Bruna Marquezine Wedding: Who Was Neymar’s Ex-Partner?


bruna marquezine wedding

A rumored wedding video of Neymar’s ex-girlfriend Bruna Marquezine has caused much confusion among social media users. A video featuring Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Bruna Marquezine went viral on TikTok, bringing them to the forefront of social media.

The Brazilian football star and the model and actress Bruna began dating in 2012 and ended their relationship in 2018. After a purported wedding video began circulating on TikTok and Twitter, the couple has become an internet sensation. The moving clasp is explained below.

Explaining Neymar and Bruna’s Video

A video that has gone viral on several social media platforms shows Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Bruna attending a wedding. Bruna wears a long blue dress that appears to be a bridesmaid outfit, as two or three other young women are also wearing identical dresses. The clasp first became popular on TikTok before going viral on Twitter and Instagram.

Is the Wedding Video of Bruna Real?

Bruna Marquezine did not sign the contract, and Neymar will not be attending her wedding! Bruna and the other young women in the clasp who are all wearing blue dresses are presumably bridesmaids.

If you search for the video online, you will encounter a large number of variants uploaded to YouTube within the last few months. Regardless, it appears that the clasp has now spread across the Internet after being posted on TikTok.

One social media user explained, “This video is gaining popularity on TikTok despite being completely fabricated. Bruna Marquezine is Neymar’s ex-girlfriend. However, this video is from a wedding they attended together as bridesmaids, and she is not married.

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Fans Respond to the Popular Video

Any reasonable person would agree that many people were perplexed by the viral video and believed that Neymar attended his ex-wedding. girlfriend’s

However, numerous individuals have suggested that the video was fake. One Twitter user commented, “I was unfamiliar with Bruna’s role in this wedding, but at least I realized it wasn’t hers but her closest friend’s.”

“He and his ex-girlfriend were at a friend’s wedding. Consider his ex-girlfriend Bruna to be a bridesmaid,” explained another user. Another person added, “Haha, that wedding video of Neymar is a hoax. His ex-girlfriend was only a bridesmaid.”

Images of NEYMAR and His Alleged Ex-girlfriend Kissing at a Wedding Suggest That the Two Are Reunited.

The world’s most expensive footballer dated actress and model Bruna Marquezine intermittently beginning in 2013, but they broke up in June of this year.

In 2014, the couple had recently separated before reuniting, but this time it was said to be for good. Neymar admitted at the time, however, that he and Marquezine no longer shared a positive outlook.

After being photographed kissing at a wedding, it appears that the couple will likely revive their relationship. Under the disco lights, the 25-year-old wore a black hat as he and Bruna appeared to lock lips on the dancefloor.

Neymar Was Recently Back in Brazil for the International Break

In addition, he attended the funerals of actress Marina Ruy Barbosa and racing car driver Xande Negrao. At the wedding, Neymar was captured on camera approaching his ex-girlfriend, Marquezine.

Visitors captured the couple cozily reliant on one another, and one image appeared to depict them kissing. The relationship between Neymar and Marquezine is one of the most prominent topics in Brazil and regularly dominates magazine rumors.

This latest episode has reignited the conversation, and rumors abound that the pair will reunite. Neymar was also spotted in London fourteen days ago attending London Fashion Week shows and after parties with F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton.

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Who Was Neymar’s Ex-Partner?

Before you find out if Neymar’s ex-wedding girlfriends were real, I’ll explain who we’re talking about. Bruna Marquezina, the ex-girlfriend of Brazilian footballer Neymar, appears in the viral video that went viral on the internet in 2016.

Those who have followed Neymar’s dating history may be aware that Neymar and Bruna’s romantic excursion was a major topic of conversation at the time.

In 2012, Neymar dated the model and actress Bruna, for those unaware. The couple was in a committed relationship and were frequently captured on camera enjoying dinner dates and socializing.

Bruna was typically seen applauding Neymar during his matches when she accompanied him on his visits. They dated for approximately four years before calling it quits in 2018. In 2018, the couple announced their separation and went their separate ways.

After three years of separation, a video of Bruna wearing a gorgeous blue dress went viral on the Internet. She appeared to be attending a wedding.

The internet was dominated by the rumor that Bruna, Neymar’s ex-girlfriend, got married and he attended. The video was initially shared on TikTok, and then it spread to Twitter and even Instagram. Given the current state of affairs, is Neymar’s ex-wedding girlfriend real?

Who Is Neymar Dating Now?

Neymar’s current relationship status is extremely unclear. He appears to be single, but it’s possible he’s seeing someone in secret and is waiting for the right moment to reveal it in broad daylight. His most recent partner was Natalia Barulich.

In 2018, they met at Neymar’s birthday party. Natalie accompanied her then-boyfriend Maluma to Neymar’s birthday party, where he performed. After her breakup with the singer in 2019, the model began dating the football superstar. In February 2020, Natalia announced their relationship publicly.

Nevertheless, the relationship did not last, and the following year they parted ways. Before Natalie, he was involved with Bruna. Even though Bruna and Neymar ended their relationship, it continues to cause a stir in the community.