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Daz Black Net Worth is $7 Million, Does Daz Black Engage in Gaming?


Daz Black Net Worth

From Hastings, East Sussex, England, Daz Black is a YouTuber, social media celebrity, actor, and content developer. The net worth of Daz Black is $7 million.

Daz has established himself as one of the most prominent internet content makers by creating characters such as Happy Cloud, Predator, and Tea Party. His videos helped him get millions of followers on social media platforms. Daz Game has over 8 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel.

In addition, Daz Black is one of the most popular Vine creators, having spent the last decade becoming a well-known content creator after discovering the platform in the early 2010s. Daz Games is the handle of Black’s very popular YouTube gaming channel.

Daz Black Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Daz Black’s Net Worth is predicted to be $7 million. In the past several years, he has gained a great deal of attention as one of the internet’s fastest-rising content producers. The majority of his money is generated through social media platforms like YouTube and brand endorsements.

When he was eight years old, Daz aspired to be an actor, but he eventually altered his aspirations to become a social media personality. The very first video he published to his self-named YouTube channel on June 5, 2013, was titled Happy cloud.

Daz decided at the end of 2013 to launch his second YouTube channel, titled Daz Games, and then uploaded the video Welcome to Daz Games! Killzone begins up! Daz has managed to earn a substantial sum via his YouTube channels, where most of his videos receive millions of views.

Daz Black Net Worth

Early Life

Daze was born Darren Black on August 7, 1985, in the English town of Hastings, East Sussex. He was reared in a mixed-race family, despite the fact that no one seems to believe him when he says so.

Daz attended a local high school as a kid when he toyed with the idea of becoming a skateboarder to impress a girl he had a crush on before realizing he wasn’t particularly skilled at the sport. Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in Hastings College of Arts and Technology, where he ultimately obtained a postsecondary degree.

Personal Life

Daze married a woman named Kate, but they eventually divorced. They are co-parents of a daughter named Sarah.


As a young adult, Daz found work in the construction industry. Once the Vine Platform appeared in the early 2010s, he became an early adopter of it. One of the most prominent figures to ever appear on that platform.

To keep his admirers coming back for more bite-sized chuckles, He has created a funny cast of characters, including Tea Party, Happy Could, and Predator. When he reached a million followers, he decided to quit his construction job and become a full-time content developer.

Before achieving fame on Vine, Daz had launched his own YouTube channel in November of 2007. He uploaded sporadic comedic films to his self-titled YouTube account while continuing to work in the construction industry.

Prior to the success of his Vine video, he was largely unknown. In December 2013, Daz started his second YouTube channel, branded Daz Games, as a result of his earlier success. A month later, he uploaded his debut video entitled “Welcome To Daz Games!” Killzone startup!”.


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Since then, Daz’s programming has significantly expanded, and he now provides not only gaming commentary videos, but also response clips, sketches, and the try not to laugh challenge. Another well-known series is “Daz Watches Found Footage,” which debuted in 2014.

Daz’s browser suddenly opened a new tab and began playing a video while he was playing the video game Happy Wheels.

When he flipped the channel to see what it was, he discovered that it was an advertisement for “The Auto Blow,” an adult toy firm. From then on, the entire series was created.

He has played fan-favorite titles such as Alien Isolation, Blair Witch, The Last of Us, GTA 5, South Park, and a few others.

Daz Black Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter & Kids

Daz Black was in a relationship with Soheila Clifford at the time he spoke about his love life. Soheila, according to the claims, is a well-known actress and singer. In addition, Clifford has appeared in many of Daz’s YouTube videos.

However, after a period of dating, the pair broke up. We learned through his social media posts that Daz has a beautiful daughter named Sarah Blackmore from a previous relationship with Kate. He also posted numerous photographs of his daughter on social media.

According to his Instagram profile, Daz also posted images with his best friend Vania Fernandes. Daz enjoys time spent with his daughter. Once, he shared a post with the comment:

Daz Black Net Worth

Youtube Career, Videos & Channel Details

Daz is a well-known YouTuber and TV personality. This incredible individual got to stardom after uploading humorous vine videos to his YouTube account. His official YouTube channel currently has over 1.02 million subscribers. His channel also has online gaming videos.

Black’s Youtube channel

As a professional gamer, he plays a variety of games, such as Alien: Isolation, Blair Witch, Home Sweet Home, The Last of Us, and Resident Evil 7. Daz portrays a variety of characters in his Vine videos. Among his most popular characters are Predator, Happy Cloud, and Tea Party.

He also publishes his incredible films on Instagram and TikTok. According to IMDb, he also appeared in The Adventures of Richard Richardson, Lockdown Kings, and other television programs.

Other Ventures

Daz additionally makes cameo appearances in films such as Brotherhood and Eddie The Eagle. He even shared the screen with the well-known actor Dwayne Johnson.

In 2019, he made his stand-up debut at the Edinboro Festival.

Daz Black Net Worth


Daz previously chastised Logan Paul for his infamous decision to film a dead body while filming in the suicide forest of Japan. Paul would later repent sincerely and restore his reputation. In reality, Daz has pursued both Paul’s brothers on multiple occasions.

Daz decided to target yet another YouTuber who was highly contentious. Andrew Tate, the king of toxic masculinity. In a video with millions of views titled “Daz Watches Andrew Tate,” Daz portrayed a man with a misogynistic worldview in a caustic manner.

During around 50 minutes, Daze criticizes Andrew’s behavior toward women and reflects on how discouraging it is. It is amazing to see so many individuals believe Andrew has something to contribute to any discourse.

At the conclusion of his video, Daz demanded an additional inquiry into the Tate and vowed to represent any ladies who wished to report their interactions with him.

Meta decided to deactivate Andrew’s Instagram and Facebook accounts only a few moments after Daz uploaded his video on YouTube. By the following Monday, YouTube and Tik Tok had followed suit.


What is Daz’s worth?

The Net Worth of Daz Games is $5 million.

What is the full name of Daz Games?

Daz Games Real Name is Darren Black.

Who is Daz Black’s Girlfriend?

According to the latest Daz Black girlfriend reports, the popular British YouTuber began seeing the British singer Sohelia Clifford in 2019. Fans believe Sohelia Clifford will marry Daz Black in the near future.

What is Daz Black’s height?

Daz Black’s height is 6 feet.

What Is Daz Games’ Age?

Daz Black is 36 years old.

Where Does Daz Black Live?

According to his address, Daz Black resides in Hastings, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom.

What horror are Daz Black’s games?

These are the following games: Not Completed Dungeon Nightmares, Bunker 16. Daylight – Not Finished Twin Spirit. Suit 776. The Spirit of Tomorrow Hides in the Shadows. Minds Vision.

Who is Black beanie from Daz games?

TEA PARTY BLACK BEANIE can be purchased at

Are the horror games of Daz Black funny?

Yes, playing these games is enjoyable. Additionally, the YouTuber makes the videos humorous. He engages in Comedy Games similar to Mother Simulator. Grandma Simulator. Octodad. Hand Simulator: Survival is a survival simulator. The Sims game.

How are the video games of Daz Black?

The games are both humorous and terrifying. He plays a variety of humorous and terrifying games.

Does Daz Black engage in gaming?

Yes, he continues to play horror games.