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Christine Chiu Net Worth: Is Christine Chiu a Producer on Bling Empire?


christine chiu net worth

Christine Chiu has an estimated net worth of $80 million as a philanthropist and reality television celebrity. Christine is most likely most recognized for her role in the 2021 Netflix reality series “Bling Empire,” which follows the lives of a group of exceedingly wealthy Asian-Americans.

In the show, Christine is portrayed as a “couture” lifestyle guru who lavishly spends money on fashion and art. She is also a philanthropist who, according to reports, serves on the boards of over a dozen charities and donates fifty percent of every net dollar earned by her plastic surgery clinic “back to the community.”

Who is Christine Chiu?

Christine is shown as an authority on the couture lifestyle in the episode. It is characterized by excessive expenditures on apparel and art. In addition to her work in the cosmetic surgery industry, she is a well-known philanthropist who has served on the boards of over two dozen non-profit organizations.

Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars will feature Christine Chiu, who is widely recognized for her role in the Netflix reality series Bling Empire. The multimillionaire celebrity’s OTT series revealed that she enjoys spending money on expensive art and clothing.

In addition to spending money on things she enjoys, Christine Chiu gives a portion of her income to charitable organizations. She is a prominent philanthropist and a member of various non-profit organizations.

She is also a co-owner of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine Aesthetic Institute in California. Supposedly, when her cosmetic surgery clinic generates a profit, she donates fifty percent of it back to the community.

As a result of his on-screen and off-screen accomplishments, Chiu is estimated to be worth over $80 million. She and her husband Gabriel Chiu have invested millions of dollars in Malibu and Bel-Air real estate.

One of the newest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members. At one point, he was believed to be Christine Chiu. When Chiu was spotted filming with co-star Brandi Glanville.

More rumors began to spread. After one season, Carlton Gebbia and/or Joyce Giraud were supposedly fired from the program. Also fueled rumors that she could replace them.

Personal and Professional Life

Chiu, who was born in Taiwan and spent the majority of her career as a public relations assistant in the beauty industry before becoming a managing partner at her husband’s luxury medspa, is Taiwanese. Christine Chiu’s husband is Gabriel Chiu, and the couple has two children.

Gabriel Chiu holds board certification in the specialty of plastic surgery. After completing his studies in microbiology and immunology at the University of California Berkeley, he earned a degree in osteopathic medicine from California’s College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Pacific-Western University of Health Sciences.

In addition, the Chiu’s are generous individuals. In addition to expanding their plastic surgery practice, they participate in several humanitarian organizations, such as the Costume Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative. The Chius contribute generously to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, in addition to a vast variety of other charitable organizations, such as Step Up Woman’s Network.

Chiu and her husband joined Prince Charles in 2019 to launch the Prince’s Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme in Cumnock, Scotland. The purpose of this initiative is to provide citizens with comprehensive healthcare.

Jennifer Chiu mentions in her article titled “Dynasties in China” that her kid is currently the heir to the 24th dynasty. Jennifer Chiu corroborated the statement that the older Gabriel is “the twenty-fourth direct descendant of the Song Dynasty.”

She engages in ongoing moral thinking regarding the products she purchases. She eliminates garments that are too similar to others and even evaluates if a dress is priced correctly.

Initially, Chiu was hesitant to share her work with celebrities, and she resisted purchasing a Chanel outfit after witnessing Jessica Chastain wear one. Inspiring Chiu was Chastain’s utilization of the attire. She ultimately decided to purchase the outfit since she expected that Chastain would be a poor alternative to consider.

If the lives of the characters in Crazy Rich Asians left you wanting more information, you should watch Bling Empire on Netflix. It focuses on a group of “crazy affluent” Asian-Americans and their daily interactions with one another.

Christine Chiu is a character of contradiction since she is both Netflix’s “couture queen” and a person whose parenting influenced the level of scrutiny placed on her personal life. This makes her an intriguing character.

Acting in Television Shows

On March 10, 2021, the second season of “Bling Empire” was announced. Even though Chiu had no plans to appear in the first season. Chiu disclosed numerous intimate details about herself and her family on the program. She has stated for the past nine years that her husband’s family makes her angry. This was because she was unable to conceive.

Even though her co-stars were tired of Chiu’s name-dropping to demonstrate her extensive network, she continued to do so. In season two, she is sure to shake things up. Nobody is aware of how much the actors are paid for each episode.

But it must be sufficient to maintain their interest in returning. Dancing with the Stars: ‘The Walking Dead’ is also in the works for Chiu. She admitted to Screenrant that she was an avid ballet admirer as a child. And this dancing evolved into her means of showing affection.

Who Is Christine Chiu’s Husband?

Gabriel Chiu, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon married to a Dancing with the Stars participant, is well-known in the celebrity scene. Since he is the 24th direct descendant of the Song Dynasty, Christine Chiu and their baby Gabriel III (called Baby G) would be next in line for the throne if Chinese royals and dynasties were still relevant today.

According to Christine Chiu, contrary to popular belief, she did not marry Gabriel for his financial stability. Gabriel, her first employee, reportedly met her at work.

Net Worth

Christine Chiu is one of the Bling Empire’s successful stars. Since the success of this series, she has enjoyed a luxury lifestyle, and her net worth is reported to be between $50 and $80 million.

In addition, the net worth includes Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc.’s earnings as well as its entire shareholding. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. is a medical institution where a big number of renowned people go to obtain treatment, mainly plastic surgery.

Is Christine Chiu a Producer on Bling Empire?

Christine Chiu understands storytelling. As the producer of Netflix’s Bling Empire, Chiu contributed to the introduction of the first reality series starring an Asian-American ensemble cast.

Christine Chiu’s Real Estate

In 2014, Gabriel and Christine purchased a Beverly Hills mansion for $4.55 million. Russell Simmons, the hip-hop billionaire, sold the house to their ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons. In 2015, Gabriel and Christine put their home on the market for $10.5 million.

In May of 2016, they accepted Zoe Saldana as the purchaser for $8.7 million. Gabriel and Christine currently reside in Malibu and Bel-Air, respectively.


Christine Chiu could only express her grief via dance following her mother’s passing. During the premiere season of “Dancing with the Stars,” she was a member of the audience. The philanthropist has been cast in the television series’ 30th season. She wet her pants at hearing the news.

Even a dance fan had to double-check that she wasn’t hallucinating. Chiu will be compensated handsomely for her participation in the season, which she will dedicate to her mother. She will begin with a starting salary of $125,000. She will receive $10,000 in the third and fourth weeks, according to Parade.

Chiu will receive a $15,000 incentive if she reaches the fifth week, and he will receive a $20,000 bonus for weeks six and seven. If Chiu can survive through weeks eight and nine, she will be awarded $30,000.