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Chelsea Lazkani Net Worth: Who Is Chelsea on Selling Sunset Married to?


chelsea lazkani net worth

An original Netflix series, “Selling Sunset” chronicles the daily lives of a group of elite real estate brokers in the Los Angeles area. It’s intriguing to see how each agent balances work and family obligations while maintaining a high public presence and dealing with tough clients… It also features a fair amount of romance and drama, which makes for a fun show to watch.

Season 5 of “Selling Sunset” introduced Chelsea Lazkani, a real estate agent who recently joined the Oppenheim company. Viewers are curious about Chelsea because she is a newcomer to reality television. As a result, we decided to check up on Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani’s net worth to see where they stand right now.


Originally from London, the British-Nigerian realtor completed her undergrad at the University of Birmingham in England, where she studied economics. Lazkani’s mother, an executive at a company, pushes her to think about “what could be achievable for her own life” in the Oppenheim Group profile. Her father is an architect, developer, and engineer, and as a result, she grew up in the real estate business with his help.


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Born in London’s Mill Hill neighborhood to Nigerian parents, Chelsea grew up in the city’s northwest. To add insult to injury, she’s a first-generation British citizen who has become an American “by passport.” For her MBA in Los Angeles, Chelsea left the UK after finishing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the United Kingdom.

A business strategist in the oil and energy industries, Lazkani has also worked in the real estate market. She even has an MBA from the University of Dundee in Scotland in the field of international oil and gas management.

After acquiring her real estate license in 2017 and joining Rodeo Realty Inc. in Los Angeles, the 29-year-old made her debut in the industry. Celebrity realtor alumni and alumnus work at the opulent agency, including Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles actor Josh Flagg.

Lazkani worked at Rodeo Realty from 2017 to 2020, according to her LinkedIn profile. In July 2021, she was employed by Oppenheim. First-time homebuyers and developers are among her clients, according to her Zillow profile. People spoke to the realtor about her new coworkers, and she said she had no prior links to the cast. She also mentioned that she’s become friends with Christine and Emma since joining the show.

Lakhani and her husband Jeff Lazkani, with whom she has two children, have been together since 2017. Icon Media Direct, a marketing and advertising agency, has Jeff as its managing partner. Jason Oppenheim was also Chelsea’s first mentor in the real estate industry. Chelsea was able to take a year off to have her children before returning to the real estate market the following year.

Jeremy Lazkani, Chelsea’s Husband

Jeff Lazkani, Lazkani’s spouse of one year, has been by her side since that time. A year after being married in 2017, the couple welcomed their first children, Maddox and Melia, who appear briefly in Season 5 but could return in future seasons. It was in January 2019 that Maddox Ali Lavon was born, followed by Melia Man in November 2020.

As a marketing and advertising company, Icon Media Direct, Jeff introduced Chelsea to Jason Oppenheim when she was just starting in the real estate business. Last year, Chelsea returned to the real estate market after taking a break to raise her children.


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The Accent of Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea Lazkani speaks with a thick American-British lilt when she appears on camera.

As a result of Lazkani’s unique British accent, some UK viewers have become puzzled by the rest of the line-Californian up’s accents. ‘This Black British girl on Selling Sunset is hurting me so badly,’ an admirer wrote on Facebook. “Do we sound like this?”

Chelsea Lazkani’s “confusing British accent is making me cringe” and, “I thought she was Australian” were some of the other comments made by viewers.

Soon after meeting Quinn, Lazkani describes herself and her partner as “Black and blonde Barbie.” Some are puzzled by Lazkani’s apparent ignorance of Quinn’s turbulent background on the show.

Is Chelsea Lazkani’s Accent Real on Selling Sunset?

How authentic is the accent of Chelsea Lazkani in Selling Sunset Yes, that’s correct? Originally from London, Chelsea revealed in episode 1 of Selling Sunset season 5 that she and her husband Jeff Lazkani, a Managing Partner at Icon Media Direct with whom she has two children, migrated to the United States six years ago and decided to stay.

Chelsea is British and Nigerian, according to her bio on the Oppenheim Group’s website. A British-Nigerian, Chelsea Lazkani is a wife and mother as well as a luxury real estate agent. According to her bio, “Lazkani is reshaping an industry where black women have historically been underrepresented” as a real estate agent in one of the world’s most competitive marketplaces.

Her bio continues: “Inspired by her parents, both very accomplished in their areas. While Elizabeth Adefioye’s position as Emerson’s Chief People Officer gave Lazkani inspiration for her own life, it also provided her with the opportunity to travel and see the globe, confirming her passion for design as well as fostering her interest in various cultures and people.

Her father, Segun Adefioye, an experienced architect and property developer instilled a love of real estate in her from an early age.


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Chelsea’s bio also reveals that she attended college in England and Scotland before relocating to the United States for her career. When Lazkani decided to enter the Los Angeles real estate market, she had a strong academic background, having earned her BA in Economics from the University of Buckingham and a Masters in Oil and Gas Economics from the Scotland’s University of Dundee,” her bio reads. After completing more than $10 million in sales in her first year, she purchased her first home in Manhattan Beach, California.

Lazkani is now a renowned luxury realtor with The Oppenheim Group with over five years of experience in the field. With the help of her positive thinking, Chelsea attributes her drive, determination and perseverance to the difficult times she’s had to endure in her life. This has led to her being the strong, confident woman who is today. In addition to being a mother, Chelsea is married to Jeff Lazkani and they have two gorgeous children, Maddox and Melia.”

Claims that Chelsea’s accent in Selling Sunset was “artificial” were addressed by the actress in a tweet in April 2022. My accent is irritating, but imagine what it’s like for me.” Listening to my voice made me feel dizzy, to the point of faintness. To be clear, I don’t sound like this.

In a series of tweets, Chelsea said, “WooooooooOOooW,” referring to how she sounded on video. Chelsea also explained that he was astonished by how she sounded on camera.

Also at the time, Chelsea revealed in a Twitter video that her accent is a result of growing up in three different countries: England, Switzerland, and the United States. She said, “Guys, I’ve heard that my accent is false,” with a laugh. “Listen, I realize this is all over the place.

Please allow me to explain, okay?” She went on to say, My 29 years on this planet have seen me spend time in four different nations. I’ve lived in London, Switzerland, New Jersey, and Los Angeles in the past few years. As a result of moving around a lot, my accent is a jumbled mess. “But I’m a London gal at heart,” she says.

How Do They Earn Money?

As a student at the University of Buckingham in 2013, Chelsea Lazkani earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. She is currently a self-employed writer.

A few years after graduating from the University of Dundee with a bachelor’s degree in International Oil and Gas Management, she decided that she wanted to pursue further education.

Before joining Applied LNG, Chelsea worked for NRG Clean Power as a Solar Analyst and the Assistant to the Director of Operations. Throughout her career, Chelsea has worked extensively in the energy sector.

Chelsea, on the other hand, quickly realized that real estate was her true calling. After graduating from high school in July 2017, she worked for Rodeo Realty Inc. in Encino, Los Angeles, as a Real Estate Agent. Chelsea worked in her first New York City real estate firm for nearly three years.


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She decided to join the Oppenheimer family of enterprises in 2021. “I viewed this as an opportunity to open doors in an industry that has lacked diversity and where minorities are unappreciated,” Chelsea revealed to People in an interview about her choice to leave her former agency and embrace reality television.

Aside from improving the careers of black women in luxury real estate, Chelsea stated that she wants to give back to her community. Chelsea Lazkani and Jeff Lazkani were married in August of that year.

Their two children, Maddox Ali Lavon and Melia Man have given them a new sense of joy and fulfillment. In addition, Jeff has had great success in his professional life. Following his graduation from the University of San Diego in 2005, Jeff joined Icon Media Direct as a full-time employee 2006.

Despite Jeff’s humble beginnings as a Traffic Coordinator, he has rapidly progressed to the position of Managing Partner. The couple has amassed a nice lifestyle because of Jeff’s career as a high-ranking official and Chelsea’s employment in real estate and reality television.

Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani’s Net Worth

Due to his extensive professional history and current position, we estimate Jeff’s net worth to be more than $100,000.

As a well-respected real estate agent in Los Angeles, Chelsea, on the other hand, has made a name for herself. Chelsea looks to have a net worth of roughly $500,000, boosting their combined net worth to almost $600,000. This is due to her success at Oppenheim Group and the additional money she has received from her presence on ‘Selling Sunset.’

Who Is Chelsea on Selling Sunset Married to?

Jeff Lazkani

It wasn’t long after she arrived in Los Angeles for a “little break” that she met her future husband, Jeff Lazkani. She went on, saying, ” “It was because I was in love that I stayed. The best thing I’ve ever done was make that decision.” As of 2017, they’ve been wed.