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Boondocks Season 5 Cancelled?: Will There Be a Boondocks Season 5?

The Boondocks is an unproduced American adult animation sitcom partly based on Aaron McGruder’s comic strip of the same name. It was originally intended to be the second television series based on the comic book, following the 2005–2014 television series that aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. The show was originally scheduled to premiere on HBO Max, but development never got underway. Here is everything we know about the upcoming relaunch of “The Boondocks.”

When Will the Boondocks Reboot Be Released?

It’s been many years since Sony Pictures Animation announced the resurrection of “The Boondocks,” and a year after HBO Max added it to its forthcoming schedule. The COVID-19 outbreak appears to have slowed the show’s return, though it is unclear whether the delays were caused by production concerns or schedule rescheduling.

“The Boondocks” was scheduled to return on HBO Max in fall 2020 with two 12-episode seasons and a 50-minute pre-season special. Then, in January, TVLine claimed that the series could return later that year — a rather broad and unclear debut date. Fans who check the bio section of the official Instagram page for “The Boondocks” will see that the remake will now take place in 2022.

Hopefully, that is a more concrete timetable than past viewers have received, and “The Boondocks” will return to television screens in the next year.

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Who Is on the Cast of the Boondocks Reboot?

The good news is that McGruder will take over as showrunner once again. He had skipped the fourth and final season of the original “The Boondocks” television series, sending a vague note on Facebook (through Shadow and Act) explaining his departure. “At this stage in my life, The Boondocks exemplifies my toil,” he wrote. “To me, Huey, Riley, and Granddad are more than belongings.

They are fictitious blood relations of mine. Nothing is more painful than abandoning them. ‘Hollywood is a business,’ stated an imposing Caucasian gentleman. ‘Do not bear grudges,’ another great white man advises.” According to IGN, the dispute arose because of scheduling problems.

Because this is a reinvention, you can anticipate an entirely new cast.

Regina King portrayed both Riley and Huey in the original series, while John Witherspoon portrayed Granddad and Gary Anthony Williams portrayed Uncle Ruckus. Indeed, it was Witherspoon who announced the revival of “The Boondocks” during a May 2019 interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” sparking debate over whether he would be a part of the new series. He died later that year, though, and hence will be unable to resume his part.

What Is the Plot of the Boondocks Reboot?

Riley, Huey, and Granddad relocate to the Woodcrest suburb in the original “The Boondocks” when Granddad becomes the boys’ legal guardian. They are protesting the regulations placed on them by Uncle Ruckus and his neo-fascist community administration.

The series’ anime and manga-inspired designs are modernized in this reinvention, but the storyline appears to remain the same – Granddad and his children relocate to a Maryland suburb and struggle to survive under Uncle Ruckus’ strange authority. Consider a similar story that has been modified to reflect the types of modern events foreseen in the first series.

“There is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring ‘The Boondocks’ universe back to life and reimagine it for today,” McGruder told Deadline in 2019. “It’s astonishing how different our circumstances are now — both politically and culturally — more than a decade after the series’s inception and two decades after the original newspaper comic.” There is plenty to say, and it should be enjoyable.”

If you’re interested in seeing the original series before the reboot, “The Boondocks” is currently available on HBO Max in its entirety.

Official Trailer of Season 4:

Will There Be a 5 Season of The Boondocks?

Sony Pictures Animation confirmed the renewal of The Boondocks season 5 in June 2019. The Boondocks is one of the most popular animated sitcoms. Additionally, HBO stated in September 2019 that it had ordered two consecutive seasons of the latest installment.

Is There Going to Be a 6 Season of The Boondocks?

Aaron McGruder’s adult animated series was set to return for two new seasons on HBO Max, but star Cedric Yarbrough stated in a February 2 interview on 1-on-1’s w/Deuces that the Sony Pictures Animation relaunch will not take place. “At the moment, the show is not coming back,” Yarbrough stated.

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