Angels of Death Season 2: Is Angels of Death Finished?


angels of death season 2

Angels of Death is an anime version of Makoto Sanada’s original horror video game. Kudan Nazuka created the manga’s illustrations. The manga was adapted into 16 episodes of a series created by J.C. Staff, which debuted on July 6, 2018. The show is directed by Kentaro Suzuki, and Yoshinobu Fujioka directs the screenplay. It is a horror-themed psychological thriller that will test your intelligence and keep you glued to your seat until the final episode.

This series is worth viewing because of its unique plot, excellent artwork, spot-on voices, and psychological horror locations. The first season ended abruptly, and it appeared that the 16 episodes were insufficient to satisfy the fans, who are now demanding an encore in Angels of Death Season 2.

Angels of Death Video Game

Stardust KRNKRN conceived Angels of the Death Game. It was released on Steam in 2016 and has been immensely popular with players. Originality and ingenuity, along with the game’s plot and all the action, make the game a comprehensive product. However, the game is criticized for its lack of character development and low-quality graphics.

angels of death season 2

Angels of Death Synopsis

Rachel Gardner’s eyes are lifeless and unresponsive, and she has no desire to live. After awakening in the cellar of a building, she has no idea what is happening or why she is there. When she encounters the murderer Zack, he is attempting to flee. After stating that they will kill Rachel once Zack is free, Rachel and Zack go on a floor-by-floor ascent of the building until they are free.

However, as they up the ladder, they meet increasingly odd individuals, and they all know Rachel.

Angels of Death Season 2 Release Date

After the tremendous success of Angels of Death Season 1, fans have been anticipating the return of Season 2 for approximately three years. The wacky tone held fans’ attention throughout the whole episode run till the very last episode. The official release date of Angels of Death season 2 has not yet been announced.

However, we have an OVA with four episodes that have already been shown in 2018. Numerous reports circulate the potential of an imminent announcement regarding Angels of Death Season 2.

angels of death season 2

Are There Enough Sources of Material to Make Angels of Death Season 2?

The majority of anime stories are derived from manga or light novels. However, Angels of Death follows the basic plot of the video game franchise. The negative is that the game’s authors have already finalized the plot. They also indicated that they were unable to publish the sequel. Therefore, JC Staff has nothing to adjust in preparation for Season 2 of Angels of Death.

The majority of these shows take four to five years to be renewed. There is ample time, so fans should not have unreasonable expectations. Due to the lack of source material, however, likely, Angels of Death Season 2 will not premiere until fans receive an official announcement.

Angel Of Death Anime Season 2 Discussion

Are Angels of Death Finished?

Angels of Death has reached its finale, and it’s difficult not to be moved by the story’s devastating conclusion.