Best Bus Simulator Games: Which is the Best Bus Simulator?


Best Bus Simulator Games

Best Bus Simulator Games: Here is a list of the best bus simulator games you can download and play right now for Android and iOS. These games have the best graphics and controls and are the most fun to play.

Simulation games have always been my favorite. As games for smartphones get better and better, they are also becoming more realistic.

I’ve listed the 5 best bus simulator games to play in 2021 in this guide. Most of them are based on public transport. The player’s character is a bus driver, and they have to follow a schedule to get to a certain place or pick up passengers at bus stops.

5 Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

5 Bus Simulator Ultimate

Best Bus Simulator Games
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Another good game in this group is Bus Simulator Ultimate. It’s a good and very different way to play games, but not many people like it. You can buy this game if you are one of them. About 550 MB is the size of the game.

Download Here: Bus Simulator Ultimate

4 World Bus Driving Simulator

Best Bus Simulator Games (1)
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The world bus driving simulator is a lot like a simulator for driving a heavy bus. But it’s like the game’s “pro” level. It lets you play games that are even more realistic.

The size of the game is about 570 M.B. Keep in mind that it’s a heavy game that can only be played on the best gaming mobile.

Download Here: World Bus Driving Simulator

3 Heavy Bus Simulator

Best Bus Simulator Games (2)
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If you’re like me and wanted a PC game that was more like real life. You can play this game. The simulator for a heavy bus is not a real Android game.

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But the developer who made it possible deserves thanks. You might not be good at using the controls, but the graphics, settings, and gameplay are all great. The size of the game is about 280 MB.

Download Here: Heavy Bus Simulator

2 Bus Simulator Indonesia

Best Bus Simulator Games (3)
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The latest version of the game you can play is Bus Simulator Indonesia. The look and feel of the game is like driving a bus in Indonesia. You need to drive around and pick up and drop off people to make money.
The people who made this game keep putting out updates that make it better to play. About 300 MB is the size of the game.


Download Here: Bus Simulator Indonesia

1 Coach Bus Simulator

Best Bus Simulator Games (4)
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This was the first game I ever played that let me drive a bus. It was fantastic. This game was made by ovilex, which makes some of the best simulator games. There are different buses to choose from in the game.

You need to make money by driving people from one place to another and picking them up and dropping them off. You can use the money you make to improve your bus.

The graphics are great for how small the game is, and the sound and gameplay are also very good. This game is free to play, and it takes up about 110 M.B.

Download Here: Coach Bus Simulator

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