20 Stunning Anime Girls [Most Beautiful Girls]


Even though it sounds like a cliche, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But that doesn’t mean we all have different ideas about what makes an anime girl beautiful.

20) Inori Yuzuriha

In Guilty Crown, the main character is Inori, who is a girl. She is 5’5 feet tall and has a body that looks weak. She looks very pretty with her small, glossy lips and her light pink hair that fades into a hot pink color.

She is a part of the Funeral Parlor as well. Even though she looks weak, she is strong. At the beginning of the series, Inori is shown to be a cold-hearted person, but as she grows closer to Shu, she shows more emotion.

Shu is the man she likes, and she says he is hers. Egoist, an online band, has Inori as the lead singer. Inori is cute, strong, and has a good singing voice.

19) Patricia Thompson

From the anime Soul Eater, this is Patricia or Patty. Patty’s hair is bright yellow, and her eyes are light blue. Even though she looks older than the others, she acts more like a child.

Patty and her sister Liz are often seen dressed like cowgirls. Her soul is pink, and two triangles on it stand for her hat.

The way she says “hello” as “hello” and “sorry” as “sowwy” like a child makes our hearts melt.

She is without a doubt one of the cutest anime girls I’ve ever seen. Patty can’t understand things that are hard to understand.

She was raised on the streets, and it’s pretty clear that she hasn’t been to school. This could be why she acts this way.

18) Ochaco Uraraka

One of the main people in the anime My Hero Academia is Ochaco. She is a teenage girl with brown eyes and bobbed hair. Her cheeks are always pink. Ochaco gets excited about small things and loves to make things bigger than they are.

She is training to be a Pro hero because she wants to be like Izuku, who she likes. She likes him because of how good he is on the battlefield.

Ochaco is a girl with goals. She wants to be a hero so she can make money, but she also wants to be a good one.

17) Emilia (Re Zero)

Some fans of anime like REM. Some people like RAM. I like them both, though (I like Ram more).

But in the end, I choose Emila. She is Re Zero’s most beautiful.

One of her best qualities is that she is kind and willing to help people out.

It’s so easy to take from other people and not give anything back. Because most people are wired to act this way.

So it’s nice to see that in an anime character, and it’s one of the reasons I like Emila from Re Zero.

16) Holo The Wise Wolf (Spice And Wolf)

Holo is called “the wise wolf” for a reason: she is smart and brave enough to back up what she says.

Kraft Lawrence knows this, which is one reason why he and Spice Wolf work together.

And the fact that she is also beautiful makes her even more charming and convincing.

15) Ayame Yomogawa (Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress)

Ayame is royalty in Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that she’s treated like a queen (pun intended).

But unlike her fellow soldiers and the people who watch out for her, she cares deeply about both friends and strangers. She cares about other people’s well-being and even puts their needs before her own.

When you realize that Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is a horror anime and that the end of humanity is at stake, it’s amazing how thoughtful Ayame is compared to the other characters.

This is what I love most about her (beauty aside). She doesn’t let fear cloud her judgment, which is a very brave thing to do.

14) Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Aside from her obvious good looks, what I love most about Lucy is how kind she is to friends and strangers alike. And, of course, her fresh way of seeing things.

If you ask me, some too many people hate Lucy Heartfilia just because they can.

13) Cattleya Baudelaire (Violet Evergarden)

Cattleya doesn’t have as much screen time in Violet Evergarden as some of the other characters, but she seems like a nice, funny person.

And, of course, she is one of the most beautiful anime girls seen in Violet Evergarden.

12) Akane Kowata (Flying Witch)

Akane Kowata is the kind of girl I’d hang out with because, like me, she’s easygoing, doesn’t worry about much, and is generally a happy person.

In the anime Flying Witch, Akane is also Makoto Kowata’s older sister. If you like slice-of-life shows, you should watch Flying Witch.

11) Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)

If Alice Nakiri were real, she’s the kind of girl I’d want to date.

She stands out because of how she thinks outside the box (especially when it comes to cooking) and how hard she works.

She also works hard to get better and reach new levels of skill, talent, and success.

This is what makes her “beautiful” to me, in addition to how she looks and how she is made.

10) Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame is quiet and doesn’t talk much to anyone (unless the topic is food). But in all honesty, this is because of her sad childhood and upbringing.

A childhood that wasn’t any worse than being raised by Satan himself.

She fights for a reason, doesn’t complain much, stays on task, and will give her heart to anyone she thinks deserves it. And that is why I like Akame so much.

9) Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin is widely regarded as one of the “hottest” anime actresses in the anime community, according to online polls. It’s no surprise, given that Bleach is one of the best shows of all time.

Yoruichi rarely, if ever, wears traditional women’s clothing. And she has a propensity for being caustic and taunting others.

Yoruichi is an anime heroine few anime girls can compete with because of her lively nature, strong independence, intellect, and attractiveness.

8) Anemone (Eureka Seven)

Anemone is a supporting character who appears on occasion in Eureka Seven.

Anemone gives out a gloomy, vicious, and wicked atmosphere towards the start of Eureka Seven. Gives you the sense that she is a villain.

But, as you’ll learn later, this is only one side of her coin, with the other displaying her warm, fiery nature. Making her even more stunning in more ways than one.

7) Karen Tendou (Gamers)

Karen Tendou is the stereotypical “clich√©” character, with blonde hair, green eyes, and beautiful skin. But that doesn’t take away from how lovely she is as an anime character.

And, like Eureka, she has a lovely personality that complements her good appearance. She has enough imperfections to make her sympathetic, but she is far from perfect in the literal sense.

6) Alisa Ilinichina (God Eater)

In the dubbed version of God Eater, Alisa has the same voice as Lucy Heartfilia. She, like Lucy, has a soft side. Except in Alisa’s case, this is the result of a childhood emotional trauma.

On the outside, she appears to be a strong, bold, and gorgeous character who will go to any length to succeed. But underneath is a scarred (and terrified) girl pleading for assistance.

Despite God Eater being a short series, it’s the reason I adore Alisa’s character.

5) Iris Cannary (Violet Evergarden)

Most anime lovers will identify with Iris Cannary. She’s a relatable sense, aside from her strong personality and dedication, she’s weak and has a few vulnerabilities.

And, of course, she’s gorgeous, as are practically all of the characters in Violet Evergarden.

4) Nagahide Niwa (The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna)

Nagahide is one of Oda Nobuna’s army’s beauty queens (pun intended). And, unlike other anime girls, she is not a “damsel in distress,” but rather a skilled fighter.

Her good appearances and charms complement her whole character, intelligence, and intriguing personality.

3) Eureka (Eureka Seven)

Eureka is the main character of the fantasy-themed Mecha/mystery series.

Eureka is not only a lovely character in general, but she also has a lovely personality to match her good looks.

She’s also gentle, modest, compassionate, and approachable.

2) Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

Umiko Ahagon is the company’s chief programmer: Eagle Jump in New Game!

When it comes to hustling, grinding, and making things happen, she isn’t one to mess around. With exceptional leadership abilities.

All kidding aside, she has a gentle side, a lovely design, and is one of the few black heroines in the anime industry.

Umiko is one of my all-time favorite characters.

1) Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Juvia is a Fairy Tail water mage that joins the FT guild after Phantom Lord is destroyed.

Even though she is obsessive and “overbearing,” Her beauty is unquestionable.

And don’t forget about her unwavering devotion to Gray Fullbuster. She’s the perfect Waifu.

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