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FaZe Banks Net Worth: How much does FaZe Banks get paid?


faze banks net worth

Who is FaZe Banks?

FaZe Banks is a popular YouTuber from the United States. He is also one of the people that started and owns the e-sports organization known as FaZe Clan. In 2010, the members of the gaming community known as ClipZ, Housecat, and Resistance established the group.

He resides in Los Angeles at the present time, and as of this day, he is recognized for being one of the most prominent YouTubers operating in the industry.

FaZe Banks Quick Information

Name Richard Bengston
Profile Name Faze Banks
DOB (Age) 18th October 1991 (Age 30)
DOJ (YouTube) 18th September 2011
Total Videos 176
Schedule/Status Inactive
Net Worth ?
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles, California

FaZe Banks Early Life

On October 18, 1991, Faze Banks was born. As a child, Faze Banks moved to Massachusetts. When Faze Banks was a child, his family relocated from Massachusetts to California. His family later relocated to Miami, Florida, from California.

He was raised in the Florida city of Miami. Despite the fact that his lack of academic success may lead you to believe that he was never a good student, you would be mistaken if you assumed that this was always the case. In fact, he is well-known for deleting all of his social media accounts when he is studying.

FaZe Banks Career Highlights

The use of social media by FaZe Banks has opened numerous doors of opportunity for a wide range of younger adolescents, and he is currently one of the most well-known YouTube celebrities.

faze banks net worth

His debut video, titled “The Single Greatest SoaRing In Style,” was uploaded to his YouTube account, which bears the name “BanksHasBank,” in the same year that he launched his professional career in 2011.

More than 4.3 million people have subscribed to Banks’ channel, and one of his videos, titled “Crashing FaZe Temperrrs Car,” has had more than 77 million views.

Banks ventured into the world of gaming in 2013, while he was living in Miami, by becoming a member of the FaZe Clan, a Call of Duty gaming organization. This move came at a time when his career as a YouTuber was flourishing.

Because of his membership in the FaZe Clan, he decided to legally alter his name to FaZe Banks. He currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer for the organization.

What is the Net Worth of FaZe Banks?

FaZe Banks is an American game entrepreneur and social media star with a net worth of $16 million. Richard Bengtson gave birth to Faze Banks on October 18, 1991. Self-described as an “Internet Gangster,” he is a YouTuber with more than 5.4 million subscribers and more than 400 million views on YouTube. Additionally, he is a music producer, composer, and songwriter.

FaZe Banks Personal Life

Alissa Violet, a model, and YouTuber is the ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul, whom Banks began seeing in 2017. Later that year, Jake Paul accused Banks of cheating on Alissa and abusing his secretary Meg, and Banks found himself in hot water. By posting a YouTube video, Faze Banks claimed that the tale was completely made up.

faze banks net worth

Despite their agreement to resolve their differences in a private setting, the general public sided with Faze, and as a result, his YouTube channel grew by leaps and bounds. The 2019 breakup of Alissa and Banks was a different story, though.

FaZe Banks Assets

He’s still a Miami resident. The value of his Miami home is estimated at $2 million. He also owns additional homes in Miami, some of which are worth $2 million.

In addition, he owns a few residences in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, he has relocated to San Francisco, California, where he has opened a new office. In spite of his claims to be an internet gangster, he is well-known for leading a modest existence. he He doesn’t have any outlandish tendencies at all. Despite his claims to the contrary, his close friends will attest that he is nothing more than an upright gentleman.

FaZe Banks Endorsements

Banks had signed a contract with Nike to market their shoes when he was at the pinnacle of his career. In 2018, he was also the face of Champion and Reebok, two other footwear brands.

The FaZe clan is supported financially by a variety of internationally renowned companies, including Nissan, G Fuel, Verizon, and Steel Series, amongst others. In addition to all of the business sponsorships, the clan has advertisements on the official team jerseys that they wear.



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Frequenlty Asked Questions

What is FaZe Banks’ net worth?

The entire wealth of FaZe Banks is estimated to be $16 million.

What year was FaZe Banks born?

FaZe Banks is currently 30 years old (18 October 1991).

How much does FaZe Banks get paid?

FaZe Banks makes an annual income of $1.5 million, according to estimates.

What is FaZe Banks’ Height?

FaZe Banks stands 1.88m (6′ 2″) tall.