Dare Me Season 2 Release Date: Is the Show Dare Me Cancelled?


dare me season 2

Based on Megan Abbott’s novel of the same name, the drama Dare Me centers on high school cheerleaders and best friends Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy.

Once inseparable, their connection gets strained upon the arrival of the new cheerleading coach, Colette French.

Addy, sometimes known as Hanlon, is enchanted by Colette, and the two immediately begin harboring secrets from each other. However, their relationship intensifies when Colette drags the teenager into the murder of Sarge Will at his apartment.

After the first season, we learn that Colette and her husband Matt were involved, but we do not know what transpired the night of his death.

Beth, who took an instant disliking to the new coach and Hanlon’s crush on her, is determined to establish Colette’s participation in Will’s death. However, by following that path, she risks revealing her best buddy.

With countless unanswered issues after the first season, will it return for more?

Dare Me to season 2 Release Date

The cancellation of Dare Me was announced in April, with USA Network purportedly shifting its focus from fiction to reality programming.

However, this does not imply we have seen the last of it. Universal Content Productions will shop the coming-of-age/small-town drama/murder-mystery blend to other outlets, so there is still hope for the series.

At the time of writing, though, it has been a year after the cancellation was announced, and it becomes more improbable that Netflix will foot the production bill alone.

Despite some further rays of optimism emanating from the official Netflix Helps Twitter account in January 2021, this is the case.

Dare Me was a huge success for the streaming service, yet they were not involved in sponsoring or co-producing the series.

This may have had a role in USA Network’s decision to terminate the program. It is a strange decision to cancel a show that is as popular with critics as it is with consumers, with the series consistently ranking in Netflix’s top 10 most popular shows since its release.

However, this popularity may have prompted the network to address the show’s financial future somewhat prematurely. Perhaps they believed Netflix wouldn’t let it go because it had been so successful. This is all conjecture, but we cannot help but attempt to unravel this perplexing riddle.

After all, Universal Content Productions was confident enough in the notion to quickly announce that the murder mystery will be distributed to other sources. It’s a shame no one has grabbed the bait thus far.

dare me season 2

Perhaps the darkness of Dare Me is preventing other networks from expanding. According to star Willa Fitzgerald (via EW), “when you hear a show is about cheerleading, you have so many preconceived notions, such as Bring It On, which is completely different from this show.”

“I read the original draught of the script, and the women, in particular, were so intricate, messy, nasty, and incredible. A genuine dark side of human nature is investigated. I was eager to delve into this incredibly complex and repressed female protagonist.”

“We did not wish to simplify anything to make it more acceptable,” stated the showrunner. “We desired for it to be disorganized and, at times, unsightly, as there is beauty in the ugliness of these complex feelings and emotions. We never wished to compromise on this point.

“We also did not want it to be reduced to tropes such as the mean girl or the dumb girl, or any high school television cliches.”

Television consumers adore gloom, as seen by the show’s popularity, but occasionally networks require a bit more persuasion, especially when a series has already been canceled. But let’s hope a streaming service comes to its senses soon, for the longer time passes, the more unstable our pyramid of hope becomes.

Dare Me season 2 Cast

If season two is taken up elsewhere, we anticipate the following to return: Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola), Colette (Willa Fitzgerald), Beth (Marlo Kelly), Colette’s husband Matt (Rob Heaps), Beth’s much-maligned half-sister Tacy (Alison Thornton), Riri (Taveeta Szymanowicz) and the remainder of the cheer squad, Beth and Tacy’s dad Bert (Paul Fitzgerald), Hanlon’s mother Faith (Amanda Brugel), Beth

Sarge Will (Zach Roerig), who was shot and killed, will not return (except in flashback form), which brings us nicely towards…

Dare Me season 2 Plot

According to creator and showrunner Abbott, substantial portions of the source material will continue to be utilized in the second season (if another network or streaming service decides to take it on).

The majority of the mystery is covered in the first season, although we only go through roughly half the book “Entertainment Weekly, she said.

“We were able to develop more story because the book is told from the perspective of a single character, making it more insular and placing the reader inside her head.

dare me season 2

“The show alternates perspectives between Addy, Beth, and the coach. We delve deeper beneath the surface and gain greater insight into the other personalities and team dynamics.”

Season two will focus on what happened to Sarge Will, according to our Spidey senses.

We now know that he did not commit suicide and that both Colette and her husband Matt played a significant role. But we still do not know how Matt became entangled in it all, nor what transpired the night he died.

Kurtz was brought in for questioning by police at the end of season one, and CCTV footage of his altercation with Will suggests that he may be the murderer.

Hanlon’s mother and Beth have both realized that Hanlon knows more than she is currently revealing. Given the gravity of the matter and the fact that her Hamsa bracelet was discovered at the scene of the crime, the cheerleader will have to provide a thorough explanation.

The night when Colette and Hanlon were snooping around after Will’s death, another CCTV system caught our eye. But that has not yet been mentioned.

And naturally, we’d anticipate additional exploration of the uncomfortable relationship between Hanlon and Colette.

Fitzgerald stated while conversing with DS: “I believe Addy to be Colette’s kryptonite.

“Addy embodies everything that Colette desires: youth, possibility, and independence. Their relationship is unlike any she has ever had since there is no model for it; she is more than a coach, friend, or mentor.

There is something utterly enticing about all that grey space.

She continued, “I do not believe that control and dominance are important to their connection. I believe that both of them are intoxicated by chaos and possibility.

“When Colette is around Hanlon, I believe she regresses to a younger manner of perceiving the world. Colette gains a new perspective on her world as a result of her association with a person in a vastly different life stage.

“I believe they are both infatuated with the forbidden and unknown. I believe they are both motivated by a desire to feel more alive. Colette sees in Addy a complete escape from the increasingly confining existence she has constructed for herself.

However, inevitably, her relationship with Addy will also become claustrophobic.

Fitzgerald also stated that “for better or worse,” Addy has become Colette’s “sole confidante” since Colette has become “a mainly isolated character.”

Dare Me Season 2 Trailer

Not just yet, buddies. First, we need someone to salvage the show and approve a second season.

If this occurs, you will be the first to know about it.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Dare Me?

In the second season of Dare I will likely be removed from Netflix. The first season is also available on this streaming service.