Best Guns in Warzone: What Is the Best Weapon in Warzone?


best guns in warzone

Duty or Call of Duty There are numerous weapons in Warzone, but they cannot all be the finest. Dropping into Caldera with a vast array of lethal weaponry is essential for success, and in this war royale, diversity is the spice of life. We have you covered if you’re seeking for the greatest Warzone weapons for the best Warzone loadouts.

Despite having access to dozens of weapons, this battle royale experience is dominated by a small number of weaponry, ranging from powerful LMGs that obliterate foes at a distance to rapid-firing SMGs that shred in close-quarters combat. If you are not employing one of the greatest Warzone weapons, you are at a disadvantage and your chances of winning are diminished.

Raven Software has introduced several big weapons balancing improvements for Warzone Pacific Season 3, shifting the metagame once more. The Sniper Rifles have been redesigned, and there are several newcomers at the top of the popularity and effectiveness charts.

If you’re curious about the best Warzone weapons currently available, we have all the information you need. Here are the items you should pack for the duration of Warzone Pacific Season 3 and beyond.

best guns in warzone

Warzone Pacific Season 3: the Best Warzone Guns

Here are our top picks for the best Warzone weapons currently on the market:

  • Automaton
  • Cooper Carbine
  • MP40
  • Owen Gun
  • Type 100
  • Kar98k
  • Swiss K31
  • XM4


It was a top dog at the outset of the Warzone Pacific era until being nerfed to extinction. The Automaton, on the other hand, is once again one of the best weapons in the Warzone. Even though it shares many of the same characteristics as the Cooper Carbine, it’s exactly what most gamers are looking for in a primary AR at the moment.

Although it had a high pick rate, the Warzone Season 3 update did not include any nerfs for it.

Visit our Automaton Warzone loadout guide for the best setup.


The Cooper Carbine is a popular Vanguard weapon in Warzone Pacific. Cooper Carbine is the best low-recoil laser in the game since that other popular ARs have undergone significant damage reduction nerfs.

The Automaton is a close cousin, and both operate well in the current meta. Which one you prefer is entirely a matter of taste. Check out our Cooper Carbine Warzone loadout guide to get the best build for the game.


It is now the most popular weapon in Warzone Season 3. It became famous in Season 1 because of its versatility, which allowed it to shred adversaries at close range while still competing at medium range.

The MP40 remains the most popular weapon in Warzone, despite recent alterations and nerfs. In our MP40 Warzone loadout guide, you’ll find the build that most people are utilizing.


The Owen Gun is yet another choice for this list of SMGs. Despite the magazine’s slightly concealing design, the gun performs admirably at close range.

The Owen Gun’s damage output is ridiculously high with the right attachments, and its visibility limitations can be alleviated with the right scope and magazine. As a result of the Owen Gun’s astronomical damage output, some of the weapon’s attachments were severely nerfed for Season 3, yet it remains a top-tier weapon.

We’ve put together a list of Owen Gun Warzone’s most popular builds.

TYPE 100

If past seasons’ high-rate, close-range shredders like the AS-VAL and MAC-10 piqued your interest, you’ll appreciate the Type 100 in Warzone Season 3. You’ll be armed with the game’s fastest-killing SMG with this devastating Type 100 Warzone loadout.

Build this death machine before your next match and watch as your opponents vanish in a puff of smoke. Despite its main limitation being its ammo capacity, Solos and Duos players may nearly ignore it, so go ahead and do so.

best guns in warzone


The Modern Warfare Kar98k or the Black Ops Cold War Swiss K31 were the only two options for Warzone snipers.

Long-range snipers and quick-coping beasts dominated the sniping meta for months because of their versatility and quick ADS and firing rates. Warzone Season 3 sniper changes, which many had dreaded, have arrived, rendering the Kar98k and the Swiss obsolete.

For aggressive players who choose to use them up close, even though they can no longer one-shot their opponents at great ranges, they now have various other advantages. The best build for your Swiss K31 Warzone loadout and Kar98k Warzone loadout may depend on personal preference or which one you have leveled the most.


Black Ops Cold War’s XM4 appears to be back in the player’s good graces after a recent balance upgrade.

Gamers seeking a weapon with strong damage output and mobility at a medium-range may choose this assault rifle. It isn’t the most strong in terms of impact. To see what we’ve got for our XM4 Warzone, check out the link below. Weapon tuning upgrades from Raven Software are often released, nerfing popular weaponry and improving long-forgotten ones.

What Is the Best Weapon in Warzone?

When it comes to building a flawless loadout, finding the finest gun in Warzone is a challenging undertaking because everyone has their preferences.

STG44, on the other hand, is a popular weapon in the game and is often considered to be the most powerful weapon currently available.

It has a lethal TTK and powerful long-range damage, making it a deadly weapon for long-distance attacks.