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Angela Lansbury Death Cause: on October 11, 2022, Passed Away


Angela Lansbury Death Cause: on October 11, 2022, Passed Away

On October 11, 2022, Lansbury, whose full name was Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, passed away. She had a 96-year-old age. She was born in London on October 16, 1925. In 1944, she made her debut in Hollywood with the film Gaslight, for which she received her first Oscar nomination at the 17th Academy Awards.

The next year, Lansbury received her second Oscar nomination for The Picture of Dorian Gray, for which she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Lansbury won her first Tony Award in 1966 for her performance as the lead in the Broadway musical Mame.

Lansbury, who voiced characters in animated films such as 1991’s Beauty and the Beast and 1997’s Anastasia, became well-known on television after playing Jessica Fletcher in CBS’ Murder, She Wrote, which lasted for 12 seasons from 1984 to 1995. She executive produced the series as well.

Lansbury got an Honorary Academy Award, a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award, a Lifetime Achievement Tony Award, five Tony Awards, six Golden Globes, and an Olivier Award during the course of her career. In addition, she was nominated for 18 Emmys and a Grammy.

In 2014, the late Queen Elizabeth II named her a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. How did Angela Lansbury pass away, and what was the cause of her passing? Find out how Angela Lansbury died and where she was when she passed away by reading on.

How Did Angela Lansbury Die?

How did Angela Lansbury die? Lansbury passed away at 1:30 a.m. on October 11, 2022, while sleeping in her home in Los Angeles, California, according to a statement released to People by her family. On October 16, 2022, five days before her 97th birthday, she passed away.

“The children of Dame Angela Lansbury regretfully report that their mother passed away quietly in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, just five days shy of her 97th birthday,” stated the statement.

Angela Lansbury Death Cause: on October 11, 2022, Passed Away

Lansbury’s three surviving children are stepson David Shaw, son Anthony Shaw, and daughter Deirdre Shaw Shaw. Lansbury shared her children with her second husband, Peter Shaw, with whom she was married from 1949 until his heart attack-related death on January 29, 2003.

He had 84 years of age. In addition to her three children, Anthony, Deirdre, and David, she leaves behind three grandchildren, Peter, Katherine, and Ian, as well as five great-grandchildren and her brother, producer Edgar Lansbury, according to the statement. Peter Shaw, her husband of 53 years, preceded her in death. A private family ceremony will take place at a future date.”

What Was Angela Lansbury’s Cause of Death?

What caused Angela Lansbury’s death? Her relatives believed that she died of natural causes. Lansbury died 17 years after undergoing knee replacement surgery in July 2005, which replaced the failing cartilage in her knee joint with metal and plastic. “I discovered that individuals were assisting me across the street.

“I had to pull myself up the stairs,” Lansbury told the East Bay Times in 2006, revealing that her early ballet profession rendered her knees “crippled.” “I started to feel old, although I’m still quite young at heart.” She continued, “I will not be dancing with the stars at this point in my life.

“However, I desire to dance and move about, and I did, and I can.” She stated to the East Bay Times at the time that she delayed surgery out of fear that it would be too painful.

The knee replacement procedure also followed Lansbury’s May 1994 hip replacement surgery. At the time, a CBS spokeswoman for Murder, She Wrote informed the Greensboro News & Record, “She has experienced some hip issues, but they haven’t interfered with her job.” “As soon as she went on hiatus, she understood that if she was going to deal with it, this was the time to do it.”

Lansbury’s death was also preceded by her long battle with arthritis, a condition for which she first displayed symptoms in the 1990s. A source informed Closer Weekly in 2022, after Lansbury missed a tribute to her at the 75th Annual Tony Awards, that Angela suffers from a multitude of ailments, including arthritis. “Being in a theater with 6,000 people when COVID cases continue to emerge on a regular basis convinced Angela that staying at home was the best option,”

Angela Lansbury Death Cause: on October 11, 2022, Passed Away

Lansbury stated in an interview with Closer Weekly, published three months prior to her death, that while she remained well, she had to give up hobbies such as gardening due to her arthritis. She told Closer Weekly that she battled to maintain her weight, but claimed she still enjoyed cooking, reading, and doing crossword puzzles. She stated, “I take many vitamins and get enough sleep.” “I feel that aging should not prevent you from continuing. Here I am, and like the tides, I continue on.”

Lansbury disclosed in a 2022 interview with NPR that she began smoking at age 14 and did not quit until 30 years before her death. “I was able to pull a cigarette out of a packet in my handbag and smoke it,” she claimed at the time. “I had been smoking since I was about 14 years old, which I had not been able to reveal.” “I say this with absolutely no sense of pride.

And I quit smoking thirty years ago. Nevertheless – I’m not sure if you recall, but I do smoke a lengthy Cigarettello in the film. And this was a component of the Gaslight film’s plot. But I was only permitted to puff it. And I was prohibited from inhaling, as Bill Clinton would say.”

Lansbury revealed in a 2014 interview with The Daily Mail why she believed Murder, She Wrote was a success. She stated, “I understand why [Murder, She Wrote was successful].” “There was never any violence or bloodshed. In addition, there was a satisfying conclusion to the whodunit. The puzzle was finished. I adored Jessica’s everywoman personality. I believe this is what made her so appealing to a diverse audience.”

Lansbury also spoke to Radio Times in 2017 on her reaction to being nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for every season of Murder, She Wrote but never winning. “It enraged me!” she exclaimed at the moment. “Because I simply did not measure up in Hollywood.

Murder, She Wrote was a great hit in the rest of the United States, but not in Hollywood; they didn’t want to know. I wasn’t upset, but I was actually upset. It irritated me. I can’t claim it didn’t.” Despite her lack of award recognition, Lansbury expressed her pride in the play to Star2 in 2018. “It was a segment of my career that was completely unrelated to anything I had done previously,” she explained. “It took me several years to develop Jessica Fletcher into the role I ultimately played.

She was first a bit silly, but I eventually made her a woman of my age and intelligence. Because she was someone who people could relate to and incorporate into their life, I believe this is what made her such an appealing global figure.