8 Tips for Hitman Freelancers to Stop the Syndicates!


8 Tips for Hitman Freelancers to Stop the Syndicates

8 Tips for Hitman Freelancers to Stop the Syndicates: Hitman Freelancer is a roguelike game, so you’ll need to approach contracts in a different way if you want to do well. Having some tips on hand will help you get started in this new world.

You won’t have the safety net of saves and replays as you do in the single-player campaign. If something unexpected happens during a hit, you’ll have to react quickly and make do if you have to, because there are no second chances. It’s important to study your target before you move, so you don’t have to deal with any chaos that could put your mission at risk.

This is especially important because if your target gets away, they can tell others and security will get tougher in future missions. If you get hurt in battle, you’ll lose the weapons and items you were holding as well as some of the Merces currency. Failure is not an option, so use these Hitman Freelancer tips to get off on the right foot with your new job.

1. Customize the Safehouse by Completing Challenges and Mastery

When you first get to your Hitman Freelancer Safehouse, it’s pretty empty and a little bit sad, but there are a few ways to make it look better. The first is to complete Freelancer Challenges to earn Trophies to show off.

There are almost 100 different items to unlock, but you won’t be able to get to them for a while because the goals you need to reach are pretty high. The other way is to do missions and get XP. This will give you a lot of cosmetics that you can use to improve your home base.

2. Unlock New Areas of the Safehouse by Increasing Your Mastery Level

There are also a lot of places in the Safehouse that you can’t get into at first. As you do missions and earn XP to raise your Mastery Level, these places will slowly become available to you. Here is a full list of all the areas you can get into:

  • Wardrobe – Mastery Level 2
  • Bathroom – Mastery Level 4
  • Upstairs – Mastery Level 6
  • Garage – Mastery Level 8
  • Outside – Mastery Level 12
  • Shooting Range – Master Level 13
  • Vault – Mastery Level 16
  • Practice Space – Mastery Level 18
  • Office – Mastery Level 20
  • Gym – Mastery Level 22
  • Bedroom – Mastery Level 31
  • Shed – Mastery Level 32

3. Target Syndicates Based on Your Playstyle

The first thing you do when you start a new contract is decided which Crime Syndicate you want to go after. There are a total of eight of them, and each one has a different set of Payout Objectives that are designed for a certain way to play.

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When you’re just starting out, it’s especially important to complete as many Payout Objectives as you can so you can save up Merces for future purchases. Think about how your style matches the descriptions below, then choose the Syndicate that fits you best:

  • Arms Trafficking: Gun and Explosive Kills
  • Eco Crime: Trap and Accident Kills
  • Big Pharma: Poison Kills
  • Organ Trafficking: Melee Kills and Sedations
  • Assassination: Silent Kills
  • Sick Games: [variable, revealed when you start the contract]
  • Psy Ops: Blinding and Avoiding Detection
  • Espionage: Stay Undetected and use Stealth

4. Check Your Briefing for Location Intel and Payout Objectives

Before you decide where to go for your next mission, look at the briefings for all of the available territories to see how many Targets you’ll need to kill, what Couriers and Safes there are for extra Merces, and if there are Suppliers who can sell you new items.

You can also see what Payout Objectives are available, which will help you plan the gear you bring with you for the best chance of success. Remember that the last place you go is where you’ll meet the Syndicate Leader, so think ahead to decide which territory will be best for that showdown.

8 Tips for Hitman Freelancers to Stop the Syndicates

5. Unlock New Weapons to Build Up Your Arsenal

There are several ways to get new weapons in Hitman Freelancer to add to your arsenal and start filling in the blank walls that make up a big part of your Safehouse.

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You can find them lying around during missions, get them from Stashes, or buy them from Suppliers if they have any, but they must have a rarity and you must leave the mission area before you can bring them back. After each mission, you’ll also get a Supply Crate from which you can choose one item to add to your collection.

6. Take Out Couriers and Crack Safes for Bonus Merces

To buy weapons and other items in the game, you need to build up your Merces balance. Depending on your Location Intel, there are a few easy ways to do this. If there are any Couriers, they are extra NPCs that you can kill for extra cash, but you should be careful not to hurt your mission goals in the process.

Hitman Freelancer safes can also be broken into for extra Merces, so follow the map marker to the right spot and use your camera to look for clues to figure out the code.

7. Remember Your Training

When you’re working on your Hitman Freelancer contracts, you’ll go back to places from the main campaign. The same “accidents” can happen depending on where your target(s) are sent.

You can also use the same keypad codes as before in Hitman 3, so it’s a good idea to keep those on hand if you want to sneak into places that are normally safe. If you need to brush up on the Hitman 3 Mission Stories and assassinations, you can always go back to the campaign and replay contracts.

8. You Can Pause if You Need Time to Think

Hitman Freelancer mode requires you to be connected to the online servers, and each roguelike contract can only be done once. There are no saves or replays, but you can still pause the game during the missions. This gives you time to think about the next steps, review the map and your goals, and then get back to work when you’re ready.

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