Fake Profile Ending Explained: What Happened to Camila and Miguel?

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Fake Profile

Fake Profile, a Colombian original that came out last month with little notice, has become a surprise streaming hit this summer, making it to Netflix’s Top 10 list on both sides of the Atlantic. The 10-part series is like Catfish on steroids. It’s about a Las Vegas stripper who falls in love with a high-flying plastic surgeon, only to find out that he’s a selfish married father of two.

Like any good soap, it has a lot of bad plans, family secrets that have been kept for years, and complicated love triangles (or in this case, love decahedrons) that play out in a dramatic way. If the last episode of Fake Profile, also known as Perfil Falso, was too crazy for you to follow, here’s what happened. Be warned, there are full spoilers ahead for Fake Profile, also known as Perfil Falso.

Why Did Dr. Fernando Hide His Identity?

Camila Roman is a stripper in a Las Vegas dance club. She meets Dr. Fernando Castello, a high-end surgeon, on a dating app. After four months of dating, they fall in love. After he doesn’t show up for weeks, she goes to Cartagena, Colombia, to look for him.

Dr. Fernando

With the help of a neighborhood driver, Camila finds Fernando Castello and is shocked by what she sees. It turns out that Fernando’s real name is Miguel. She doesn’t go to Las Vegas; instead, she goes back to his neighborhood and gets involved in his life.

Miguel is married to Angela, who is the daughter of a man named Pedro who is worth a lot of money. Lucas, Miguel’s son, puts CCTV cameras in Camila’s house to find out what she and Miguel are up to because he smells something fishy. Miguel had also cheated on his wife with a friend in the past.

Angela watches as Miguel’s father-in-law asks Lucas for more footage. But not even Angela chooses the straight path.

What Were Pedro’s Intentions?

Pedro also has a son named Adrian who is going to marry Cristobal. They fight and love like any other couple until a waiter named Inti starts chatting with Adrian. It seems that Inti came to split them up. In the meantime, everyone finds out that Miguel loves his kids more than Angela. He only married her to get the money from her father. It’s hard on Lucas’s mind, and he hates his dad, Miguel, for cheating on his mom, Angela.

On the one hand, it turns out that Pedro paid Inti to make Cristobal and Adrian fight since Cristobal is not as wealthy as Adrian. He wants to be in charge of his kids by taking them away from their partners. On the other hand, Pedro had paid Camila to act like she was trapped by Fernando/Miguel and get him a divorce. Tina, Pedro’s helper, showed her the way to Miguel’s neighborhood, and Pedro paid for her to stay there.

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Camila meets Angela to tell her that Dr. Fernando or Miguel tricked her on the internet and that Pedro hired her. Angela gets so mad at what she says that she fights with Camila. It makes it seem like Camila has died. Miguel comes to help Angela hide the body of Camila. In the car, he makes Angela say she did something wrong, and in the next scene, the car crashes, killing him.

Were Camila And Miguel Dead?

Camila and Miguel just made it look like they were dead. The two show up at Angela’s house to tell her that they are still alive. Some people might not understand why the two actors faked their deaths.


One more thing happens. Adrian is not Pedro’s son, so Pedro broke up with Adrian and his girlfriend. Adrian was born because his mother had an affair. It breaks Adrian’s heart. Also, he can’t go to Cris because she no longer trusts him.

During a short fight, Camila gets hurt, and Pedro dies by accident because of Angela. Angela had a lot of bad things happen to her, just like Adrian did. Her father took advantage of her, and her husband only cared about her money, not her. She also goes to jail for killing her father.

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Do you remember that Camila went to Cartagena with a driver named David? After Camila heals from her injury, she picks David over Miguel because she wants a simple relationship. She goes back to her job at the Las Vegas Club. Miguel hangs out with Camila. They often look at each other but don’t talk because they move on after the movie.

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