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Danny Duncan Net Worth: What Companies Does Danny Duncan Own?


Danny Duncan’s YouTube pranks and challenges became an internet sensation due to his charismatic energy. He believes that the video-sharing website is the best venue for showcasing talent. This is how he achieved his current success. As of 2022, Danny Duncan has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Early Life

Danny was born on July 27, 1992, and he is from Englewood, Florida. It’s interesting to note that he also uses the name Gary Winthrope, which some people believe to be his real name. He has an unidentified father and a sister from Susan Duncan.

His parents separated while he was still a young child. Danny chose to move in with his mother as a result, and he later acquired a half-brother named Matthew.

He attended Lemon Bay High School, where he finished his secondary education. The Florida man didn’t attend college because his family’s financial situation was challenging. He started working right away after receiving his diploma to support his mother.

Personal Life

Duncan is very gregarious online, but he doesn’t talk much about his love life. He most likely remains single. He drives a BMW i8 supercar and resides in a modern house in Los Angeles, California. He once had a customized Tesla Model 3, which he later wrecked!

Career Beginnings

His first position was at a nearby Walgreens, but it was only temporary. Danny Duncan, a skilled skateboarder, was hired to instruct Jason Lee, an actor, in some tricks.

Danny and Lee developed a close bond while coworkers. Lee was amused by Danny’s sense of humor and encouraged him to pursue acting independently. Making YouTube videos, according to Jason, would be a good place to start.

This encounter gave Duncan the idea to launch his own YouTube channel the following year. At first, he published videos on topics that skaters would find helpful, such as how to treat ankle injuries. His channel took off once he broadened his topics, as the content was very specialized.

Gaining Success

Early in his online career, Danny worked with Christopher Chan, another content creator, on several projects. Then, his prank videos helped him build a strong fan base.

He was regarded as one of the top American YouTubers in 2017 when it came to practical jokes and challenges. He introduced the Virginity Rocks merchandise that year and used it on his nationwide tour.

Fans adored the online celebrity for his friendship with the youthful-at-heart practical joker Papa Jim, who tragically passed away in 2022, in addition to his humorous content. Danny’s YouTube channel currently has about 6.6 million subscribers.

Net Worth and Earnings

An average of 600,000 people watch a video posted by Danny Duncan every day. Because of this, he should earn about $4,800 in daily YouTube ad revenue or $1.7 million annually!

However, Danny’s income does not only come from YouTube advertisements. His website has seen impressive revenue from sales of various goods, and the company is now family-run. Every year, fans buy merchandise worth several million dollars from his online store,

He also receives additional income from sponsorship agreements and fully booked US tours. He earns a $7 million net worth from his many endeavors.

How Did Danny Duncan Get Rich?

As a result of diversifying his sources of income to become wealthy, many sources place Danny’s yearly income in the millions. According to one source, he makes about $2.4 million from his various YouTube videos and another $12 million from merchandise sales each year, for a total income of $14.4 million, based on the number of views his videos receive and the average ad revenue earned per view. Of course, when he started his YouTube channel in 2014, he didn’t earn this much.

We know he has contributed some of his earnings over the years to the aforementioned duplex and the $3.5 million house in Los Angeles he bought last year. He also owns a Model 3 Tesla. He most likely invested in stock purchases in addition to real estate endeavors to further diversify his portfolio.


We do know that he gives away a lot of his money from watching his videos. He paid one man’s rent for a year, bought his mother a new house, and bought his sister and his manager new cars.

When Danny learned that a 16-year-old he had met at a skatepark had taken a job at a Jack-in-the-Box to support his family while his father was undergoing surgery that would keep him out of commission for three months, Danny paid for the family’s next three months’ rent and helped the young man launch his own business by purchasing a Charros food truck.

He collaborated with the Charlotte County, Florida sheriff’s office in December 2020 to give $2,500 checks instead of tickets to the motorists they stopped. A grandmother who was struggling received a brand-new car from him in the same video. Additionally, he sponsored the Danny Duncan contest in December 2020, with a new Tesla as the top prize.

All of the aforementioned are admirable deeds, but the fact remains that it’s difficult to calculate how much of Duncan’s earnings he kept and put into investments to increase his net worth. However, he is currently developing a financial app to help him achieve his goal of becoming a billionaire, so one would hope he has prepared a financial strategy for himself. I support him.

What Companies Does Danny Duncan Own?

Danny Duncan and other artists/brands use Killer Merch, a full-service merchandise company, to design, manufacture, and ship their products to fans and companies worldwide.


Danny Duncan, a YouTuber from Englewood, Florida, is extremely popular. He gained fame by posting pranks and skateboarding videos on his self-titled YouTube channel; he now also sells clothing and accessories.

Danny appears to be a highly motivated, inventive, and compassionate individual. His affection for his family is also worthy of respect. His YouTube expertise will hopefully assist him in achieving his goal of becoming a great actor.