Alita: Battle Angel 2 Discussions Are Happening, Confirms Producer


alita 2 release date

Alita: Battle Angel 2 has received tremendous fan support since the first film’s release in 2019. Robert Rodriguez hasn’t given up on a sequel, even though it’s not any closer to becoming a reality.

In December 2021, he remarked: “Jim [Cameron] and I have recently discussed this topic, and we are still very interested. Let me deliver [The Book of Boba Fett] and then we’ll figure out a pitch, I told him.”

Since the release of Alita: Battle Angel, Disney has completed its acquisition of Fox, and it will be Disney that decides if a sequel is made and if space can be found on its release schedule.

“I have no idea why it does not fit into the Disneyfication. I have no clue. Perhaps they are working on something, and I wouldn’t be the first to know, but I haven’t heard anything yet “Christoph Waltz stated in April 2020.

This followed lead actress Rosa Salazar’s July 2019 comments that she hadn’t heard anything about a sequel, but Rodriguez has not given up hope.

Rodriguez and James Cameron had plans for a sequel, and the first film lays the groundwork for one. At the time of the film’s theatrical release, Digital Spy spoke with the actors about what a potential sequel might entail; the following is what we can anticipate…

Alita Battle Angel 2 Plot

The film is intended to be a complete narrative, even if it does not answer all of our questions.

Hugo leaves Alita, but she gains a better understanding of herself and her place in the world, rising to become Motorball champion and earning a chance to return to the mysterious city Zalem and its leader Nova.

There is an entire Motorball-related scene that did not make the final cut. Jon Landau, the producer, told CinemaBlend: “We filmed a training sequence in an alley where Hugo instructed her on how to perform the street Motorball. That is the only scene of significance.”

Deleted scenes aside, it is evident that Rodriguez and Cameron intended the film to have its complete arc. Rodriguez stated, “She now knows who she is and has a goal, and the story still has a beginning, middle, and end.”

Cameron pointed out that even the original manga by Yukito Kishiro does not completely explain the mysteries surrounding Alita’s centuries-long existence.

alita 2 release date

He told us, “Well, we have a plan for that.” “However, it is impolite to set up a sequel before proving yourself. This can backfire in your face. Due to the failure of the film, we can make fun of something like Warcraft, which was designed with the intention of spawning sequels.

“However, I do not worry about such matters. The film’s failure is its punishment, you see. It does not matter if we are mocked in addition to failing.”

Consequently, the following questions must be addressed: What transpired between “The Fall” and Alita’s eventual landing in the Iron City trash heap? How did Zalem survive The Fall, and what is the actual nature of the city? And what does the mysterious Nova want?

There are numerous plans for subsequent action. Rodriguez reported that Cameron informed him that he would not send “all one thousand pages of notes.”

Rodriguez thought Cameron was joking when he said, “I’ll send you, like, 600,” before 600 pages of notes on the Alita script arrived in the mail.

Rodriguez remarked, “There’s a whole document about the trilogy.” “Because it is an integral part of his process. “Below are three films. So that you are aware of what to include in the first story and so forth.”

Alita Battle Angel 2 Cast

Rosa Salazar would return as Alita not only because she is the lead, but also because she enjoys the role so much. She stated, “I would play Alita until my last breath” Thanks to performance capture technology, I likely could.

Christoph Waltz has confirmed he will reprise his role as Alita’s surrogate father, the scientist and bounty hunter Dr. Dyson Ido, in a sequel, so we expect him to reprise his role in the film.

In April 2020, he explained, “I haven’t heard anything, and I’m a little disappointed and surprised that I haven’t heard anything so far, because I know that it has followers.”

“I know people liked it, but regardless of what others said, I enjoyed working on it, and was pleased with the outcome.”

Edward Norton should reprise his role as the mysterious Nova, which was established at the very end of the film. Rodriguez acknowledged that Nova was difficult to cast because his presence is “really to set up a sequel.”

Wanting to ensure that the small, non-speaking role was filled by someone they would want to collaborate with on a potential Alita: Battle Angel 2 sequel, Norton was ultimately cast in the part.

Another character, Clive Lee, was eliminated from the original script. The director stated, “I figured we should save him for a sequel,” so they may appear in the sequel, but it is unknown who would play them.

Alita Battle Angel 2 Potential Release Date

Because a film has not been confirmed, we cannot speculate on a release date. However, we are aware that this is a lengthy process.

Landau explained: “You must assume that it will take you between 12 and 18 months to write a script. Assuming that the script is excellent, there will be a six to ten-month pre-production period. Thereafter, you have a six-month shoot. The following year is devoted to post-production, which is standard for films of this genre.”

Alita Battle Angel 2 Trailer

You already know the answer to this question: it will be a while before we see Alita Battle Angel 2 footage, given that a sequel has not even been approved.

According to Landau, there is a way to persuade Disney to initiate a sequel.

“I think the Alita Army should keep pestering our family at Disney about how important it is to have another Alita film, and hopefully we’ll go there one day,” he stated.