Coyote Season 2 Release Date: Where Can I Watch Coyote Season 2?


coyote season 2 release date

Immigration has been a sensitive political issue in the United States for decades, and it remains as polarizing as ever. “Coyote,” a fascinating crime drama on Paramount+ from CBS, may depict the issue’s intricacy better than any other television program.

Ben Clemens, portrayed by Michael Chiklis in “Coyote,” is a former Border Patrol agent who quit after 32 years and now smuggles people across the border for a Mexican drug cartel. Ben did things in Season 1 that he previously would have deemed impossible. Despite the fact that he had effectively switched allegiances by working for a narcotics gang, his new allies never really trusted him, and with good reason.

The first season of “Coyote” concluded on January 7, 2021, and since it has been so long since viewers have followed Ben’s adventures, one must question if the show will be revived.

There’s No Indication Yet on Whether Coyote Will Return in Season 2

CBS has not yet announced whether “Coyote” will return for a second season. Michael Chiklis has tweeted since the premiere of Season 1 that he “can’t wait to get back to work” on “Coyote” on March 13, 2021. That does not exclude the prospect of “Coyote” returning, nor does it exclude the chance of its cancellation.

However, “Coyote” appears to have a greater likelihood of renewal than the average television program. It was a prominent program on the relaunched Paramount+ network.

coyote season 2 release date

In November 2020, CBS has chosen to move “Coyote” from the Paramount Network to its premium streaming service CBS All Access. (via The Wrap) The name of CBS All Access was changed to Paramount+ on March 4, 2020.

Chiklis will almost probably resume his role as retired border patrol agent Ben Clemens if “Coyote” returns, as the show would be incomplete without him. Some of the principal opponents, such as cartel leader Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora, portrayed by Juan Pablo Raba, could return.

The plot is intended to continue from where Season 1’s cliffhanger left off. Ben’s participation with the Zamora cartel had already attracted the attention of the CIA, and in the series finale, he sold himself as a confidential informant for the espionage agency.

Season 2 of Coyote’s Cast

Ben Clemens is portrayed by Michael Chiklis, who recently retired after many years of duty with the United States Border Patrol. Juan Pablo Raba portrayed the leader of the little family cartel, Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora. Silvia Pea, who works as a manager in a neighborhood restaurant, is portrayed by Adriana Paz.

Kristain Ferrer portrays the drug gang member Dante. Sultan is played by Octavio Pisano, a member of the drug gang. Cynthia McWilliams portrays a federal agency Homeland Security Investigations agent. Julio Cesar Cedillo portrays the Guardia Nacional De Mexico member Neto Mendez. Emy Mena portrays Mara Elena Flores, who is pregnant with Dante’s child.

Season 2 of Coyote: What Do We Know?

The first season of Coyote had a rough path leading up to its premiere since it was moved from Paramount Network to CBS All Access. Although the show was entertaining, there is already an abundance of crime dramas on television. Secondly, the show will be revived for a second season because it has the potential to be a rating success. In order to accomplish this, the production firm must assess both the show’s popularity and its critical praise.

There have been no statements regarding the second season, but as the show’s popularity develops, we may be able to observe the filming of the second chapter around the middle of this year. Both the Star Trek series and Big Brother were profitable for CBS All Access. Uncertain is whether or not the second season of this show will be produced.

We may have to wait a bit longer because the program hasn’t received much notice yet, and the plot has already been extensively covered. However, it will be fascinating to see what plot concepts they come up with. The release date for the second season of Coyote is unlikely to be confirmed soon. In the days that follow, the show’s remaining plot may go unnoticed.

coyote season 2 release date

The Adventures of Coyote

The novel’s protagonist is a recently retired US Customs and Border Protection agent named Ben Clemens. After 32 years as a CBP agent, he was about to do the unthinkable: assist folks he had violently and unwillingly prevented from crossing borders. He was on the opposite side of the wall in both directions since he is a member of any unlawful organization.

The first is by his physical encroachment, and the second is through his rapidly questioning morals and ethics. He is a dependable officer who has participated in a variety of operations, but he has never heard true tales. This society’s black and white were presented to him.

In the performance of his duties, he breaks his oath to be an honest person. He is confronted with an unforeseen circumstance. When he saw Maria Elena’s tattoo, which resembled his daughters’, he was deeply moved.

To prevent a local gang from gang-raping his daughter, Maria Elena’s father chooses death. Ben agrees to work for drug and human trafficking lord Juan Pablo Raba after receiving a horrifying phone call from one of Raba’s men while his daughter was sleeping.

During their voyage, the trio becomes increasingly aware of the brutality of Mexican and American criminals. Ben, meanwhile, is experiencing his own inner conflict.

Their pasts are exposed in flashbacks, which causes the plot to twist. Diverse storylines and subplots intertwine to create an intriguing narrative. The first two episodes, which set the tone for the rest of the series, were directed by Michelle McLaren. There are several layers, with both black and white characters, or what is described as a grey shade of character development.


Where Can I Watch Coyote Season 2?

Paramount Plus allows you to view all six episodes of the first season of Coyote. If the second season of Coyote is renewed, CBS will air it.