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Atlanta DA demands special grand jury in Trump election hearing


Former President Donald Trump has called for a reversal of the 2020 election results in Georgia. A district attorney in Atlanta on Thursday asked a judge to convene a special panel to investigate Trump’s efforts.

Fonnie D., District Attorney in Fulton County. Willis’ request would be considered by legal experts as a threat to the former president Expected Because key witnesses voluntarily refused to participate – Mr. There have been several inquiries into Trump’s actions. A large arbitral tribunal may issue saponas forcing them to provide information.

The difference with a special grand jury is that it focuses only on the Trump trial, whereas regular grand jurors handle multiple cases and can not spend much time on a single case. The Georgia case is one of two active criminal investigations involving the former president and his circle; The other is to examine his financial transactions By the Manhattan District Attorney.

“The District Attorney’s Office has received information indicating a reasonable probability that the state of Georgia’s elections in 2020 will be subject to potential criminal impediments, including the US presidential election,” Ms Willis wrote in a letter. To Christopher S. Fraser, Chief Justice of Fulton County Superior Court First reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He added, “We have made efforts to interview many witnesses and gather evidence, and a significant number of witnesses and prospective witnesses have refused to co-operate with the investigation.

Ms Willis said Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, was one of those who refused to cooperate without Sapona.

At his inquest Mr. It is about the actions that Trump took in the two months between his election defeat results and the certification of Congress. He called on Rafenzberger to press for “finding 11,780 votes.” Condition. To change the outcome of Georgia’s election, Mr. This is one of the many steps Trump and his allies have taken.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump’s representatives did not respond immediately.

In addition to the investigation being conducted by the Georgia Inquiry and the Manhattan District Attorney, Lettidia James, Attorney General of New York, Mr. Trump is heading the business empire’s civil fraud investigation. He has provided saponas seeking interviews with the two His adult children, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. and his office previously interviewed Eric Trump.

Mr. Trump and his allies clashed in court on Jan. 6 with a congressional committee investigating the attack on Capitol. The committee was a great success on Wednesday The Supreme Court rejected Mr Trump’s request To prevent the White House from releasing the records, and on Thursday, the panel asked Ivanka Trump must cooperate At trial.

At the Georgia hearing, Ms Willis said she was considering allegations of fraud and other offenses last year. Analysis of the Brookings Institution, inspected by Ms. Willis’s Office, Mr. Trump’s post-election behavior concluded that he was “at considerable risk of state charges”, including fraudulent election claims, and deliberate interference with the performance of electoral duties. And conspiracy to commit electoral fraud.

“Anything relevant to Georgia’s attempts to interfere in the election is under review,” Ms Willis said Told the New York Times last year.

“Investigation is like onions,” he added. “You never know. You pull something back and then you’ve found something else.

Richard Fawcett Contributed report.