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Bobby Bonilla Net Worth: Bobby Bonilla’s Famous Contract!!


Bobby Bonilla Net Worth

Bobby Bonilla used to play baseball in the United States. He is now retired and has a net worth of $20 million. Bonilla became well-known as a baseball player in Major League Baseball. From 1986 to 2001, he played for different teams. Bobby had a.279 batting average, a.358 on-base percentage, and a.472 slugging percentage throughout his 16-year career.

The best part of his career was probably when the Florida Marlins won the World Series in 1997. During the 1990 season, he led the league in extra-base hits, and in 1991, he led the league in doubles. Bonilla also played in six Major League Baseball All-Star Games and won three Silver Slugger Awards.

Early Years

Bobby Bonilla was born in The Bronx, New York, on April 9, 1963. He played baseball as a kid and through high school. He graduated in the early 1980s. After he graduated from high school, he didn’t get picked in the 1981 Major League Baseball draught, so he went to the New York Institute of Technology to study computer science. But after just one semester, he was picked up by the Pittsburgh Pirates, and he worked his way through the team’s farm system.


Bonilla played baseball for 15 years and made $52 million from seven different teams. In 1992, when he signed a deal with the New York Mets, he became the best-paid baseball player in the league and one of the best-paid athletes in the world. Bonilla quit baseball in 2001, but his last deal with The Mets gives him the right to almost $1.2 million over the next 25 years, from 2011 to 2035.

A $1.45 million contract he signed with the Mets in 1994 gives him another $250,000 per year. Even though he stopped playing baseball in 2001, this contract keeps him as one of the Mets’ highest-paid players.

Bobby Bonilla Net Worth

Bobby Bonilla’s Famous Contract

Even though Bonilla hasn’t played professionally since 2001, the NY Mets will pay him nearly $1.2 million per year until 2035. In terms of money, $1,193,248. How could that be?

In 2001, Bonilla was an old veteran whose contract still had $5.9 million to go. The Mets knew it would be easy to get rid of him to make room on their team. At the same time, Bonilla was worried that his family wouldn’t be able to live forever on $5.9 million after taxes and fees, so he went to The Mets Management with an idea.

Bonilla and his agent wanted to pay him $29.8 million over 28 years, starting in 2011, instead of $5.9 million in 2001. That’s $1.2 million a year for 25 years, starting when Bonilla was 47 and had been out of baseball for a long time. Bobby will get the last payment of $1.2 million on his 72nd birthday in 2035.

This wasn’t the first time Bobby signed a contract with the Mets that was spread out over time. Back in 1994, the Mets agreed to take half of the $6 million they owed him for the 1994-1995 season, or about $3 million, and pay it over 25 years, starting in 2003, in $250,000 installments.

So, technically, the Mets pay him more like $1.4 million a year.

Fans don’t agree on whether or not this was a good idea. Some people think that the Mets did the right thing by taking this deal, while others think that Bobby got the better end of the deal. Either way, it’s an interesting piece of baseball history, and many fans now call the day Bobby got paid on July 1 “Bobby Bonilla Day.”

Bobby Bonilla was still one of the Mets’ highest-paid players in 2020, even though he hadn’t played a single inning of baseball since 1999. He will keep getting these payments until the year 2035.

When you think about the fact that Bobby gets an extra $250,000 every year because he signed a contract in 1994, it’s hard to see how this could be a bad deal for Bonilla. Financial experts think he will get twice as much as the $12.5 million he was supposed to get when he first signed the contract. This is because he chose to get paid later.


Bobby’s career seemed to be over when he broke his right leg during training in 1985. But a year later, the Chicago White Sox signed him, and he soon played his first game in Major League Baseball. After he made good on his promise, the Pirates re-signed him. But even though Bonilla used to play third base, he was moved to right field because of a mistake.

Bobby helped the Pirates do well by playing with players like Barry Bonds and Andy Van Slyke. As a result, the Pirates won several National League East Division titles.

During this time, he was one of the best hitters in the league. He won a few Silver Slugger Awards and had the best statistics in the league.

Bobby was a free agent at the start of his career in the 1990s. He signed with the Mets, where he quickly became the highest-paid player in baseball. He was paid $29 million over 5 years, which is about $55 million in today’s money.

After signing with the Mets, Bonilla’s status started to go down, even though he was making a lot of money. Before coming back to the New York Mets in 1998, Bobby played for the Baltimore Orioles, the Florida Marlins, and the Los Angeles Dodgers for many years.

Bobby Bonilla Net Worth

His last season with the Mets was full of disappointments, and fans and the media were very harsh on him. When the Mets lost to the Braves in 1999, Bonilla stayed in the clubhouse and played cards with Rickey Henderson, which was a sign that he had lost interest in the game. During this time, he wrote the most famous agreement he ever made. The Mets owed him $5.9 million on his contract, but they agreed to pay it in installments every year until 2035.

In his last few years, Bonilla played for the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals, but he couldn’t match the success he had earlier in his career. He quit baseball for good in 2001, saying that injuries and not enough playing time were to blame.

Net Worth

As of this writing, Bobby Bonilla is worth about $20 million, according to estimates.

Bobby Bonilla is an American man who used to play baseball. Bonilla became well-known as a Major League Baseball player. From 1986 to 2001, he played for many different teams.

Most likely, when he won the World Series with the Florida Marlins in 1997, that was the high point of his career. In 1990, he had the most extra-base hits in the league, and in 1991, he had the most doubles. Bonilla also took part in six MLB All-Star Games and won three Silver Slugger Awards.