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Amy Coney Barrett Net Worth: What is the Salary of Amy Coney Barrett?

Amy Coney Barrett is an attorney, judge, and educator with a $2 million net worth. Amy rose to global prominence in September 2020, when President Donald Trump included her on the short list of candidates to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the United States Supreme Court. Trump announced her as his nominee on September 26, 2020.

Early Life

Amy Coney Barrett was born on January 28, 1972, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the oldest of Michael and Linda Coney’s seven children. Michael worked as an attorney for Shell Oil Company. She majored in English literature at Rhodes College in Memphis, graduating with honors and being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in 1994.

After completing her undergraduate degree, she attended Notre Dame Law School on a full scholarship. She graduated from Notre Dame in 1997 top in her class, summa cum laude.

Personal Life

In 1999, Amy wed fellow Notre Dame Law classmate Jesse M. Barrett. He is a partner at the South Bend, Indiana office of SouthBank Legal. Two of their seven children were adopted from Haiti. They are devout Catholics.

Amy Coney Barrett Net Worth


After completing law school, Amy worked as a judicial clerk for a number of judges. From 1998 to 1999, she worked for US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

She then entered private practice at the Miller, Cassidy, Larroca & Lewin firm in Washington, D.C.

In 2002, she made the decision to return to Notre Dame to teach at the law school. Three times during her stay at Notre Dame, she was named “Distinguished Professor of the Year.”

Supreme Court

Amy’s name was put on a shortlist in 2018 to succeed Anthony Kennedy after his retirement announcement. This position was subsequently filled by Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh reportedly begged Trump to remember Amy if another seat became available. He presumably heeded this recommendation.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18, 2020. In the days following Amy’s passing, she was widely considered Trump’s top pick. On September 26, Trump’s selection for 2020 was made public.

Government Service

Amy was nominated as a US Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on May 8, 2017. Amy has expressed anti-abortion sentiments, which is why conservative organizations support her. Left-leaning groups, such as those representing abortion rights organizations and the LGBT community, vocally oppose her.

She was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 11 to 9 and by the entire Senate by a vote of 54 to 43. She was the first woman from Indiana to serve on the Seventh Circuit.


Amy Coney Barrett’s annual base salary as a Circuit judge is $209,100. Amy has also served as a professor at Notre Dame University on occasion. In 2016, her pay as a professor at Notre Dame reached a height of $209,670. Upon confirmation to the US Supreme Court, her annual salary will increase to $235,000.

Capital and Wealth

Amy disclosed her prior salaries, present assets, and anticipated net worth in a comprehensive financial disclosure as part of her 2017 federal nomination process. Notably, according to this declaration, Amy and her husband hold $1.278 million in marketable securities and $423,000 in real estate with a mortgage obligation of $175,000.

They have around $624,000 invested in the Vanguard Institutional Tr. 2040 fund, which is their greatest security asset. She holds dozens of additional index funds, including PIMCO Total Return Institutional Class and JP Morgan Small Cap Growth Fund.

Amy Coney Barrett Net Worth

The financial report revealed total assets of $2,070,195 and total liabilities of $175,021 (the mortgage), resulting in a net worth of $1,895,174. This occurred in mid-2017. Her investment portfolio has likely increased by 10 to 15% during the past few years.

Listed below are screenshots of the most significant portions of her financial disclosure:


What is Amy Coney Barrett’s ethnicity?

Barrett’s background is Irish and French.

What is Amy Barrett’s age?

Age fifty years (28 January 1972).

What is the salary of Amy Coney Barrett?


Where did Amy Coney Barrett obtain her legal education?

Notre Dame School of Law.

How tall is Amy Coney Barrett?

5 ft 7 in (1.73 m) (1.73 m).


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