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Ashley Graham Net Worth: How Did Ashley Graham Achieve Her Fame?


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ashley graham net worth

Ashley Graham Net Worth: According to her most recent tax filings, Ashley Graham’s estimated net worth is $18 million. After attending a model convention and signing a contract with Wilhelmina Models, Ashley Graham became a well-known plus-size model and soared to stardom.

Ashley Graham is married to the cameraman Justin Ervin, with whom she has three children. Ashley Graham is one of the most followed Instagram users on the planet, which she uses to successfully advertise her products and earn millions of dollars.

Early Life

Graham was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 30, 1987. Linda Graham, her mother, was largely a homemaker. Graham grew up with an unstable connection with her father, who was frequently gone for a significant portion of her life.

She has two younger sisters and was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia as a child. She attended Scott Middle School beginning in 1999 and then Lincoln Southwest High School from 2002 to 2005.

Graham attracted a great deal of unwelcome attention as a young girl since, by the age of 10, she had grown a very womanly and curvy physique.

She was subjected to a lot of indecent advances from older men and has admitted that her troubled connection with her father made it difficult for her to distinguish between suitable and inappropriate male attention.

Graham was discovered by a modeling agency at Oak View Mall in Omaha, Nebraska in 2000, which launched her career at the age of 12.

ashley graham net worth

Personal Life

Graham, while modeling in New York as a teenager and participating in the city’s party culture, had several interactions with guys in the city before beginning a connection with a man named Carlos at age 19. Since then, she has described their relationship as abusive, since Carlos was prone to getting drunk and angry.

She has revealed how her fears prevented her from leaving the relationship until more than a year after they began dating.

In 2009, Graham met Justin Ervin at church. Ervin was a videographer. A year later, in August 2019, they revealed they were expecting their first child together, over ten years after their wedding. In January 2020, Isaac was born to the couple. Graham announced in July 2021 that they were expecting their second child the following year.

In addition to her family and career, Graham has participated in missionary work in South Africa with the Themba Foundation.


Graham received a contract with Wilhelmina Models after being spotted. She subsequently secured a contract with Ford Models. She made her debut in YM magazine early in her career. She was featured in the April 2007 issue of Vogue after Sally Singer published a piece on her.

In 2009, she appeared among several other plus-size models in the Glamour publication “These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size.”

In 2010, she landed a commercial for plus-size clothing retailer Lane Bryant that has earned over 800,000 YouTube views. Graham replied to some of the bad criticism by comparing the advertisement to comparable campaigns by brands such as Victoria’s Secret and noting that the only difference was the model’s size.

In 2010, she also appeared in a Bust magazine editorial and other Levi’s Jeans campaigns. Graham has been featured in prominent editorial campaigns for Marina Rinaldi, Bloomingdale’s, Hanes, Liz Claiborne, Nordstrom, Target, and Macy’s, among others. Graham was named Model of the Year at Full Figured Fashion Week at the end of 2012.

Graham remained active by developing a lingerie collection for the Canadian shop Addition Elle. She was also featured in the May 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and was the cover girl for the June 2014 issue of Elle Quebec.

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In 2015, she became one of the first plus-size models to be featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. In 2016, she made history by becoming the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue.

In addition to editorial work, Graham has a substantial amount of runway experience. She has walked the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, Rag & Bone, Tommy Hilfiger, and Christian Siriano, among others.

Graham has explored several career endeavors while remaining in the public glare. She has acted as a host for many Miss USA and Miss Universe contests and as an official judge on later seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.” In 2017, she appeared on “Lip Sync Battle” and agreed to host “American Beauty Star.”

Graham also published “A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Look Like” in 2017. In the book, she explores how she has evolved into a body positivity campaigner, particularly in light of her experience as a professional model and shattering numerous hurdles that plus-size models encountered in the industry.

She has also delivered a TED Talk on self-acceptance and body positivity. She conveys this message on her social media platforms and frequently shares unedited images of herself to encourage people to accept cellulite and body fat as natural.

Ashley Graham’s Net Worth

According to her most recent tax returns, Ashley Graham’s net worth is estimated to be USD 18 Million. Ashley Graham rose to stardom after signing a contract with Wilhelmina Models and becoming a plus-size model.

Ashley Graham’s Instagram Income

Ashley Graham has over 17 million Instagram and other social media followers. Ashley Graham is approached by brands to advertise their products via her social media platforms. Ashley Graham can earn up to USD 400,000 per post for brand promotion or sponsorship content. Ashley Graham has earned nearly $3 million in the past year through brand endorsements.

Ashley Graham Business Earnings

Ashley Graham interacts with millions of followers weekly via social media platforms such as Instagram. Ashley Graham markets her clothes brand to her fans, saving hundreds of thousands in marketing costs and generating millions of dollars. During the preceding twelve months, Ashley Graham generated over $12 million in total sales and close to $4 million in profit.

Ashley Graham’s Annual Income

Ashley Graham is the owner of over seven rental units from which she receives monthly rental revenue. Additionally, Ashley Graham owns approximately $4 million in Bank Deposits and Government Bonds, which give her annual interest and dividends.

The annual rental income produced by Ashley Graham exceeds USD 210,000. Ashley Graham’s dividend and interest income is an extra $250,000


How did Ashley Graham achieve her fame?

Ashley Graham is a model and television host from the United States. In 2000, the I & I agency saw Ashley Graham while she was shopping at Oak View Mall in Omaha, Nebraska.

What is Ashley Graham’s weight?

Ashley Graham weighs 132 pounds (91 kg).

What is Ashley Graham’s wealth?

The net worth of Ashley Graham is USD 18 Million.

Who is the most prosperous plus-size model?

Ashley Graham.