Adelaide Kane Dating: The Teen Wolf Star Made A Huge Announcement About Her Girlfriend!


Adelaide Kane Is Dating

Adelaide Kane, who plays Teen Wolf on the small screen, recently confirmed that she is in a relationship, which has certainly surprised her fans.

The actor made an adorable reveal on TikTok, allowing fans to see the person: Marthe Woertman, a Dutch model and social media superstar! The star of Reign has been open about her sexual orientation, revealing that she is bisexual! During the Grocery Shop challenge, the two even uploaded an endearing video.

This major announcement was accompanied by a video revealing Kane’s girlfriend, in which he and the Dutch model Woertman lip-sync the song “How You Feel.” Fans quickly congratulated and expressed their adoration for the new couple in town! The video was accompanied by a brief but witty caption that read Surprise Shawty.

This is the second major announcement following the actor’s Valentine’s Day coming out as bisexual. The two have been uploading mushy videos and participating in several popular TikTok challenges.

Adelaide Kane Dating: The Teen Wolf Star Made A Huge Announcement About Her Girlfriend!

As she declared that she is not straight to her friends, family, and massive global fan base, the Reign actress admitted that she was hesitant to break the news to them. During a discussion of her former relationship with Joey Pauline, the celebrity admitted that she immediately discovered she wasn’t battling for the things she needed and had requested improvements that weren’t occurring.

While the actress was extremely nervous about coming out to her family and friends, fans showered her with love and support, with some claiming that this announcement is a huge victory for the LGBTQ community as a whole. Several celebrities have come out and discussed their sexual orientation. While it was extremely difficult for these celebrities to come out and discuss the situation, their fans have shown them tremendous support.

Adelaide Kane Is Dating

Adelaide Kane Dating: The Actress Recently  Came Out As Bisexual On Social Media

A year ago, Adelaide Kane gave an unusually candid interview to the podcast Too Tired. This momentous announcement comes one year after that interview. During the podcast, the actress took full responsibility for falling in love with The Society’s Jacques Colimon while she was already in a relationship with Joey Pauline. Check out this entertaining video of Adelaide Kane.

The actress has been relatively quiet about her personal life until she officially came out as bisexual and made the announcement. When the celebrity appeared on the podcast and spoke at length about her relationships, she had tears in her eyes. After the celebrity came out on social media, fans showed her tremendous support, with one even noting that her Reign character was her first crush.

Adelaide Kane Dating: The Reign Star Did The Grocery Shop Challenge With Girlfriend Marthe Woertman!

The actress recently starred in the HULU horror anthology film Uncanny Annie, which follows a group of college students who become trapped in a deadly board game. Kane additionally had a recurring role on the CBS series SEAL Team.

Marthe, a Dutch model, and influencer have uploaded several entertaining videos, one of which is particularly noteworthy as she counts down 29 hours as she travels to see her boyfriend. Fans saw the Teen World star standing next to her tall girlfriend and admitting that she’s small in a video featuring an audio clip from Spongebob Squarepants, and let’s just say it’s adorable.

Fans quickly filled the comment section with cute remarks. As a joke, the Dutch model recently revealed that she had a crush on the Reign actress, but things soon took an unexpected turn! Due to the adorable appearance of the couple in the video, admirers have sent their best wishes.

The LGBTQ community has also demonstrated its admiration for the couple. Kane is among a large number of celebrities who have been outspoken about their sexual orientation and served as a prominent representative of the LGBTQ community.