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B.o.b Net Worth: How Much Does B.O.B Make Every Year?

As of 2022, B.o.B is a well-known American hip hop rapper, singer-songwriter, recording artist, and record producer with a net worth of $7 million US. After securing his initial major-label deals with Rebel Rock Entertainment, Atlantic Records, and prominent American rapper T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, he ascended to prominence.

From then on, he is the only male solo artist besides Justin Bieber and Drake to reach the top of the Billboard 200 in 2010. With the release of his debut single Nothin’ on You and the third single from his album titled Airplanes, B.o.B garnered worldwide notoriety. The rapper’s collaborations with other great artists, including Hayley Williams, Rivers Cuomo, Bruno Mars, and Janelle Monáe, garnered him additional attention.

His breakthrough tracks, including So Good, Both of Us, and Out of My Mind, helped him become one of the most successful MCs in the music industry. This article details B.o.overall B’s net worth, includes his salary, income sources, profession, biography, luxurious lifestyle, and assets.

Early Life

Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. was born on November 15, 1988, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is best known by his stage name, B.o.B. B.o.B will shortly relocate to the east side of Atlanta and settle in the De Carter suburb.

While residing there, he began making music as a hobby and began his musical education in grade school by learning to play the trumpet and other instruments. When B.o.B was in sixth grade, he had already decided to become a musician.

His father Bobby Ray Simmons was first opposed to B.o.decisions, B.’s but he came to see that B.o.B. was utilizing music as a method of rehabilitation and artistic expression.


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B.o.B attended Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia, but dropped out of high school in the ninth grade to pursue a career in music. At the age of 14, B.o.B sold his first beat to the musician Citti for the record titled I’m the Cookie Man.

By the time he was a senior in high school, the young man had signed a management contract with hit-making producer Jim Jonsin, who had just launched his Atlantic imprint label, Rebel Rock. B.o.B began working with Jim Jonsin in his studio immediately; not only could he play the keyboard, but he also produced his music.

Personal Life

B.o.B is a well-known conspiracy theorist who has voiced his anti-establishment beliefs through interviews, social media, and music. Among the numerous conspiracies, he believes in are the following: the Earth is flat, the 1969 moon landing was faked, 9/11 was an inside job, and the government clones celebrities. His 2006 song “Flatline” references antisemitic conspiracy theories, drawing the attention of the Anti-Defamation League.

Quick Information About

Full Name Bobby Ray Simmons Jr.
Nickname Bobby Ray, B.o.B
Age 33 years old
Date Of Birth November 15, 1988
Birth Place Winston-Salem, North Carolina,
United States
Nationality American
Hometown Decatur, Georgia
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Single
Father Bobby Ray Simmons
Mother Karen Simmons
Brother Jamaal Simmons
Sister Arielle and Victoria
Education Qualification School Dropped Out


Soon after signing with Jim Jonsin, he was partnered with TI, who decided to sign B.o.B to his label, Grand Hustle records. B.o.B established himself in the underground hip-hop scene by performing in local nightclubs and releasing mixtapes such as Hi! My Name is B.o.B and B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray, which won him a core fan base but failed to get him national attention.

B.o.B rose to prominence in 2007 when he signed with Atlantic Records and released his breakthrough single Haterz Everywhere. The song became viral and peaked at number five on the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart. Then, he worked with another artist named Rich Boy to release the remix version of the song, which was featured in the Fight Night Round video game.

The next year, B.o.B had another successful song, I’ll Be in the Sky, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard charts. His subsequent single, Don’t Let Me Fall, was equally successful.


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He next appeared alongside rapper Ludacris on the single “On Top of the World” from T.I.’s commercially successful album Paper Trail, titled “On Top of the World.” From 2007 to 2008, B.o.B released roughly 4 mixtapes and 2 extended plays. He appeared on the covers of Vibe and XXL magazines the same year.

In April 2010, B.o.B. eventually released his debut studio album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which was certified gold and was a major hit and contained a string of tracks that would turn around, B’s topping the Billboard 200 and getting many Grammy nominations.

Nothin’ on You, the album’s lead single, entered the top 10 for the first time and began a 23-week run in which B.o.B would have at least one single in the same region of the charts.

In June of that year, B.o.B released his subsequent song, Airplanes, which reached the top two positions on the top 10 charts. A few months later, he released the hit single Magic. Between his big singles and a succession of massive collaborations, such as Price Tag with Jessie J, he has amassed an extensive discography.

The rapper’s second album, Strange Clouds, was released in 2012 and debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. Following the publication of Underground Luxury, he severed ways with Atlantic Records and Rabel Rock.

His 2013 album Underground Luxury, which featured the smash tune Headband with 2 Chainz, is also gaining popularity. B.o.B founded his label, No Genre, in 2014, and from that point on he self-released his music. After a lengthy hiatus, B.o.B released his fourth studio album, Ether, in 2018.

In the subsequent year, he released the mixtape Southmatic, his 2020 album Somnia, and the compilation album Lost Tapes. In addition, he released his sixth studio album, Naga, which was financially unsuccessful. Moreover, he began a podcast series called the BobCast on his YouTube page in which he discusses his conspiracy beliefs.

Awards and Achievements:

In contrast to the millions of people who do not know what they want to do with their lives, B.o.B knew in sixth grade that he wanted to be a musician.

The rapper received a record deal while he was in the ninth school, and since then he has recorded multiple hit songs and won countless prizes and accolades. B.o.B was nominated for five Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Rap Album and Record of the Year.

In addition, MTV nominated his popular songs and albums for awards. Video Music Award, Teen Song Award, and VET Award, in addition to the user-free unit. He released the smash single Mags, which landed him a spot in an Adda Mags advertisement.

In 2010, B.o.B performed at the Lve MTV Video Mus Award alongside Kanye West, Eminem, Linkin Park, Uher, Paramore, Paramore, Florence, the Maxine, Justin Bieber, and Drake.

V.o.V appeared alongside Grand Nutle ggu Azalea, She, Trae the Truth, and T. on VET Nr Nor Award further in 2012.


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B.o.B Net Worth

B.o.B has established himself as a leading US hip hop recording artist, record producer, rapper, and musician. He is one of the most recognized musicians in the world. The predicted net worth of B.o.B in 2022 is approximately $7 million U.S.

The majority of his income is derived from album sales, hit singles, and collaborations. His relationships with numerous record labels, including Grand Hustle, Rebel Rock Entertainment, and Atlantic Records, have also enabled him to amass a considerable sum of money.

Currently, he generates income from his own production company, No Genre, which he founded in 2014. B.o.B operates a YouTube channel where he hosts his show and has attracted more than one million subscribers. In addition to being a rapper, he has worked as an endorser for various products, including the A.K.O.O. Clothing Line. B.o.annual B.’s income from various sources is roughly $1 million.

B.O.B Salary

Have you ever considered the net worth of B.O.B? Do you know his monthly income or earnings? We are all aware that a person’s income and assets fluctuate over time. In the part below, we will discuss the net worth and salary. This section contains the latest updates on all of his controversies. The net worth of B.O.B is $10 million.


What age is B.o.B.?

B.o.B was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on November 15, 1988; he is 35 years old.

How much does B.o.B make every year?

B.o.B. earns approximately $1 million every year.

How wealthy is B.o.B.?

Currently, B.o.Net B’s Worth is $7 million.

What is B.o.B’s actual B’s name?

His full name is Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., although he is best known as B.o.B.

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