Who Does Cara Delevingne Now Date in 2022?


who is cara delevingne dating 2022

Who does Cara Delevingne now date in 2022? The question has frequently piqued the public’s interest. Cara was observed flirting with Megan Thee Stallion during the recent Billboard Music Awards. On the red carpet, she was spotted assisting Megan in taking racy photos while enamored with her stunning gown. Several photographs taken at the event of the English model sticking her tongue out and posing with Doja Cat and Megan went viral. She was enjoying the singers’ company.

Her fascination with Megan causes fans to question if they are dating. Fans did not abandon Cara and Megan. They were looking really stunning. With their stunning red carpet attire, the two ignited the Internet. Both appeared phenomenal. Nevertheless, it was not the first time that Cara’s romantic life had made headlines. She frequently became the topic of conversation in the community.

Cara is a highly talkative, self-assured, and opinionated woman who never hesitates to discuss her personal life in public. The British model identifies publicly as pansexual or Bisexual. She has dated some of the industry’s most renowned models and actresses. In this post, however, we shall discuss who Cara Delevingne is dating in 2022. Let’s go into the article and discover her romantic history.


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Who is Cara Delevingne Dating Now in 2022?

Cara Delevingne’s dating life is difficult for fans to evaluate. Cara has been linked to various models and actresses since the beginning of the year. She was observed embracing Megan at the Billboard Music Awards, sparking the dating rumor. None of them, however, comment on their relationship.

Cara is rumored to be dating the model and singer Leah Mason aka Minke as of June 2022. During their holiday in Portofino earlier this month, the couple was reportedly observed locking lips with one another. The relationship is nonetheless based on rumors. Considering the model’s relationship history, we cannot confirm her romantic status.
She began dating Anya-Taylor Rose earlier this year.

They were also spotted together, sparking romance rumors. However, the rumor did not persist long, as she clarified that Anya is a close friend. Then, during the BMAs, she was spotted with Megan and Doja, and her dating life is once again making headlines. She is not dating Megan or Doja, however.