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Billy Blanks’s Net Worth: What is Billy Blanks’s Salary?


billy blanks net worth

Billy Blanks’s Net Worth: Billy Blanks is an American fitness expert, martial artist, and actor with a $20 million net worth. Blanks is best known for creating the Tae Bo exercise program, which became a major fitness trend in the United States. In its first year of release, Tae Bo sold over 1.5 million VHS tapes, generating $80 million in sales. Tae Bo has generated over $150 million in total revenue to date.

Increase in Billy Blanks’s Net Worth

While operating his own Taekwondo studio in Massachusetts, Billy Blanks continued to develop his own Tae Bo workout. To earn more money, he also opened his fitness center and taught people how to improve their health. His Tae Bo workouts and videos became a major pop culture phenomenon, and the marketing of his videos increased his wealth.

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Early Years

Blanks was born as the fourth of fifteen children in Erie, Pennsylvania. Throughout his childhood, he suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia. Banks was born with an abnormality affecting his hip joints, which hindered his mobility. As a result, he was clumsy as a child and did not excel at sports. Banks discovered his calling through the study of karate after deciding he wanted to be a martial arts champion after watching a Bruce Lee film.

Martial Arts Profession

Catherine Bach, the lead actress in “Driving Force,” which was filmed in Manila during a period of significant political unrest, originally hired Blanks as her bodyguard/security guard. Blanks was able to impress the film’s producers to the point where he was written into the script and given a supporting role. Blanks worked on several films involving martial arts, including “King of the Kickboxers” and “Bloodfist.”

In films such as Tony Scott’s “The Last Boyscout,” Blanks portrayed a professional football player on the verge of self-destruction. In the 1997 film “Kiss the Girls,” Blanks also played Ashley Judd’s kickboxing instructor.


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Tae Bo

While operating his taekwondo studio in Quincy, Massachusetts, Blanks continued to develop his own Tae Bo exercise routine. Blanks included elements of martial arts training in addition to boxing. Tae Bo is a portmanteau composed of the words “Tae” (referring to taekwondo) and “Bo” (referring to boxing).

Blanks opened his fitness centre in the greater Los Angeles area so that he could teach this new workout to the masses. Blanks intended to use his location and reputation to attract major celebrity clients, such as Paula Abdul. Rapidly increasing in popularity were Blanks’ Tae Bo workouts. Blanks’ Tae Bo workouts and videos ultimately became a major cultural phenomenon. The videos were widely distributed, which had a significant impact on Blanks’s overall net worth.

Personal Life

In 1974, Blanks wed Gayle H. Godfrey in his twenties after meeting her in karate class. Blanks ultimately adopted Shelley, Godfrey’s daughter. Because she is a martial artist, Shellie Blanks Cimarosti is featured prominently in many of Blanks’s Tae Bo videos. Shellie produced her own Tae Bo Postnatal Power videos in addition to hosting Total Transformation Training-related “Tae Bo T3” videos produced by Blanks. Together, Blanks and Godfrey had a son whom they named Billy Blanks Jr.

Blanks and Godfrey were married for 33 arduous years, but in 2008 they divorced. “irreconcilable differences” would be cited as the reason for their divorce. Angelika was Blanks’ second daughter with his Japanese interpreter. Blanks and Tomoko Sato wed in 2009, at which time Blanks adopted Marriott and Erika Peterson, her daughters.

Blanks identifies as a Christian and eventually released his line of workouts titled the “Believer’s” series, which was an offshoot of his Tae Bo workouts and included additional motivational prayers and Christian components.

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Real Estate

Blanks ultimately converted his Tae Bo legacy into substantial real estate profits. In 2001, Blanks signed the paperwork to sell his home in Hidden Hills, California, to an unidentified buyer for $7,300,000.

On January 31, 2000, Blanks and his wife at the time purchased for only $1,400,000. Blanks ultimately constructed his massive estate to his specifications, initially attempting to sell it for $11.5 million, but settling for $7,300,000 in the end.

Assets and Properties

Blanks invested his profits from selling VHS tapes in real estate. Initially, he purchased a home for $1,400,000. He intended to sell the mansion for $11 million but sold it for $7,300,000 instead.

Who is Billy Blanks Married to?

In 1974, Blanks wed Gayle H. Godfrey. The first meeting in karate class, their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship. After getting married, Billy adopted her 1973-born daughter, Shellie.

Shellie has produced her video entitled “Tae Bo Postnatal Power” and co-hosted “Tae Bo T3” with her father. Billy and his wife, Gayle H. Godfrey, were also blessed with a fitness instructor son, Billy Blanks Jr. In 2008, after 33 years of a successful marriage, the couple divorced.

billy blanks net worth


How much money does Billy Blanks have?

The total net worth of Billy Blanks is approximately $28 Million.

What age does Billy Blanks have?

Billy Blanks is currently 66 years old (September 1, 1955).

What is Billy Blanks’s Salary?

Billy Blanks’ annual salary is approximately $2 million.

What is Billy Blanks’s Height?

Billy Blanks is 1.82 meters (6′ 0″) tall.

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