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Emma Hernan Net Worth: Sunset Star Emma Hernan /Source of money/ Dating/Social Media


Emma Hernan

Emma Selling is a professional model. Sunset, whose real name is Emma Hernan, is a popular American model, realtor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who is well-known on social media sites including Instagram and Facebook.

Her participation in the real estate program Sunset Selling’s upcoming season as a panelist will be shown in its entirety. She was born in 1991, and her estimated net worth is $3 million. She is the daughter of a successful businessman. She is a model as well as an actor.

Her involvement with various projects has continued since then, and she is currently working on a stock market venture as well as bitcoin and blockchain technology, real estate, and a vegan company that she founded during the 2009 flu epidemic.

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Emma Hernan Early Life

Emma Hernan was born in the year 1991 on July 14th. She was born and raised in Massachusetts, her native state. She comes from a well-to-do family of businessmen.
Her father was a fish business entrepreneur. She has worked since she was a child, and she has helped her parents cover the seafood company’s labor expenses by investing in stocks.
She’s always been interested in real estate and the stock market, and cryptocurrency was added to her list of interests at the moment. She started her first work when she was 15 years old.

Emma Hernan Career

Emma started working right away, despite the fact that she was only 15 years old. She worked alongside her parents to help them operate their company. Aside from modeling and childcare work, she has also worked in the foodservice industry as an ice cream shop employee. The stock market and, more lately, cryptocurrencies were of particular interest to her, and she had studied the techniques of both before to meeting him.

She has a variety of sources of income as a consequence of her inquisitive nature and her broad range of interests in a variety of areas. Her investments in various enterprises throughout the pandemic led her to finally launch her own firm, Leigh and Co., which manufactured plant-based frozen meals for the public.


Aside from being the owner of a number of luxurious houses, she has lately started a career as a real estate broker. After being acquainted with the Oppenheim brothers, she gained widespread recognition around the globe. In 2018, she became a member of their organization. A new season of the Netflix series “Sunset Selling,” which launched in 2015, will include an appearance by her as well.

Emma Hernan Personal Life

Her family still lives in Boston, although she makes infrequent trips back to see them. In addition, she is well regarded as a nice and kind person who gets along well with everyone she works with and stars with.

Emma Hernan explores a wide variety of hobbies. She likes to go hiking whenever she can. She has a passion for cooking. She finds great relaxation in the kitchen. In addition, she has a great deal of affection for her canine companion.

As for her personal life, she strives to keep things in perspective. She is said to be single, as she has not been linked romantically. That’s not all: The 30-year-old is a yoga enthusiast who takes her health very seriously. As a frequent poster on her many social media accounts, she makes it easy for her followers to stay up to date on her personal and professional life.

Pop Hernan confessed her romance with client property developer Micah McDonald during an interview on E! News Daily. They met while working on a home together and subsequently went on a date.


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Emma Hernan Social Media

Instagram @emmahernan with 1.7m followers

According to her Instagram account She has multiple source of earning are as follows

  • Emma Hernan is an Entrepreneur
  • Public Relations: [email protected]
  • CEO: @emmaleighandco_
  • Selling Sunset: @netflix
  • Agent: @theoppenheimgroup

Twitter @EmmaLHernan with 16.7k followers

Facebook @emma.hernan.1 with 2.2k friends and 6335 followers

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How much Net Worth does Emma Hernan have?

Emma Selling Sunset aka Emma Hernan has a net worth of around $3 million, according to sources. Emma makes a career as an American model, realtor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, amongst other occupations. She comes to public attention after being featured in the headlines for her participation in the television program “Selling Sunsets.” She is also a well-known model with a well-known face.

Emma has a number of beautiful real estate holdings in the United States, which enabled her to qualify for the “Sunset selling series.” She also has a house in Hollywood. She is the owner of a vegan business, which allows her to make a lot of money.

Her yearly income is $500,000, according to several sources, as of 2022. His main sources of income include modeling, real estate, business, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and brand marketing.

Frequently Ask Questions

How did Emma Hernan make her money?

Hernan claims she was able to become a self-made millionaire via her investments. She came to Los Angeles at the age of 19, and in 2017, she purchased a property via the Oppenheim Group, which pushed her to get her licence at the time.

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Is Emma Heran Dating Micah McDonald ?

During her appearance on E! News Daily Pop Hernan revealed where her relationship with client property developer Micah McDonald stands. The two met while working together on a house, and later went on a date.