Falsa Identidad Season 3 Release Date: Will Falsa Identidad Have Season 3?


falsa identidad season 3

The Spanish thriller-drama series ‘Falsa Identidad’ or ‘False Identity’ is certain to keep the viewers captivated. Isabel and Diego, who are yearning to escape their dark history and do their best to flee, are introduced in the series. To escape their old demons, the strangers decide to pose as a married couple after meeting under peculiar circumstances.

“False Identity” was created by Perla Faras and debuted on September 11, 2018, on Telemundo. In 2019, it subsequently began broadcasting on Netflix. The series has garnered a substantial fan base over time.

It has been lauded for its outstanding performances, intriguing plot, and action scenes. Fans have begun to speculate about the future of the show, including the possibility of a third instalment, after viewing the second season. Nonetheless, will this ever become a reality? Let’s find out!

falsa identidad season 3

False Identity Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of ‘False Identity’ was published in its entirety on Netflix on September 22, 2021. The season consists of 80 episodes, each averaging between 41 and 54 minutes in length.

Regarding the third season, the following is the situation. Fans are likely to be upset by the lack of formal confirmation regarding the third round of the show. The renewal of the series for a second season was promptly revealed by Telemundo, as it was announced on the same day the first season concluded broadcasting. However, as of January 25, 2021, the network has concluded its broadcast of season 2, and there has been no official announcement. This has led some to speculate that a second season may not be forthcoming.

The renewal of a new season depends on a variety of factors, including the number of viewers, the show’s popularity, and the cash generated. Despite this, there is a possibility that the show will be renewed for a third season, given its viewership has grown substantially since its premiere. Therefore, assuming the programme is renewed shortly, we can anticipate ‘False Identity’ season 3 to premiere in the third quarter of 2022 on Telemundo and the third quarter of 2023 on Netflix.

False Identity Season 3 Cast

If ‘False Identity’ is extended for a third season, we may expect the majority of the principal cast members to return. The notable cast members include Luis Ernesto Franco (Diego Hidalgo), Samadhi Zendejas (Circe Gaona), Eduardo Yáñez (Don Mateo), Alexa Martín (Victoria Lamas), and Sonya Smith (Fernanda). Even though Camila Sodi (Isabel) and Azela Robinson (Ramona) are main cast members, their characters die in season 2, so it is unlikely that they will return unless they appear in flashbacks. In the event of a probable renewal, however, one can anticipate the addition of new cast members.


  • Luis Ernesto Franco as Diego Hidalgo – Emiliano Guevara
  • Camila Sodi as Isabel – Camila Guevara
  • Samadhi Zendejas as Circe Gaona
  • Eduardo Yanez as Don Mateo
  • Sonya Smith as Fernanda Orozco
  • Dulce María as Victoria Lamas
  • Azela Robinson as Ramona
  • Alexa Martín as Victoria Lamas
  • Uriel del Toro as Joselito
  • Alvaro Guerrero as Ignacio Salas
  • Gabriela Roel as Felipa
  • Gimena Gomez as Nuria
  • Pepe Gamez as Deivid
  • Claudia Zepeda as Diana Gutierrez
  • Tono Valdes as Chuchofalsa identidad season 3
  • Carla Giraldo as Silvia
  • Rebeca Manríquez as Zoraida
  • Barbie Casillas as Amanda
  • Checo Perezcuadra as Ricardo – Max Guevara
  • Jean Paul Leroux as Alex
  • Marco de la O as El Buitre
  • Vanessa Acosta as Juliana Hernandez
  • Ruben Sanz as Father Rafael
  • David Palacio as El Man
  • Abril Schreiber as Gabriela
  • Pascacio Lopez
  • Ana Jimena Villanueva as Rosa
  • Victor Olveira as Darwin Herfer
  • Arnoldo Picazzo as Mauricio
  • Latin Lover as El Mister
  • Vicky Araico as Guadalupe Giron
  • Sebastian Dante as El

False Identity Season 3 Plot

In Season 2, Diego and Isabel reside in Nebraska under a witness protection programme. Nonetheless, trouble quickly follows, and the two are soon on the run once more. Sadly, the situation deteriorates, and in a sad twist of fate, Isabel perishes. Diego perseveres despite his heartbreak and ultimately succeeds in establishing Don Mateo’s culpability for his actions. Don Mateo is subsequently sentenced to three life terms in prison. The season concludes on a bittersweet note as Diego proposes to Victoria.

If renewed, season 3 might begin immediately after season 2 concludes. The season may provide additional insight into Diego and Victoria’s relationship and may perhaps depict their wedding. Furthermore, now that Don Mateo is in jail, he may attempt to escape or choose to cause Diego trouble from behind bars. Additionally, Diego’s background may contain additional secrets that have yet to be revealed. These may be disclosed in a possible third season. Thus, if the network decides to confirm it, ‘False Identity’ season 3 could turn out to be a fantastic frolic due to the multiple narrative threads.

False Identity Season 3 Trailer

The official trailer for Season 3 of False Identity has not yet appeared. Because the third season of False Identity has not yet been confirmed.

Watch the trailer for the second season of the television show False Identity.

False Identity Season 2 Review

The second season of False Identity has been met with favourable audience reception. In the second season of the television series False Identity, Isabel and Diego consider adopting new identities under the government witness protection programme.

And then they start a new life in Nebraska. While Diego struggles to acclimate to his new identity, Isabel has gained the confidence to assist her family as a result of the transition.

However, a severe circumstance in their lives compels them to return to Mexico. Additionally, they will fight their adversaries once more.

It was announced that the second season of the television series False Identity will be its final season. If the third season of the television series False Identity is announced, we anticipate that it will pick up where the second season left off.

If we receive any information regarding the plot of False Identity’s third season, we will include it here. Ensure that you visit our website frequently.

Luis Ernesto Franco, Dulce Maria, Eduardo Yanez, Azela Robinson, Camila Sodi, Samadhi Zendejas, Sonya Smith, and Alexa Martin star in the second season of the television series False Identity.

Telemundo broadcast the second season of the series False Identity. It appears that other platforms will adapt the series False Identity and that the third season will be announced. Let’s observe what transpires afterwards.

Watch the trailer for the third season of the television show False Identity.