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Australian Open: Ashley Party defeats Daniel Collins in the women’s final

The World No. 1 team completely dominated the entire match and won the historic title without giving up a single set.

Australian tennis fans have had to wait more than four decades for one of their own to be crowned Australian Open champion, following Chris O’Neill’s last home win.

The party’s Grand Slam number is now three – her previous titles at the French Open in 2019 and Wimbledon in 2021 – and the 25 – year – old is undoubtedly the most dominant force on the women’s tour right now.

With most of his career still ahead of him, the only question left around the party’s Grand Slam credentials is: How many?

“I have said many times that I am very lucky tonight to have so many people here who love and support me,” the party said in its post-match interview. “I’m so lucky and fortunate to have so much love in my corner, we started together from the beginning, we did it all together, no one changed from our team. I love you until death.

“An Aussie. The most important part of this competition, being able to share it with so many people and crowds, you are no exception.

“This meeting is the most fun I ‘ve ever paid for, you gave me so much pleasure today and you have helped me play my best tennis, so thank you for your love and support over the past two weeks.

“It’s a dream come true for me. I’m so proud to be an Aussie. See you next time.”

Australia's Ashley Party celebrates after dropping Daniel Collins.

The onset of blisters

None of the players showed signs of nervousness in the early stages and initially exchanged some blistering shots.

Collins’ trademark backhand party got into all sorts of trouble as the Aussie struggled to control a powerful ground stroke that tore through Rod Laver Court.

However, the party was able to retaliate on its own service, passing an opponent at 181km / h as it was able to save an early break point.

Discriminatory housing support certainly showed its loyalty early on, exploding every time the party won a point. They were really excited at Collins’ third service game as two loose pitches and a wild double fault gifted the party a break.

This certainly helped to relieve any tension the party still felt, as the home favorite tore two more holds and demanded a starting set in the blink of an eye.

Even Collins reaching the final was one of the most notable comeback stories in tennis.

In April last year, she underwent emergency surgery for endometriosis – the tissue lining the uterus that grows out of it – and suffered a stomach injury at the French Open.

Daniel Collins began to dominate the second set.

The 28-year-old spoke openly about the excruciating pain he was experiencing, describing it as the worst pain he had ever experienced.

Collins praised the surgeon for saving his life and he is now playing some of the best tennis of his life and is expected to push him into the top 10 in the world for the first time by running to the final in Melbourne.

The player should join in the great pride for having played without a hitch, as a close start set moved away from her very quickly.

The American often wears his heart on his sleeve in court, but so far he has kept his emotions hidden during the biggest occasion of his career.

However, as it turned out at the start of the second set, the party began to fight back with powerful shots from its opponent, which now seemed to have a little more sting.

Two unnatural errors on the part of the set allowed Collins to break through the match for the first time in the opening service game.

With the exception of Collins’ roar, Rod Laver Stadium has been largely quiet. “Come on,” she shouted, her fist clenching towards her box.

It was a significant shift in pace from the starting set, with Collins now dominating almost every rally.

The mobilized fans behind the party in the second set made their fans.

The crowd, feeling the nerves of the party, did everything they could to get her back into the match; A forehand winner was greeted with probably the most cheer of the night below the queue.

However, getting the party back on track is not enough because the size of the occasion now weighs heavily on her.

Forehand became wild and erratic and Collins found another break service.

But the party, the fighter he was on the court, fought back, recovered one of the breaks in service, and then started a romantic service game to concentrate pressure on Collins.

Collins’ first service was unmanageable pressure and the usually trusted backhand left her, gifting the party a second break service.

The Rod Laver Stadium, which covered most of the second set, was now louder than it had been all evening.

The party won the third Grand Slam title of its career.

At one point, Collins was not happy with many in the crowd who started shouting before the points were over.

The service was held to tie the party score at 5-5 and what was like a walkover set for Collins 20 minutes ago has now turned into a slugfest.

Both players played solid service games and took up the set tie-break, although Collins must have wished those first services had come before the two games.

The party took a 4-0 lead at the tie break, and did not seem to lose it from there, eventually finishing it 7-2 – now party time at Rod Lever.

After 44 years of waiting, Australia has regained its own Grand Slam singles title.

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