Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever: 10 Reasons


10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever

Along with Grand Theft Auto: III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas was one of the games featured in the newly released GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition. With a few previous games in the GTA franchise, GTA: San Andreas is one of the popular favorites. Many people continue to play the enhanced version of the game.

Characters in San Andreas are voiced by renowned performers, and the game contains numerous classic missions. Even in 4K, some of the best missions have been recreated by modders. Everything in the tale makes it a memorable experience for every gamer.

In no particular sequence or rating, this article will examine the reasons why the song has been listened to and liked by so many people.

Why is San Andreas the Best Grand Theft Auto Game Ever?

Below are the top ten reasons why San Andreas will remain a popular favorite among other GTA games.

1. Legendary Voice Actors

10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever

Officer Tenpenny’s voice in the game was provided by the legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson, who nailed the role. However, he was not the only prominent voice actor in the game, as Clifton Powell voiced Big Smoke and Young Maylay voiced the protagonist, CJ. Not only was Ice-T the inspiration for Madd Dogg, but he also provided the character’s voice.

Voice acting enhances the entertainment value of the story campaign, and when recorded by such renowned and iconic actors, it leaves a lasting impression.

2. San Andreas Story Campaign

San Andreas Story Campaign

Players adored every aspect of the game’s story campaign, which remains one of the game’s most significant selling points. The story’s key themes were gang allegiance, brotherhood, and treachery. The Grove Street Families gang provides a sense of family to the players.

The game has more than simply a handful of quests. With the addition of side tasks, players can remain engaged for days. The story is also not entirely humorous. Several of the missions and cutscenes provide humorous moments.

3. Memorable Characters From San Andreas

10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever (2)

Every character in the game has a lasting effect, from Big Smoke to Tenpenny. In subsequent contests, this was not the case. San Andreas featured memorable characters in every sense of the word.

CJ, the game’s main protagonist, is not as ruthless as earlier protagonists in the franchise. CJ’s character is centered on his family. Big Smoke, Sweet, Tenpenny, Kendl, and Catalina are the other enduringly popular characters.

4. The Premise and the 90’s

The Premise and the 90’s

GTA: San Andreas is set in the late 1990s, which is regarded as the golden period of video games. This is something that fits well inside the game’s period. Numerous gamers believe that contemporary surroundings lack the vitality of the past. Consequently, the narratives of games like GTA 5 become dull in comparison.

The Definitive Edition features a visually enhanced rendition of the familiar premise. The game’s cars, NPCs, and characters create a lasting impression.

5. GTA: San Andreas Cheat Codes

10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever

The game was enjoyable to play and experience from beginning to end, but the cheat codes made it even better. The game had several unique cheat codes, including the well-known invincibility cheat code (HESOYAM). The cheat code granted players both limitless health and $250,000 in cash.

Other memorable cheat codes included:

  • This trick granted players endless ammunition and prevented reloading.
  • This exploits elevated Respect levels to their maximum value.
  • This trick gave CJ a muscular physique, and it was also one of the most often utilized cheats.

6. Memorable Missions

Memorable Missions

Not only the plot as a whole is unforgettable, but also the smaller aspects, such as the missions. Missions that are still noteworthy include End of the Line, a mission that was action-packed from beginning to end. The final objective, Just Business, is a near-masterpiece with a never-ending quantity of action till the very end.

7. Memorable Scenes That Even Got Recreated

10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever

Some of the tale campaign’s sequences are so unforgettable that they were replicated. Recently, the Big Smoke drive-through order was reconstructed in its entirety using Unreal Engine 5. The players can recall Big Smoke’s massive order almost exactly.

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Another reconstructed scene with Big Smoke was also a noteworthy one.

This involved the final scene in which, spoiler alert, Big Smoke utters his final words. Several additional scenes from the game have been recreated in 4K.

8. Returning Locations

10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever

Grove Street from GTA: San Andreas remains so popular that it was recreated in a mission for GTA 5. In GTA 5, the entire neighborhood was recreated, and there was even an easter egg. Three characters riding bicycles in the easter egg were references to CJ, Big Smoke, and Sweet from San Andreas.

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In Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin travels to Grove Street with Lamar and Trevor, and the neighborhood is easily recognizable. Even the Ballas returned in GTA 5 as a memorable throwback to the story campaign of San Andreas.

10 Reasons Why GTA San Andreas Is The Best GTA Game Ever

9. New Features

There are features in the game that are significantly more refined and improved than in previous games, as well as new features. In GTA: Vice City, for instance, the protagonist could not swim, resulting in numerous mission failures. This frustrated fans and players throughout the entirety of the game.

This issue was resolved in San Andreas, allowing the protagonist to swim across, albeit for a short distance. The game also introduced several noteworthy new features, including:

  • Players can take flights from airports as a passenger
  • Minigames (Basketball, Billiards, Roulette, Slot Machines, Wheel of Fortune)
  • Manual aim for all weapons, and several other features.

10. Still Nostalgic

One of the primary reasons why the game is so popular among fans is that every aspect of the game still evokes nostalgia.

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