Between Us Episode 4 Release Date: How to Watch Between Us Episode 4?


between us episode 4 release date

Between Us Episode 4: The release date for episode four of Between Us has arrived, and we will reveal everything we know about this season. Here is a recap of the most recent episode of Between Us, followed by the episode 4 release date and streaming information. “Team” is introduced to his water polo trainee friends A, Sea, and Bee after they confirm their registration with the swim club and meet him on the ground.

“Win” is reassuring his friend Wan at the counter when the Dean and Pruek interrupt. Juniors arrive at the location and begin filling out club forms. Prek is curious as to whether Win has ever had a first-impression crush on a person. And Dean, along with Win and Pruek, leaves the room and proceeds to the registration desk.

Win steals glances at Team, while Pruek attempts to quickly approach the swim team desk. This swimming club’s recruits will be required to take a selection test. As a swimming prodigy, “Team” is anticipated to perform exceptionally well on the exam.

Between Us Recap

Win also hears this and informs the Team that the selection test for the new trainees will be extremely difficult, regardless of whether they are receiving scholarships or not. After the juniors have left, “Team” joins his friends Pharm and Manow for lunch. Due to Win’s threat, he fears that he will not be permitted to join the Team.

His friends reassure him that nothing negative will occur. They offer to assist him whenever he attends tryouts. Later that day, Win arrives at the apartment’s elevator and is shocked to discover that Team also resides there. “Win” calls Wan and is seen lamenting how depressing it is that View is constantly playing mobile games.

between us episode 4 release date

The team is shocked to see that the Team is consoling Pharm, who is inconsolable and sobbing due to his memories. When the swim team arrives at the resort, Tul encounters the three seniors. Several of the training drills of the junior team members require assistance from the Team. After practice, the juniors dive into the ocean with members of the Sea Force Team, “A,” “Sea,” and “Bee.”

The incident causes The Team’s sole to become slightly nicked. As he calmly handles the situation, Win observes this and joins the “Team” and the group, asking A, Sea, and Bee to search for first aid. The group will not permit Win to examine his wounds. Since the cut was not as severe, Win jokes that he will have little leverage during the training sessions.

A win is angered by the Team’s assertion that he will be able to run around the entire resort in no time. He leaves the group to treat the wound by himself. Later that evening, the seniors discuss Dean’s perpetual sense of disorientation.

According to Dean, Win never allows anything to affect him. Win asserts that everything in his life is transient, but Dean argues that he cannot live in this manner. Dean encourages “Win” to join the juniors. Win observes Team A grilling meat for dinner with Bee and Sea. Sea invites the other two individuals into a room, claiming to have the most recent pornographic film leak.

The four friends watch the Obscene film when the Team begins to feel uneasy. Upon observing that he has an erection, the Team requests that Bee give him the key to their bedroom. As the group ridicules him, he runs outside. Warut as Group.

Win locates Team and attempts to approach the bewildered Team. The winner finally accepts Team, but Team departs. Win suggests Team accompany him to his room if he is unable to handle the situation on his own. Win obediently guides the group to the seniors’ chamber. After Team gives his permission, the two share a kiss.

Between Us Episode 4 Release Date

The release date for Between Us, episode four, is Sunday, November 27, 2022. Between Us, episode 4 will be available on YouTube in the United States at 11:45 p.m. International viewers can watch Between Us Episode 4 on November 28 at 4, 10:15 am IST, 8:45 am BST, and 1:45 pm AEDT.

between us episode 4 release date

How to Watch Between Us Episode 4?

Between Us, episodes will be available on YouTube at the specified hours and dates. Fans must compare the time shown here with their local time in order not to miss the new episodes as they air in their respective countries.

Between Us Season 1 Episode 4 Release Date – FAQs

When was the original release of Between Us?

Between Us was released for the first time on November 6, 2022.

How many seasons are there of Between Us?

Between Us consists of 1 season in total.

When will Season 1 Episode 4 of Between Us premiere?

The fourth episode of Season 1 of Between Us is anticipated to premiere on November 27, 2022.

Is the Promo for Season 1 Episode 4 of Between Us available?

No, the promo for Between Us Season 1 Episode 4 has not yet been released.

What genre is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Between Us?

Romance is the genre of Between Us Season 1 Episode 4.