Dawn and Hyuna Break Up: the Real Reason Hyuna and Dawn Ended Their Relationship


dawn and hyuna break up

Why Did Dawn and Hyuna Break Up?: HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016 and went public with their relationship in 2018. The three K-pop stars announced their engagement on February 3, 2022. They were regarded as a powerful couple. However, what transpired with Hyuna and Dawn? The information that you seek is contained in the article listed below.

Why Did Dawn And Hyuna Break Up? Their Relationship History Revealed

Local Korean media reported in August 2018 that HyunA and Dawn had been dating in secret since they began working together as the K-pop trio Triple H (along with Dawn’s former bandmate Hui) in 2016. The label management for both artists at the time, Cube Entertainment, rejected the report.

Despite this, HyunA and Dawn met with the Korean news outlet Yonhap to confirm their more than two-year relationship without the label’s consent. Cube canceled the related promotion for a new Triple H album and terminated the performers’ contracts by September as retaliation.

The series of incidents garnered international media attention, and the K-pop stars who defended their relationship were supported by a sea of social media users. Nonetheless, many fans disapproved of how the artists and labels handled the news.

In 2019, both HyunA and Dawn signed new artist contracts with PSY’s newly formed P NATION label. PSY explained to reporters that year how important HyunA was in helping Dawn secure a record deal. The “Gangnam Style” singer chuckled as she described the “weird” duo, saying that they dance together, create songs together, and compete against each other.


HyunA rose to the top of the charts under P NATION with multiple EPs and the number-one single “I’m Not Cool,” while Dawn debuted his first solo tracks, including “Money” and “Dawndididawn.” The two made K-pop history in 2021 when they released a joint EP under the name “HyunA&Dawn” with the song “Ping Pong,” for which the music video has received over 110 million views to date.

In February of this year, while displaying matching rings on Instagram, Dawn commented, “MARRY ME,” leading many to believe the couple was engaged. “Of course, the answer is yes,” HyunA said in a since-deleted post from her account.

In the K-pop industry, dating is frequently frowned upon, with some performers’ contracts prohibiting it. While some K-pop artists’ careers have been severely impacted by their relationships becoming public, there are indications that fan, artist, and management attitudes toward these couples are gradually shifting.

Two industry titans, HYBE and YG Entertainment have recently declined to comment on relationship rumors involving their artists, citing the singers’ private lives. HyunA and Dawn simultaneously scheduled magazine covers and photo shoots while displaying their love for one another in public.

Thousands of comments on the couple’s breakup posts and millions of social media followers who support HyunA and Dawn’s numerous updates and images indicate that dating in K-pop may become less taboo and contentious in the future.

What Happened to Hyuna and Dawn?

Dawn and HyunA’s relationship has officially ended. After six years together, the popular K-pop power couple has ended their relationship. On November 30, HyunA announced the news on her Instagram account by posting a screenshot of a brief note to her followers to her main grid.

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“We separated. We decided to continue being close colleagues and friends. Thank you for always being there and watching out for us.” The simple letter, according to Soompi’s translation, reads. At the time of writing, Dawn had yet to post anything about the breakup on his own social media channels.

How Long Have HyunA And Dawn Been Dating?

HyunA and Dawn, formerly labelmates at Cube Entertainment, began dating in 2016, but their relationship was not made public until 2018. After going public with their relationship, the couple quit their jobs to be together. After joining “Gangnam Style” hitmaker PSY’s record label, PNation, in 2019, they became a consistent duo.

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HyunA and Dawn have released and performed live as a duo despite being signed as solo artists. In February 2022, the couple made headlines after posting an Instagram photo of what appeared to be engagement rings, but they never confirmed the news.

The breakup was one of several recent significant events in their lives. In August, the duo also announced their departure from PNation.

Are HyunA And Dawn Still Dating?

HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016 and went public with their relationship in 2018. The three K-pop stars announced their engagement on February 3, 2022. They announced their engagement with matching Instagram posts. DAWN published a video containing the phrase “Marry Me” and their matching wedding bands.

HyunA responded with the identical video and the message, ‘Of course, it’s a yes.’ It is hard to believe that the most adorable K-Pop couple has separated. Today, as HyunA confirms their separation, fans have mixed emotions. We wish HyunA and DAWN the best in their future endeavors.

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