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Is Better Call Saul Season 6  Available? Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix: Where Can I Find It?

With the arrival of Better Call Saul season 6, which will be the final season, Slippin’ Jimmy McGill is finally on his way to becoming the Saul Goodman we first met on Breaking Bad.

Star As Bob Odenkirk revealed to Digital Spy, he is concerned about how the series will come to a close: “I’m experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions. I don’t believe you can watch the program, and I certainly can’t play this character, without learning to care about him and want him to succeed, as well as wanting to be a better version of himself. He may well end up in that situation, but I am not convinced.

“I’m a fan of his. I believe he possesses some valuable abilities. He just doesn’t know what to do with them right now. I’ll be pleased to go on to other characters as well because he’s been a character in my life for quite some time.”

In an official statement (via TVLine), showrunner and executive producer Peter Gould expressed his gratitude to the fans for their support: “It has been my desire from the beginning of Better Call Saul to tell the full narrative of our conflicted and compromised hero, Jimmy McGill – and now AMC and Sony are making that dream a reality.

“Fans and critics have been instrumental in making this journey possible, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. We’ll begin production on the sixth and last season of the show next month, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t crash and burn.”

But what would the appearance of this ‘landing’ be like? Will it be a graceful landing, or will it be a terrible face-first landing on the pavement? Our guess is that it will be a blend of the two options — Saul wouldn’t have it any other way.

Season six of Better Call Saul is here, and we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Cast

Bob Odenkirk will, without a doubt, reprise his roles as Jimmy McGill, Sally Goodman, and Gene Takovic.

Rhea Seehorn will portray Kim Wexler, Jonathan Banks will portray Mike Ehrmantraut, Giancarlo Esposito will portray Gus Fring, Patrick Fabian will portray Howard Hamlin, Michael Mando will portray Nacho Varga, and Tony Dalton will portray Lalo Salamanca, among others.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Schnauz discussed how Kim’s character has acquired traction, stating: “We had no idea what Kim’s role would be in the series when it first premiered. In fact, I believe the writers were still discussing into season two whether Kim and Jimmy had an intimate relationship prior to us meeting her in season one, or if they were just friends before we met her.

“As soon as we saw Rhea in the role during season one filming — with all of the complexity, humor, and glitter in her eyes — we realized we had a wonderful pairing in Rhea and Bob. We were thrilled with the results.

“Kim is who she is now because Rhea put in the effort and invested herself fully in the character. It undoubtedly aided the writers in making decisions about where the story should go next.”

In addition, it appears that we will be experiencing Kim’s darker side in season six. The question is, “Do you see her from a really dark side there?” According to Deadline, Seehorn


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“You do, in fact. He introduced Saul Goodman into our relationship, and now she’s bringing in even another individual. There’s this sense of self-righteous martyrdom in the air.”

There were several Breaking Bad appearances in season five, including Dean Norris (Hank Schrader) and the late Robert Forster (Ed Galbraith), so don’t be shocked if more fan favorites make an appearance as the show’s timeframe approaches.

After much speculation, it has officially been confirmed by the program that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will resume their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in an official Instagram post, which simply states: “They’re coming back.”

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Initially, Paul was skeptical that it would work, “I had considered portraying him [Jesse] in the television series Better Call Saul. That show is one of my all-time favorites. In the recent seasons, the flash-forwards, and especially now that we know where Jesse is, there’s simply no reason for him to be at that location and time, thus he shouldn’t have been there. I can’t see him making an appearance in Better Call Saul, to be honest.”

As Cranston has pointed out, they’ve clearly found a way to make it work, much to his satisfaction as he’s always been up for the idea of returning.

“I would be in [Better Call Saul] if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who are co-executive producers on it, wanted me to be in it,” he stated. “I would be in [Better Call Saul] if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould wanted me to be in it” (via Collider). “I’d be willing to do it in an instant. However, this has not yet occurred. We’ll see what happens in the final season, which will be the last.”

Gould, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, expressed his understanding of the significance of the tie between the two shows:

“Ideally, I would like to think that Better Call Saul has done something a little bit new with the assets we have at our disposal, but I don’t believe anyone would have bought or produced the show if we hadn’t first completed Breaking Bad.

“As a result, I believe that the shows will always be in relationship to one another. And I believe that there is a world in which only Breaking Bad exists, but I do not believe that there is a world in which Better Call Saul exists solely.”

Better Call Saul Season 6

That does sound like there will be some tributes to the show that kicked off Saul’s journey in the final season, if not direct references.

Because we already know where these individuals are, and we have a general idea of where some of them may wind up, Gould described it as “the devil’s own Rubik’s cube.”

“When it comes to people like Kim Wexler, we have no idea what will happen to them, but when it comes to characters like Jimmy McGill, we know exactly what he was up to for a couple of years, or at least what he was up to when Walter White was around.

“That’s to say, there are a lot of restrictions. There are a lot of responsibilities.”

Better Call Saul Season 6 Plot

There will be 13 episodes instead of the normal 10 to wrap up Season 6, making it the longest season yet. A total of 63 episodes will be shown at the end of the season — one more than Breaking Bad.

Tony Dalton couldn’t help teasing about the Better Call Saul scripts when speaking to Collider surrounding the debut of Marvel’s Hawkeye: “The future is a mystery to you. What these jerks have written has gotten out of hand. It’s completely out of hand.”

Thomas Schnauz, the program’s executive producer, previously spoke with Den Of Geek about Tony’s time on the show and hinted that Lalo’s character may have a great season six in the final run.

Schnauz noted, “Season five seemed incredibly meaningful to me.” “Tony Dalton was an integral element of the team’s success, and I felt like we were operating at full capacity. Even though we discussed introducing Lalo as early as season one, looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it appears that he arrived just in time.

Although I cannot predict how much of an impact Lalo’s position will have in season six, he was clearly frustrated and a man on a mission in the season five finale.

Gould encouraged viewers to raise questions in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly “You have to ask yourself, “What does this man deserve?” if you’re watching the show closely and thinking about what’s going on.

“As a matter of fact, not just: “What will happen to him?” Nevertheless, ‘What would be a deserving conclusion to this?’ It is up to you to decide if Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman, or Gene Takovic are worthy of death. Is he good enough to be loved? For the sake of the program, what is the best way to bring this character to an end?”

Then he added: “Death is, of course, the last destination for everyone, but it’s possible that we’re not going to leave this guy there. Does he have any hope of redemption after what he’s done?”

When Saul Goodman is dealing with Walt and Jesse, “the other huge concern,” as he put it, is “where Kim Wexler is.”

That’s what Odenkirk stated in an interview with The Guardian, according to the New York Times.” “really believes Kim is still alive and practicing law in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He’s still bumping into her on a regular basis. The fact that he wants her to see him on billboards everywhere would make him even more desperate to do it, in my opinion.”

The Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying: “Kim would be a scumbag ambulance chaser for the white-shoe law company and a super-powered lawyer.

“They go home at night, remove their disguises, and treat each other kindly. This is not where I think we’re going, yet in reality, such seemingly contradictory and strange connections can exist. They’re possible.

“The idea that Kim has died or that anyone who isn’t seen has passed away is easy to imagine. This isn’t to say that these shows don’t have a lot of deaths.”

Keep an eye on the bottle stopper Kim snatched from her desk drawer as she left for the last time, according to Gould.”

It has been revealed that Gould is concerned about some individuals in season six.

On The Wrap, he explained that this season, “Bad Choice Road” was the title of the penultimate episode. “Also, Kim Wexler appears to be taking a wrong turn.”

As for Seehorn, she thought her persona was foreboding, and she added: “Kim despises being told how she should feel, what she should do, or even who she is. She despises it to no end.

“Do you think she’d do something like that? If she wouldn’t, she’s saying them as if they were a game, in a way that she despises in a lot of people at this point—playing games with the law and playing games with people’s lives. Even if she wouldn’t.”

Gus Fring and Don Eladio have Nacho trapped in “deep, deep peril,” as the film puts it.

Regardless of what occurs, this season is sure to be a bloodbath.

According to Den of Geek, “We don’t really pay attention to matching the tone or the quantity of violence that came before in past seasons.”

“We simply do what is best for the story at hand. From Tuco and the skate twins through Nacho’s threats against Jimmy and Mike in Philly in season 1, the program has always seemed violent to me. Chuck’s betrayal of his sibling was also emotionally violent.

Better Call Saul Season 6

“It’s safe to say that there will be more physical and emotional violence in season 6, but I can’t guarantee that it will be any worse than before. Because we’re nearing the finish, whatever occurs is going to be more painful.”

As Rhea Seehorn put it: “Devastating,” don’t hold your breath for a nice ending to this one.

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“I don’t think I was prepared for this,” one fan wrote on Twitter, to which Seehorn answered, “I wasn’t.”


Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date

On April 19, Netflix announced that the sixth season of Better Call Saul would premiere in the United Kingdom.

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Previously, I said that this will be a bittersweet season because it will be the final excursion for a beloved character.

However, individuals who are having difficulty saying their final goodbyes should take heart. Similar to Ozark and Stranger Things, the final season of Better Call Saul has been divided into two parts for the time being. Episodes 1 through 7 will run in April, followed by episodes 6 through 12 on July 12.

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According to Netflix, AMC, the network that carries the show in the United States, made the choice to split the 13 episodes into two separate seasons. Season 6 will begin with a double-bill as it has in prior seasons, but the episodes will air weekly.

This means that the first portion of the series will wrap up on May 24 in the United Kingdom. It’s time to say goodbye to the Better Call Saul drama with the last episode releasing on Netflix on August 16.

Thanks to Odenkirk’s tweet in February 2022, we know filming has already concluded. He made the following statement: “In Albuquerque, NM, an incredible team of actors and staff members wrapped up filming for Better Call Saul yesterday.

With outstanding writing leading the way in 2014, “despite challenges of all kinds, our enthusiasm and care never faltered.”

That wonderful heartfelt post ended with him saying, “I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

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Odenkirk’s heart attack forced the crew to put the film on hold for a while.

A few days after actor Bob Odenkirk suffered a heart attack at work, executive producer Thomas Schnauz informed Den of Geek that production was “going forward, steady but slow.”

It’s safe to say that when word of Odenkirk’s demise broke, there was an outpouring of support for the show’s leading man.

“Hi. It’s me, Bob. Please accept my sincere gratitude. Thank you to everyone who has been at my side this week, especially my family and friends. And thanks to everyone who expressed their worry and care for me. It’s a lot to take in. Because of this, I’m able to feel the love and appreciate it greatly.

“Suddenly, I had a minor heart attack. But Rosa Estrada and the doctors who figured out how to treat the obstruction without surgery have saved my life. Until then, I’ll take some time off to rest and recharge my batteries.”

Better Call Saul Season 6 Streaming on Netflix

On Tuesday, April 19th, 2022, the first two episodes of Better Call Saul season 6 will air in the United Kingdom. The next five episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

The final six episodes will air on July 12th, 2022, following a brief hiatus.

If you’ve fallen behind on the Better Call Saul series, seasons 1-5 are all accessible on Netflix UK.

What other countries are there besides the United Kingdom? This guide will show you how to use Netflix UK from anywhere in the world.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Official Trailer

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