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Face Reveal, Real Name, Net Worth, Age, and Instagram for Newfissy

As a member of the teams DreamCraft and Fizzy Games, NewFissy is recognized for producing the Roblox games Adopt Me! and TreeLands. Moreover, he is the originator of The Roblox Plague.

The purpose of this essay is to explain Newfissy Face Reveal. Follow this essay to its conclusion to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Newfissy Face Reveal.

Who Is Newfissy?

Roblox game developer NewFissy is well known for creating Adopt Me! and TreeLands under the DreamCraft and Fizzy Games labels. Moreover, he is the inventor of The Roblox Plague.

The TreeLands event has been canceled due to the passing of one of the sport’s designers and the sport’s outdated rules.

Newfissy Face Reveal

The unknown is whether or whether Newfissy has performed a facial reveal. He wished to conceal his genuine identity from his online audience. He simply wished to create new gaming videos without disclosing his identity.

In the video “NEW CARS PLANES & MORE! + Building Tutorial in Adopt Me!,” he exposed his face, however, it is unknown if he is Newfissy. Perhaps he will reveal his true name in the future. As soon as we obtain the information, we will let you know his genuine identity and personal details.

Newfissy Face Reveal

Newfissy’s Given Name

The true name of Newfissy is unknown. Simply, he is unwilling to divulge his identity. His YouTube account is called Newfissy. Therefore, his official YouTube account is called Newfissy. His channel on YouTube has 1,23,000 subscribers. He has uploaded 12 videos. The most popular video of his on YouTube is Easter Stand Soundtrack. Adopt Me! has received 2,700 views on Roblox and counting.

What is Newfissy’s Net Worth?

Newfissy is an internet gamer and YouTuber. Newfissy’s estimated total net worth is roughly $1.92 million. Due to the high price of pets on Adopt Me!, a wide subculture of scammers has evolved, with some rare species being sold on off-platform sites for up to $100. Adopt Me users are, on average, younger than the rest of Roblox’s user base, making them particularly vulnerable to fraud.

Newfissy Biography

Subject Details
Name NewFissy
Date Of Birth Unknown
Birth Place USA
Age Unknown
Profession Gamer
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
NetWorth $1.92 million
Subscribers 1.23K
Videos 12
Status Active
Month Joined January 2011
Instagram Newfissy
YouTube Channel NewFissy


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