Attack on Titan Season 5 Release Date: Is There a Season 5 of Attack on Titan?


attack on titan season 5

Attack on Titan Season 5 could be on its way to audiences and anyone who watched the finale of Attack on Titan. The Final Season may have revealed that the creators still have plenty to say about Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and others, as well as the titans.

Attack on Titan is a long-running dark action-fantasy anime series, and Attack on Titan Season 5 fans will have to wait a bit longer, just as we did for the previous seasons. Fans who have followed Eren Yeager, Levi Ackerman, Armin Arlert, and Mikasa Ackerman since the series’ inception should not be disturbed by the delay, as they have spent the last nine years waiting for new seasons to be released.

Attack On Titan is ranked #102 on the prominent anime community MyAnimeList with an 8.5 rating and has a 9.1 rating on IMDb.

How long must we wait for Season 5 of Attack on Titan, which will serve as the series’ conclusion? Continue scrolling because we have some breaking information on the future of the upcoming season.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Release Date

The second half of Season 4 Part 2 of Attack on Titan was recently concluded with Episode 87, and immediately following the final episode, the production studio released some big news that disturbed many of the show’s fans.

Attack on Titan Season 5 or Season 4 Part 3 will return in 2023 to commemorate the show’s 10th anniversary since its premiere in 2013. According to a teaser offered at the end of the show, and also posted on the official website, the news is as follows: On the official website, the following news was made: “It has been confirmed that the last season of the anime Attack on Titan will air in 2023 on NHK General TV, and a teaser trailer has also been released. You will encounter Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and other Survey corps, as well as Reiner, Falco, and Gabi, who are working to stop Eren.

attack on titan season 5

In 2023, Attack on Titan will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the release of Attack on Titan Season 5. We anticipate that Attack on Titan Season 5 will consist of nine episodes unless they remain faithful to the manga, which we doubt. We also anticipate the release of the new episodes in January or February of 2023.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Characters

Part 2 of the final season of Attack on Titan was completed on April 3, 2022, and there was a lot for viewers to digest: twists, betrayals, and discoveries regarding the show’s main characters, the Titans.

Due to the events of the Rumbling, armies of Titans have been awoken from their slumber within the walls, leaving our main characters in pursuit of Eren.

The Rumbling occurred in an attempt to prevent Zeke from stealing the capacity to reproduce from humans who could turn into titans. Expect to see Armin Arlert (Marina Inoue), Mikasa Ackerman (Yui Ishiwaka), and the remaining Scouting Regiment members in Attack on Titan Season 5. Annie Leonhardt, who has now regained consciousness, Reiner Braun, and the other Marleyans have joined forces to stop Eren.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Plot

The Final Season of Attack on Titan is now comprised of three distinct segments, each with its plot. In Part 2, the pace slowed, and we anticipate that Part 3, also known as Season 5 of Attack on Titan, will consist of eight to thirteen episodes, depending on the manga and the producers’ selections.

We hope they will take their time with the events of the last episode because we have waited so long, and we are also anticipating new materials, travels, and possibly new characters. There are also suspicions that Season 5 of Attack on Titan may extend beyond the events of the manga’s last chapter.

When Will Attack on Titan: Season 4, Part 3 Premiere?

Naturally, fans want more of their favorite entertainment immediately. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until April 2023 for the premiere of the first episode of the final (for real this time) season. The good news is that the wait will undoubtedly be worthwhile, as MAPPA appears committed to taking its time to offer fans an unforgettable conclusion.

According to a Twitter source, Season 4, Part 3 will consist of “four one-hour special episodes,” which will likely be distributed weekly on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. If this is true, then the good news for AoT supporters is that once this final segment begins, things will go along quickly. All that remains is to count down the days till April of next year.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Trailer

Attack on Titan Season 5 Where to Watch

Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+