Derry Girls Season 4 Release Date: Will There Be a Derry Girls Season 4?


derry girls season 4 release date

Fans of the humorous and touching British coming-of-age sitcom Derry Girls are already lamenting its demise on social media. The fourth season of Derry Girls is already a topic of conversation, as people speculate that the show may return in some manner.

Derry Girls is a fantastic series written and created by Lisa McGee for Channel 4, starring Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Nicola Coughlan, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, and Dylan Llewellyn. However, the show gained a massive international fanbase after Netflix acquired international distribution rights.

Since then, the show’s popularity has only increased as new viewers become enamored with the Derry girls and their 1990s exploits in Northern Ireland. Below, we will discuss everything we know about Derry Girls season 4 and its likelihood.

Why Was Season 4 of Derry Girls Canceled?

Yes, no further seasons of Derry Girls will indeed be produced. With the completion of all episodes from the preceding three seasons, this show has presumably ended its overall plot. Consequently, the fourth season of the series will not be renewed.

The majority of the theme’s primary plotlines have been explored by the series conclusion. For the time being, it seems unlikely that the series has many more episodes to offer. The finale episode appears to be the optimal way to bring the long-running plot to a satisfying end for the audience.

derry girls season 4 release date

“The goal was always to end after three series,” McGee added, using the British phrase for television seasons. She said, “Derry Girls is a coming-of-age tale following five foolish teens as they slowly… very slowly… begin to become adults, as the town they call home begins to transform and Northern Ireland enters a new, more hopeful phase – a brief, glorious moment. “Derry Girls is a love letter to my hometown and the individuals that molded me.”

It was a privilege to write, and I will be forever proud of its accomplishments. After thanking series producer Hat Trick and UK’s Channel 4, McGee concluded, “Who knows if Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle, and James will return in some other guise someday, but for now this is it for us, and we’re excited to begin filming this season with our incredible cast and crew so we can hopefully give our loyal fans one last adventure.”

Will There Be a Derry Girls Season 4?

No, there will not be the fourth season of Derry Girls. In September 2021, series creator Lisa McGee issued a statement confirming the conclusion of the series.

According to McGee, she always meant to stop the saga after three seasons, so at least the show received a satisfactory conclusion and McGee was able to tell the story she desired! She also concludes on an optimistic note, stating that perhaps we will see the titular Derry girls again in the future, but in a different manner. Perhaps in a few years, a reunion film or special will be released.

The Derry Girls Possible Spinoffs

In a May interview with Bustle, McGee made a more optimistic stance regarding the possibility of a spinoff some months later. McGee added that she had already been brainstorming ideas with Derry Girls director Michael Lennox. “I adore this world and I’d love to [return] at some point, but it’s all about finding the right thing,” McGee said. Someone told me about the three men: Father Gerry, Paternal Grandfather Joe, and Uncle Colm. Their actions could be amusing.”

During the same month, she told Digital Spy that fans should not anticipate any potential Derry Girls spinoffs shortly.

McGee, who based the show on her own adolescent experiences, stated, “I wouldn’t do a spin-off now, and I have no intentions to do one.” “I’m not able to do another film for a while, even if I wanted to, because I wanted to finish Derry Girls properly and give it my undivided attention, but those things have to move up the queue, so I wouldn’t be able to if I wanted to.”

Regardless, she suggested another possibility: “I’ve always believed, just for my enjoyment, there’s something in Aunt Sarah and Ma Mary,” McGee teased, referring to the roles portrayed by Kathy Kiera Clarke and Tara Lynne O’Neill.

In the meanwhile, she believes “there’s something” to the concept of focusing on Jenny Joyce (Leah O’Rourke) and Aisling (Beccy Henderson).

derry girls season 4 release date

Derry Girls Cast

Derry Girls: Where to Stream the Show?

The series will be available only on Netflix, with all prior episodes of the three seasons accessible on the streaming platform with a variety of membership options based on the video quality and number of screens at no extra cost for any of their services.

In the United States and Canada, Derry Girls is also accessible exclusively on Netflix, as well as on Channel 4‘s streaming service. In addition, foreign Netflix users can watch series and films on the platform for $9.99 per month.