Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Still Together? What Happened With Mgk and Megan Fox?


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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Still Together

Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Still Together? Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have dominated headlines for months as Hollywood’s edgy “it” couple, and it appears the attention-seeking pair may no longer be together.

The couple met in March 2020 while filming Midnight in the Switchgrass, a crime thriller. The co-stars began spending time together almost immediately, engaging in lengthy phone conversations that Kelly claimed seemed like five minutes.

Megan and Mgk’s First Date Was a Picnic

I enjoy a gloomy fairytale,” Last year, the “emo girl” singer stated in an interview with GQ.

According to the interview, the couple’s first genuine date consisted of Kelly driving Jennifer’s Body actress in a 1974 Cadillac convertible to a cliffside lunch with roses and a blanket, followed by a rooftop makeout session set to pop punk music.

Multiple times over the summer of 2020, they were observed engaging in PDA in Los Angeles.

According to Fox, their connection is “very intense” and nontraditional.

“Our souls chose this in order to be forced to confront our shadow selves,” Fox explained, “to confront aspects of ourselves that we resisted knowing.”

Machine Gun Kelly Proposed in Puerto Rico

On January 11, 2022, Kelly proposed to Fox in Puerto Rico, the same place where they first met while filming Midnight in the Switchgrass. Notably, Fox released a video of the proposal to Instagram with the caption, “They drank each other’s blood to celebrate.”

The actress penned a loving Valentine’s Day Instagram message about the singer in the same quasi-poetic tone as her other social media posts.

Fox stated, “There goes my heart manifested outside of my body.” “Happy Valentine’s Day rehab barbie.”

Are Megan Fox and Mgk Married?

Fox has informed MGK that although the couple is more in love than ever, she is not yet his wife. While sitting courtside at an NBA all-star game on February 20, the announcer incorrectly identified Fox as Kelly’s “wife” as the couple appeared on the jumbotron. Fox responded with laughter and whispered “I’m not…” before covering Kelly’s mouth.

Machine Gun Kelly discussed wedding preparations during his February 24 interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden, highlighting the difficulty of organising a goth wedding.

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When asked when they plan to wed, Kelly responded, “When they can construct me a red river with gothic– the location is difficult. “I’m looking for a location that matches my artistic concept.”

Are Megan Fox and MGK Still Together?

During a red carpet appearance at the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards on Sunday, April 10, the Jennifer’s Body actress looked to snub her future husband as he leant in for a kiss, causing rumours to spread.

Megan appears disinterested as she physically avoids a tender moment with her fiance in a viral video. A narrator from HBO’s Euphoria states, “First of all, disgusting. Second of all, gross!” MGK attempted to laugh off the embarrassing situation before he and his future wife walked the red carpet.

Megan put an end to speculations of a breakup when she posted a touching birthday message to her fiance on his 32nd birthday on April 22.

“You are such a beautiful soul,” she wrote in the touching tribute. “I am delighted to adore you and to receive your love.”

Her sentiments were accompanied by a photograph of the happy pair, with Megan riding on MGK’s back.

“Your mother informed us today that you were born a month early… “As a baby, you were simultaneously affectionate and fussy,” Megan revealed. “I couldn’t have come up with a better description of you,” she continued, arguing that he was “destined to be a Gemini.”

“If I could give the guy with everything something unique for his birthday, I would remove the veil from their eyes so they could see what I see,” she ended.

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Despite Megan’s testimony in April, separation speculations resurfaced in August after fans saw MGK’s absence from Megan’s social media since June. When the actress went missing during her fiancé’s hometown concert in Cleveland, Ohio, that month, the rumours intensified.

On August 16, the couple was once again sighted together in the Brentwood region of Los Angeles, putting an end to split rumours.

Megan once again sparked breakup speculations on October 19, when she posted a series of Instagram photographs in which she wore multiple bands on her left hand, but her ring finger was devoid of the diamond and emerald engagement ring from MGK. However, she and MGK attended the TIME100Next Gala in New York City a few days later before donning several Halloween costumes as couples later that month.

According to photographs published by HollywoodLife, the pair was spotted on December 21 escorting Megan’s children Noah, Bodhi, and Journey holiday shopping. At the time, the relationship appeared to be going strong. The Till Death actress and her ex-husband Brian Austin Green share custody of their sons.

On December 30, Megan said she was “seeking a girlfriend” in a *very* flirtatious Instagram post. In the caption, she urged her Instagram fans, “Please submit applications in the direct messages.”

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