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Dalgliesh Season 2 and 3 Potential Release Date: Will There Be Two More Seasons of Dalgliesh?

Dalgliesh is a crime drama on TV made by New Pictures. It is based on PD James’s Adam Dalgliesh books. Bertie Carvel plays the title character, a mysterious poet and detective. Detective Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh, a poet who has been published and a recent widower, uses his sensitivity and understanding to look into the darker parts of people’s minds as he investigates hard murders in England in the mid-1970s.

Rotten Tomatoes says that the show is “certified fresh” with a perfect score and a 71 percent approval rating from critics based on 7 reviews and an average rating of 90 percent from audiences based on 10 reviews.

With 3,012 votes, the show has an average score of 7.4/10 on IMDb. These scores show that critics and audiences all over the world liked the series pretty well. On the other hand, Metacritic gives the show a 77 score, which means that 4 critics liked it.

This is a clear sign that both the viewers and the critics liked the show. After this pretty good response, it was easy for the network to decide to keep the show going for another season. We’ve put together a quick summary of everything that happened in Seasons 2 and 3 of Dalgliesh to help you get ready for the new season.

Will There Be Two More Seasons of Dalgliesh?

Yes, Acorn TV has officially picked up Dalgliesh for a second and third season starting in July 2022. Deadline says, “Season two will have six episodes that are based on three P.D. James books. Each story will be told in two hour-long episodes.” Bertie Carvel, who played Jonathan Strange and Mr.

Norrell and The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie will play the mysterious Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh again. For season two, the books Death of an Expert Witness, A Certain Justice, and The Murder Room is being turned into TV shows. Season three will be based on more James books and will be filmed in 2023. More information will come later.

Dalgliesh Official Synopsis

Inspector Adam Dalgliesh is a recent widower and a well-known poet. As he investigates complex crimes in 1970s England, he uses his extraordinary empathy and insight to explore the darker parts of people’s minds.

Dalgliesh Cast and Crew

The most important people in the series are:

  • Carlyss Peer as DS Kate Miskin
  • Bertie Carvel as Adam Dalgliesh
  • Jeremy Irvine as DS Charles Masterson

Helen Edmundson, who has written for movies and plays like “The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher,” “An Inspector Calls,” and “Small Island,” is back as the show’s main writer for the second season. Stewart Harcourt, who has written for shows like “Maigret,” “Hearts and Bones,” and “Treasure Island,” will also be writing for “A Certain Justice.”

Andy Tohill and Ryan Tohill (The Dig, Insulin) will return to direct episodes of A Certain Justice. Geoff Sax (Us, Endeavour) will take over directing Death of an Expert Witness. The series will be made by Brendan Mullin, and Elaine Pyke, Willow Grylls, Emily Russell, and Helen Edmundson will be the executive producers for New Pictures, which is owned by All 3 Media.

Why is Dalgliesh Renewed for Season 2 and 3?

According to Deadline, Catherine Mackin, Managing Director of Acorn Media Enterprises, said, “Bertie Carvel’s expert portrayal of Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh delivers a lasting charm and sophistication that is unmatched and, clearly, a must-watch.” We’re thrilled to be back for not just one, but two more mysterious and interesting seasons.” Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Chief Content Officer for Channel 5/Paramount UK, said, “Dalgliesh was a huge hit with our viewers, and I’m excited to work with New Pictures again to bring more stories from P.D. James’ crime novels to life.”

Dalgliesh Season 2 and 3 Potential Release Date

Dalgliesh Season 2 and 3 Potential Release Date

The show’s producer, New Pictures, will go back to the set to film the episodes. The first episode will start filming this year so that it can come out in 2023. As of July 13, 2022, the exact dates for Dalgliesh Seasons 2 and 3 have not yet been set. But if we look at the pattern of when the first season came out, we can guess that the second season will start sometime in the next year.

Season 2 will start filming this summer, but not much is known about Season 3. Filming for Season 3 will start in Northern Ireland sometime in 2023, though.

We think that it will come out sometime in 2023, probably in or around November. In the same way, season three will come out a year after season two, in November 2024.

Also, we want to make it clear that at this point, everything is just a guess. Fans should be patient because the network will confirm these facts in the coming months, so they should keep an eye on it.

Dalgliesh Official Trailer

The network hasn’t put out any trailers or promos for Seasons 2 or 3 of Dalgliesh yet, because it’s way too early for them to do so. In the meantime, check out the official teaser for Dalgliesh Season 1 below to remember what happened in the first few episodes:

Where to Stream Dalgliesh?

In North America, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, the rights are owned by Acorn Media Enterprises. In the UK, Channel 5 will be in charge of the rights, and Northern Ireland Screen will give extra money.

All 3 Media International is the company that sells movies to the rest of the world. Viewers can also rent or buy Dalgliesh on Amazon Instant Video or Vudu, depending on where they live and which membership plan they choose to renew their accounts and keep watching the show.

Dalgliesh Episodes

The second and third seasons of Dalgliesh are likely to be split into three parts: Death of an Expert Witness, A Certain Justice, and The Murder Room. Each part will have two episodes, for a total of six episodes for the whole season.

For now, fans should be patient and watch all of Season 1 of Dalgliesh in one sitting to find out how the season will end. Here is a full episode guide so you can figure out the right order based on when each episode comes out on Acorn TV.

  • Shroud for a Nightingale, Part 1 and 2 – 1 November 2021
  • The Black Tower, Part 1 and 2 – 8 November 2021
  • A Taste for Death, Part 1 and 2 – 15 November 2021
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