Do Revenge Release Date: Where and When Can You Stream Do Revenge?


What happens when two high school girls are tampered with? Do Revenge is an upcoming dark comedy film about two despondent protagonists who will stop at nothing before dishing out a massive portion of vengeance.

The film has been in production since 2020 and is scheduled for release later in September, making it a streaming must-see.

Do Revenge is directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson, who received widespread acclaim for her work on the MTV series Sweet/Vicious, whose main plot similarly revolves around a pair of female vigilantes exacting vengeance on their campus attackers.

Her other works include writing and directing the Netflix-released romantic comedy Someone Great starring Gina Rodriquez and co-writing the recent Marvel Studios hit Thor: Love and Thunder with accomplished director Taika Waititi.

Do Revenge, a film that appears to be a typical example of the trope of the IT girl in high school has a few unexpected twists in store. Here is all the necessary information about the film.

Do Revenge: Release Date

The gloomy comedy will be available to stream on Netflix on September 16, 2022. Because the director did not want any other actor to play the role, filming for the movie occurred while Hawke filmed the fourth season of the television series Stranger Things.

According to an interview with ELLE, the film production was relocated from Los Angeles to Atlanta as a result.

What is the Storyline of Do Revenge?

Drea (Mendes) will spend the majority of the film plotting her vengeance against her partner for leaking her sex tape. She will join forces with Eleanor Hawke, who is also shunned by the other students at the school due to a rumor that she attempted to force another student to the ground and kiss her.

Unexpectedly, they will join forces to aid one another in their criminal activities.

Who Will Be in the Cast?

Eleanor, the alternative-girl character portrayed by Maya Hawke (Networth), is ostracised after a girl accuses her of pinning and kissing her. Camila Mendes portrays Drea, a popular teen who seeks revenge on her boyfriend for leaking a sex tape she and he recorded together.

  • Maya Hawke as Eleanor
  • Maia Reficco as Montana
  • Ava Capri as Clarissa
  • Camila Mendes as Drea
  • Paris Berelc as Meghan
  • Jonathan Daviss as Elliot
  • Austin Abrams as Max
  • Talia Ryder as Gabbi
  • Alisha Boe as Tara
  • Sophie Turner as Erica
  • Rish Shah as Russ

According to Robinson, when selecting the greatest actors for the group, “We joke that they’re the young Hollywood Avengers. We love that they call themselves The Revengers. However, they were not cast simply because they are “teen kings”; they are all extremely talented. They were the best candidates for those roles.”

Is There A Trailer For Do Revenge?

Netflix released the trailer for Do Revenge on August 9, 2022. The video begins with a view of a contemporary seaside city, then cuts to montages of a posh private high school. Drea (Camila Mendes), a 17-year-old who takes pride in “carefully crafting the perfect life,” enters the scene. With her preppy attire and slick hairstyles, she has amassed a group of ideal friends and landed the ideal boyfriend, Max (Austin Abrams).

Unfortunately, just like every other school Alpha, Drea’s descent is imminent. Drea records a dangerously seductive and very topless video of herself for Max’s eyes only, satisfying his lust. What was intended to be Max’s private viewing pleasure becomes the school’s biggest scandal, earning him a literal punch to the nose (you go, Drea!).

Drea, who suffers from the dreadful fear of high school disgrace, will not let Max escape without a fight. Eleanor (Maya Hawke), the new alternative girl on the block, sees a frustrated Drea when her car breaks down and offers her a ride. Throughout the journey, Eleanor reveals her sympathy for Drea, explaining that her life is ruined after Carissa Jones (Ava Capri) spread a vicious rumor about her, claiming that Eleanor “took advantage” of Carissa by holding her down and attempting to kiss her.

The two, who are now friends, express a desire for someone to take down their tormentors. Drea proposes a peculiar plan: she and Eleanor should work together to exact revenge on Carissa and Max, respectively. Eleanor agrees without a second’s hesitation, and the two immediately begin working. But will everything proceed as planned? Ultimately, there is nothing more vicious than a pair of angry teenage girls.

Where and When Can You Stream Do Revenge?

Notate the date and mark your calendars! Do Revenge will be available on Netflix on September 16, 2022.


Where Can I Watch It?

Do Revenge, a dark and mysterious high school comedy, will be available on Netflix worldwide.

Who Are Their Authors?

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and Celeste Ballard worked together on the film’s script.

Where Was the Film Filmed?

The film was originally scheduled to be shot in Los Angeles, but we ultimately moved production to Atlanta.