Why Did Dev And Subhashree Break Up? Tollywood’s Former Power Couple

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Dev And Subhashree

Do you want to know why Dev and Subhashree split up? The former Tollywood duo has collaborated on various projects. The actress has lately become pregnant for the second time. Congratulations! Despite the fact that both Dev and Subhashree have gone on with their lives, some fans are still perplexed as to what went wrong between the two.

In the Bengali cinema business, Dev is a fantastic actor. He is from Keshpur and has been working wonders since 2006. Premer Kahini, Paglu, Khoka 420, Shudhu Tomari Jonyo, Kishmish, Tonic, Password, and many more are among his successful films.

Did you watch Projapoti, despite being a major Dev fan? He portrayed Joy Chakraborty, the main character. Not everyone is aware that Dev also has his own production company, “Dev Entertainment Ventures.”

Subhashree Ganguly, on the other hand, is a wonderful actress, and the highest-paid in Bengali cinema. She is a native of Bardhaman. Subhashree’s successful films include Parineeta, Indubala Bhaater Hotel, Ami Shudhu Cheyechi Tomay, Boss, Bachchan, and Boudi Canteen.

Dev and Subhashree actually met for the first time on the set of Challenge. They’ve since become a fan favourite. They went on to create a number of other works, including Romeo, Paran Jai Jaliya Re, Khokababu, and others.

Their real-life chemistry was quite noticeable back then. Tollywood was taken aback by the news of their unexpected breakup. Here’s all we know about Dev and Subhashree’s breakup.

Dev And Subhashree Break Up

Dev and Subhashree began dating shortly after the release of their debut film, Challenge. It was a huge triumph at the box office. This Tollywood couple chose to end their romance after several years of dating.

How Did the News of Dev and Subhashree’s Break Up Come Out?

They collaborated on the film Dhumketu in 2016. Kaushik Chatterjee was the director at the time. For some reason, the film has yet to be released. Fans were certain that it had anything to do with their romance.

Neither Dev nor Subhashree said why they split up. As a result, the precise reason remains uncertain. Throughout each interview, they remained tight-lipped and disregarded questions about it.

Dev And Subhashree

Well, the Romeo actor previously stated that he never expected his love story to take such a turn. He went on to explain that Subhashree will always be someone special in his life. The actress, on the other hand, needed a long time to recover from the breakup.

Not to mention, Subhashree previously stated that she squandered her four years. Was this an indication of her romantic relationship with Dev? Maybe. She was not insecure in life at the time of their divorce. She mentioned having nothing to lose.

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Subhashree, on the other hand, confesses to crying in her bathroom and being unable to express her feelings to her parents. We’re curious if this saying has anything to do with Dev. After her separation, the actress spent a long time reinventing herself.

Dev and Subhashree Are Still Believed to Be Good Friends, Despite Their Break Up

Subhashree Ganguly is now married to Raj Chakraborty, the love of her life. He is a well-known director, in case you didn’t know. They also have a son named Yuvan. Another one is on the way. What are your thoughts?

Dev And Subhashree

Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Dev, Subhashree’s ex-boyfriend, is happily married to model and actress Rukmini Maitra. They also appeared in other films together, including Kidnap, Cockpit, Chaamp, and others. We’re curious when Dev and Rukmini will tie the knot.

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It is important to note that Dev and Subhasree are still on excellent terms. They support each other and handled their breakup with grace. There are no resentments. Dev and Subhashree have been sighted together at numerous events. They get along well. However, we don’t know if both will make an on-screen comeback together. Best wishes!

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