15 Most Iconic Anime Girls With Blue Hair


I like the color blue a lot. I know this information about me doesn’t interest you, but today I’m going to make a list of anime girls with blue hair.

We’ve already talked about Pink Hair Anime Girl and Brown Hair Anime Girl on My Otaku World, so today we’ll talk about Blue Hair Anime Girls.

15 Blue Hair Anime Girls

Rem From Re:Zero

Rem has sky-blue hair that is about shoulder-length and covers her right eye. She has big, light-blue eyes and a young face. She also has hair clips on the left side of her head, as well as a flower-shaped ribbon and a maid hairband on the same side.

Esdeath From Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was a tall, beautiful, thin woman with blue eyes and long, light-blue hair.

She wore long sleeves with buttons on the upper arms, a blue scarf around her neck, and boots with high heels.

She also has a tattoo of the Teigu symbol on her chest.

Sinon From Sword Art Online

Shino’s avatar has the same blue hair from GGO, but it looks like her chosen race, the Cait Sith, with blue ears and a blue tail.

She is dressed in a green coat with white armor on the chest, a black choker, and a quiver that is belted across her shoulders.

Medaka Kurokami From Medaka Box

Medaka is a great student who came in first place on the national test. In addition to her academic success, she has done well in many other areas, such as sports and calligraphy, with results that seem impossible.

But she doesn’t know much about the real world because no one expects her to need to understand things that are “below her.”

Mio Nishizono

Mio is a character on the Slice of Life show Little Busters. She is lonely and shy. Who likes to be alone, read books, and relax in the sunshine.

At first, Mio is hard to notice, but when she starts to open up and talk, you can see what a warm personality she has.

She can be hard to figure out, which is part of what makes her interesting.

Juvia From Fairy Tail

Juvia is a skinny teen girl with azure blue hair, midnight blue eyes, snow skin, and a curvy body.

At first, Juvia has long hair that is tightly curled at the base. She wears a sapphire blue coat, a navy blue shawl with a white teru teru bzu attached to it, and a Russian Cossack hat that matches her coat.

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi’s hair could be said to be both black and red. But a lot of the time it is also a mix of navy blue and red.

Ryuko Matoi doesn’t need much of a start.

She is one of the most honest, strong-willed, and opinionated Anime girls ever made.

She isn’t afraid to take chances, fight for what she believes in, or crush anything that gets in Ryuko’s way.

Ryuko’s strong personality may have some rough spots, but that’s what makes her interesting and memorable.

Nayuki Nanase

Nayuki is usually a happy, cheerful girl with a good attitude.

She is also Yuichi, the main character in Kanoncousin. ,’s

She is charming because she is strong on the inside and knows how to deal with life. She also talks about how she tries to stay positive no matter what.

Because she sleeps so much, it’s hard for her to get up in the morning. This is her flaw. But that’s what gives her a unique personality.

Shiro From No Game No Life

Shiro is a genius 11-year-old hikikomori (closed-in) gamer who is not in school, work, or training. She and her stepbrother, Sora, make up a group called NEET (not in school, work, or training).

She is the main female character in No Game, No Life. She is the logical and calm one of the siblings.

Yoshino From Date A Live

Yoshino looks like a cute young girl between the ages of 13 and 14. She has blue eyes and long, curly blue hair.

She wears a short white dress under a big green raincoat with a pink ribbon tied to the tail. She also wears a pair of rabbit-ear hoods and holds Yoshinon, her rabbit puppet, in her left hand.

Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online

Asuna’s Undine avatar has light blue hair and doesn’t look much different from her SAO avatar other than that.

Asuna Yuuki is a made-up character who shows up in a series of light novels by Reki Kawahara called Sword Art Online.

She is usually just called “Asuna,” which is her player name in the same-named video game that the books are about.

Kaname Chidori From Full Metal Panic!

Kaname has brown eyes and long, dark blue hair that is tied in a red bow. Her uniform is a blouse with short or long sleeves, a green skirt, a red chest ribbon, black socks, and pink shoes with white laces and accents.

Konan From Naruto Shippuden

Konan had short, straight, blue hair in a bun. His eyes were grey (in the anime, they were amber) and he wore lavender eye shadow. He also had a labret piercing.

In the manga, Konan’s eyelashes are shown as a diagonal line at the bottom of her eyes. In the anime, they are shown as separate lines. Since she was a child, she has worn a big light blue paper flower clipped to her bun.


In the anime The One Being Sung, Yuzuha is a blind girl. She is sick and spends most of her time in bed.

Her personality shines because she is kind, helpful, and even fun to be around.

Even though she had disabilities and couldn’t do certain things.

She’s the kind of person you can trust with your life and talk to about anything. And nothing but the sound of her calm voice will calm your soul.

Suzuno Kamazuki

One of the later characters in The Devil Is a Part-Timer is Suzuno Kamazuki. A funny show that is original in more than one way.

She doesn’t know how the world (earth) works in many ways because she comes from a different world.

But she seems cool, calm, and collected, which is a good thing.

It’s one of the things that puts Suzuno on this list of charming anime girls. Besides the fact that she’s pleasant to be around.