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Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date: Is There a Bodies, Bodies, Bodies Release Date?

A24 has made a name for itself by putting out interesting and moody movies. With their new film, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, they are back in the horror genre. People have said that Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is like a Gen X horror/comedy, Scream, or an Agatha Christie book, and the film’s director has said that it’s like a Chekhov play, Lord of the Flies, or Mean Girls.

It’s hard not to be interested in this movie. Pete Davidson, Amandla Stenberg, and Maria Bakalova are among the talented actors in the movie, which makes it even more exciting. All of this, plus the almost unanimously positive reviews the film got at South by Southwest, should make it a must-see for fans of both horror and satire when it comes out in US theatres on August 5th.

What are Bodies, Bodies, Bodies About?

In the movie Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, a group of young friends gets together at a remote mansion to have a wild party. With no cell service and a hurricane outside, it doesn’t take long for their party to turn deadly.

Their “bodies, bodies, bodies” game (think Werewolf/Mafia meets hide-and-seek) soon leads to tears, threats, and then real murder. As the group tries to find the real killer, trust quickly breaks down because there is a killer among them.

A lot of the movie’s humor comes from what actress Amandla Stenberg told EW are:

Bodies Bodies Bodies is likely to be a big hit with audiences. It is a mix of Gen Z style, slasher movies, and the classic locked-door country house murder.

The Cast and Crew of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

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