Why Are People Raving About Aunt Cass Meme? Everything That You Must Know!


aunt cass meme

Aunt Cass, a character from the animated film Big Hero 6, is depicted in a photograph leaning over a kitchen counter. Late February 2021 and early March 2021 witnessed the image’s prominence as an exploitable image macro, particularly on Reddit.\


Aunt Cass from the Disney animated film Big Hero 6 surfaced in a photoshopped image with enormous breasts and apparent cleavage on November 14, 2016, which was published by Rastifan under the title “Aunt Cass – Cleavage Version” on DeviantArt. The image has received over 75,000 views and 1,000 favorites in four years.

On December 4, 2020, Reddit member /u/delactebles created an image macro with the above text: “Mom: It’s not that hot in there. The Meals meme was posted to /r/memes alongside the Busty Aunt Cass meme, which gained over 47,400 upvotes in less than three months. This is the first successful implementation of the image macro. The image was posted to /r/DankMemes on the same day as another Go Too Horny Jail image by Reddit user /u/CoconutRod, and it gained over 44,500 upvotes before being removed.

aunt cass meme


For those not in the know, On December 4, 2020, /u/Arjunsb01 posted a message to the Reddit forum “DankMemes” titled “Bonk,” which earned over 16,000 upvotes in just three months.

On January 31, 2021, YouTuber Jiang 989 produced a video in which they demonstrate how quickly they can acquire an image of Busty Aunt Cass by searching for “Aunt Cass” on Google. In less than a month, the video garnered over one million views. On February 3rd, YouTube user Speedrun over 18 produced a video in an attempt to surpass the score. In a short period, almost 111,000 people viewed the video.

The image of Busty Aunt Cass didn’t become a widespread meme until the end of February 2021. A macro image of Busty Aunt Cass speaking to her son Hiro was shared to /r/DankMemes on February 27 by user /u/organic crystal meth. This image is a modified version of a previous image macro format depicting Aunt Cass speaking to Hiro sans cleavage. Several new memes featuring the image were generated in the days that followed the post, which gained over 76,800 upvotes in two days.

The identical image macro that Reddit user /u/Thelazytimetraveller submitted to /r/DankMemes on February 28 earned nearly 82,300 upvotes in a single day. On the same day, /u/MrickyHR uploaded a meme including the image to /r/DankMemes, which gained over 22,000 upvotes immediately.

Users began submitting memes that made fun of /r/users’ oversaturation and sexiness. DankMemes as memes proceeded to flood the subreddit with images of Cheers and the meme Go Too Horny Jail.

aunt cass meme

On February 28, Reddit user /u/AnthropomorphicMango posted to /r/ShittyMovieDetails, “Aunt Cass’s top in Big Hero Six conceals her cleavage. The animators didn’t belong in a horny jail, which is why “cracking jokes about the meme that gained more than 29,000 likes in just 16 hours” is inappropriate.

PewDiePie talks a meme about an aunt Cass that was likely inspired by a moment from “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

The meme discovered by PewDiePie appears in another Disney film with a Ralph Breaks the Internet theme. In one part of the movie, the main character Ralph encounters a pop-up.

They Say, “Meet Some Sassy Housewives.”

Additionally, an image of aunt Cass is displayed in the pop-up window.