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Dow Jones Futures is at the forefront of Microsoft; Fed Meeting, Tesla Earnings Loom For Volatile Market


Dow Jones futures rose sharply early Wednesday, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. Microsoft (MSFT) Continued to rise following its revenue statement and guidance. A new stock market rally attempt on Tuesday was a disappointing session, especially as growth names faded near the low level of recovery in the afternoon.


Looking ahead, an important Federal Reserve meeting ends Wednesday afternoon. Tesla (DSLA) Revenue should come after completion Apple (APL) Coming Thursday.

Microsoft Revenue

Microsoft Revenue And revenue topped the Q2 outlook for the financial year. Initially, Microsoft stock fell 5% after hours and then rose with strong guidance. Now with a 3.5% rise in premarket activity, the shares have begun to rise again above their 200-day high. The MSFT stock was down 2.7% at 288.49 on Tuesday, a day of big upside on Monday after slim gains.

Microsoft revenue and guidance is important for cloud-computing competitors (AMZN) And Google Parent letters (Google), As well as business software giants and PC makers too HP Inc. (HPQ)

F5 Networks (FFIV) And Texas Tools (TXN) Was also reported late Tuesday. Both won views, but the F5 led less in 2022 earnings Texas Instruments provided elegant guidance. FFIV stock sank overnight, while TXN stock rose solidly.

Boeing (B.A.) And Abbott Labs (ABT) Coming up early on Wednesday.

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Ooty meeting

The Two-day central bank meeting Ends Wednesday afternoon, policy announcement at 2pm ET. There is some speculation that Fed policymakers may again accelerate bond cuts, ending property purchases in mid-February instead of mid-March. This would signal an even faster shift to the direct tightening of Fed rate hikes and balance cuts expected to begin in the coming months.

Central Bank Chairman Jerome Powell will hold his regular press conference at 2:30 p.m. His comments will be crucial in understanding how aggressive the central bank will be in the coming months.

In late 2018, rate hikes and balance sheet cuts helped stimulate the bear market. At the beginning of 2019 the central bank quickly changed course, but inflation was then controlled. As inflation is now at its peak for decades, the central bank may be forced to remain tight, even if the stock market continues to sell.

However, the central bank’s announcement and Powell’s commentary could trigger large movements in stock prices and treasury yields.

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Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures rose 1% against the fair value. The S&P 500 futures advanced 1.3%. The Nasdaq 100 futures are up 1.9%. Tuesday evening all fell solidly – the Nasdaq futures fell nearly 2% at one point. Microsoft’s stake in the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 is a key weight. Also, many large technology stocks rose overnight in sympathy for MSFT, including Apple.

U.S. crude oil prices rose slightly before opening, extending strong gains. The future of natural gas is bright.

Remember that action is overnight Dove futures Elsewhere there is no need to translate it into the next regular real trade stock market Session.

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Stock market rally attempt

The stock market rally effort backed down on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq closing in half below its range.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell briefly to 0.2% on Tuesday, before turning positive. Stock market tradingAXP shares raised by earnings-related gains, IBM (IBM) And Johnson & Johnson (J.N.J.), With Chevron (CVX) With the price of crude oil. The S&P 500 index fell 1.2%. The Nasdaq compound fell 2.3%. Small-cap Russell 2000 gave 1.3%.

10 year treasury revenue increased by 3 basis points to 1.78%. U.S. crude oil futures rose 2.8% to $ 85.60 a barrel.

In the middle The best ETFsInnovator IBD 50 ETF (FFTY) Fell 1.6%, while Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF (Boat) Received 1.3%. iShares Extended Technology-Software Industry ETF (IGV) Slipped 3.7%, with MSFT holding a larger IGV holding. WANEX Vectors Semiconductor EDF (SMHFell 4%.

Represents more speculative story stocks, ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK3.7% retreat and ARK Genomics ETF (ARKG) 2.8% Tesla shares are the No. 1 holding throughout ARK Invest’s ETFs.

SPDR S&P Metals & Mining ETF (XME0.3% and Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF (Pavement) Without 1.9%. US Global Jets ETF (JETS) 0.4% higher. SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHBGave up to 1.9%. Energy Selection SPDR ETF (XLE) 3.9% higher, with CVX stock holding a larger hold. Financial Examination SPDR ETF (XLF) American Express rose 0.4% with a key component. Health Care Selected Sector SPDR Funding (XLVDecreased by 0.6%.

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Tesla stock

Meanwhile, Tesla shares fell 1.3% to 918.40 on Tuesday. Shares fell below its December low on Monday. A. no longer in TSLA stock Double base, But is still in sync. Officer Buy point 1,243.59, however 1,208 will provide early entry. But Tesla stock is below its 50-day line.

Shares rose 3 before the start of Wednesday.

Earnings and deliveries of Tesla stocks, issuance and guidance for new products can drive a wide range of EV stocks and high PE stocks.

CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday evening that he was driving a new Cybertruck prototype around the new Austin plant. Cybertruck is said not to enter production until early 2023.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday requested additional information regarding Tesla’s decision to allow video games to be played using the center touchscreen.

Apple stock

Apple shares fell 1.1% to 159.78, closing the 200-day line near the November breakout. Last week, Apple shares showed a sell signal as it fell sharply in its 10-week high. Still, the Relative strength tax AAPL shares have soared, reflecting how weak the S&P 500 is and the broader market.

Shares were up 2% at the start of Wednesday.

Apple stock may move markets automatically, but its revenue and guidance will fuel or overwhelm many chipmakers and other names in the wider iPhone ecosystem.

Market Rally Analysis

Tuesday marked the second day of the stock market effort. Key indices again overcame steep morning losses, especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But in the end, all of the key codes, especially the Nasdaq, were lost. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq mix is ​​down so far this week, while the Dow Jones is partially higher.

If the key indices can be kept above the Monday minimum, a The following day May happen this weekend. An FTD will confirm the new load. Stabilized market rallies do not always work – there were two stabilized ups and downs in the bear market in late 2018, which failed immediately – but they indicate institutional support for the new rally.

Dow’s performance and Nasdaq lag make sense. The real economic sectors are better than the growth stocks.

Energy stocks led to a solid rise in crude oil prices on Tuesday. Fertilizer stocks performed well CF Industries (CF) Illuminates the buy signal in advance. Some shipping stocks are reasonably priced.

With some names like AXP Stock and Fellow Dow Part, the funds sold out last week, but did not break. Passengers (D.R.V.) Be healthy.

Meanwhile, growth stocks, including chips, software and ARK-type story stocks, continue to struggle. Perhaps technologies and development stocks will not lead to the next stabilized market rally, but they should stop losing ground for broader improvement.

The Microsoft stock reaction, in the end, was good news for the Dow Jones futures, but especially the ATS. Wednesday’s Fed meeting decision and Powell’s comments could be decisive. Meanwhile, Tesla, Apple and other big earners will play a key role.

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What to do now

Attempts to load the market are ongoing. But the current market environment is very dangerous, as the central bank meeting, Tesla and Apple revenues are rising and many more big news is circulating. Investors have the opportunity to make quick returns if you catch a return, but those pounds may not last long. Conversely, significant losses can be seen in minutes.

If you are forced to play, keep your positions small and consider individual stocks against a broader market ETF. Keep your exit strategy in advance and raise your stops if your level is moderately profitable. But cash will still be a smart strategy as long as there is a guaranteed market boom.

When there is an FTD, there will not be many good looking stocks in the buying position. For now, just keep working on those watch lists and focus on stocks with strong relative strength.

According to The big picture Every day the direction of the market and the leading stocks and sectors must be consistent.

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