Batman places himself in greater danger than normal by placing himself between two feuding families.

Batman: The Long Halloween’s emphasis on Batman the Detective is one of the film’s sharpest features; yes, Batman can smash skulls and break limbs, but part of his allure has always been his ability to vanquish his enemies via analysis, determination, and devilish cunning. This element is taken from the source material and adapted for the screen. The outcome is bone-chilling genius.

7. The Long Halloween: Part One - Batman

6. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War