Big Timber Season 3 Release Date: Where is Big Timber Filmed on Vancouver Island?


Big Timber depicts the hazardous labour performed by Kevin Westob and his staff as a logger and sawmill owner. The group employs drastic tactics to save their sawmill and way of life. The action takes place on a mountain in the interior of Vancouver Island.

Kevin’s team places a large wager in order to obtain the mountain’s valuable wood. However, their effort is hindered by several very major difficulties, which they attempt to circumvent. Let’s acquire the latest information on what their future holds.

Is Big Timber Real?

Given that it is a reality TV show, people may question whether or not anything is real or staged. Big Timber has been unscripted from the day it debuted to the present. This indicates that the on-screen interactions, emotions, or sequences are directed by qualified entertainment experts. As opposed to other popular reality shows, this one is genuine.

They are so comfortable with cameras and other equipment since the team has been filming their job for quite some time. Kevin’s wife, Sarah, and he began filming the realities of their work to promote their profession. This caused them to become one of the most watched reality shows on Netflix. In retrospect, we can affirm that Big Timber exists. In fact, they are the last remaining independent enterprise on the island.

Big Timber Season 3 Release Date

The reality television programme premiered on the History Channel in 2020. However, the second season debuted on Netflix (but it originally aired on October 2021 on History Channel). Big Timber is also available on Prime Video. The logging industry is one of Canada’s most significant economic sectors. So it’s not surprising that the show soon gained fans’ attention and became popular.

The premiere of Season 2 of the series on Netflix occurred on July 13, 2022. It was deemed “ideal television” by viewers and became a fan favourite on the popular streaming service. As soon as the first two seasons aired, people began anticipating the third season. Officials have not yet confirmed a release date or renewal for season 3 of Big Timber, despite its recent airing. Given its popularity and ratings, it is speculated that the new season could premiere in July 2023. We will keep you informed of any new information.

Big Timber Season 3 Cast

The plot of Big Timber focuses on Kevin Wenstob and his vast logging company. In the third season, he will reprise his role as the show’s main character. Big Timber is unlike other reality shows, which feature different candidates in each episode, and has a distinctive format.

Alongside Kevin, you will meet Sarah Fleming, Kevin’s wife, who will add drama and entertainment to the game.

In addition, the performance cannot continue without the participation of fan favourite Erik Wenstob and millhand Jack Winston. We can see that the reality television show features all of the workers and crew who play an integral role in the success of the project. Consequently, this indicates that everyone will return.

Fans speculated whether Coleman Willner and Tom Verbruzze would arrive, and the answer is affirmative. If any other characters will be featured in the film, we will be sure to inform you.

What Happened to Big Timber?

In the first season of Big Timber, Wenstob and his staff are sifting through bureaucracy in order to operate economically. Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources has assessed the team a $1 million fine. The justification for this was that they failed to meet deadlines for clearing a forest near the Alberni Canal.

Ironically, the delay was caused by several old-growth cedar trees that should be protected for environmental protection. Therefore, it was impossible to achieve the established dates. In contrast, season 2 reveals that Kevin and his team produced enough wood to cover the potential $1 million in fines. As of July 2022, however, there is no information regarding whether the matter has been resolved.

Where is Big Timber Filmed on Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island, British Columbia is home to Wenstob Timber Resources. The performance takes place in a secluded portion of the island known as Klitsa Mountain.

The mountain is the second highest in the Alberni Valley. Mount Arrowsmith is the highest peak in the area. The mountain’s name is derived from a Nuu-Chah-Nulth term that means “always white.” On Klitsa Mountain, there are several cedar and hemlock trees. These trees are supposedly “among the finest timber available.” Our team’s goal for the first season is to fill 200 truckloads with lumbar from the mountain, which might fill up to 1,000 truckloads. Therefore, the mountain is vital to the central conflict in Big Timber.

Is There Any Official Trailer to Watch?

There is no official trailer for the reality television show’s third season. Fans are susceptible to learning whether another season will be produced. If you have not seen the first season’s official trailer, here it is.

Bottom Line

Big timber is a reality television series that is awaiting its third season. The third instalment of the series is still in preparation, and the audience eagerly awaits the renewal of the reality television series. The first season was officially renewed and the second season was also released. Fans are anxiously anticipating the premiere of the reality show, but no updates have been provided.