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Federal Plan to Visit Harris State by Big Sir Wildfire | California


Vice President on Kamala Harris Visited California to highlight new funding to fight wildfires, and residents of the northern Big Sur area of ​​the state were told to evacuate due to the new fire.

A wind-driven wildfire late Friday in the rugged mountains above the Big Shrunk forced authorities to close part of the Pacific Coast Highway.

The fire started in a valley and was pushed into the sea by 35 miles of wind, jumped over the highway and burned in the west. Saturday, the California The Department of Forests and Fire Protection said at least 2.3 square miles (6 sq km) of the fire was contained and 5% of the fire was contained.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office ordered an evacuation in Paolo Colorado Canyon at 9.30pm on Friday night and closed the extension of Torque Highway 1 in both directions from Andrew Molera State Park to Carmel-by-the-Sea. The shelter was being set up by the American Red Cross.

Evacuees shared dramatic images of the flames behind the Bixby Bridge that stretch across the deep and wild valley, which has been used in commercials, movies and TV shows, most recently the HBO drama Big Little Lies.

The bottom of a reinforced concrete arch bridge is almost obscured by smoke as the fire burns down.
Colorado fire burns under Rocky Creek Bridge, one of two bridges engulfed in wildfire on Highway 1 near Big Sur, California. Photo: Nick Curie / AB

Strong winds were reported throughout the San Francisco Bay Area overnight at high altitudes.

Earlier on Friday, in the south of the state, Harris was joined by Governor Gavin Newcomer and Alex Patila, a Democrat who replaced Harris in the U.S. Senate, as they inspected wildfire damage from the sky, went to the federal fire station and outlined new costs. Aimed at reducing the risk of wildfire and dealing with its consequences.

Harris announced $ 600 million in Disaster Relief Fund for the U.S. Forest Service in California.

The Vice President praised the work of firefighters and the “non-politically affected” cooperation between governments.

He said the government was “putting resources where needed” in the war against fire and climate crisis.

On the way to the Harris Fire Station, a hail of protesters joined the crowd, where at the entrance, a lone protester waved the American flag and raised the infamous slogan about Joe Biden.

On Friday, Harris’s office highlighted $ 1bn for developing plans to protect communities from wildfires, $ 650m for rehabilitation efforts for burned areas, and nearly $ 2.4bn for hazardous fuel management.

Earlier this week, the administration said it was expanding efforts to combat wildfires by thinning forests around “hot spots” where nature and the environment collide.

As climate change dries up in the western United States, officials say they have devised a $ 50bn plan to double the use of controlled fire and locking to reduce tinder in high-risk areas. There is funding only for certain tasks.

A bipartisan group of about a dozen California lawmakers has said it will recruit more than 1,100 professional wildlife firefighters as the number of inmates helping fight the blaze continues to decline.

State has received Historical wildfire Seasons in recent years, including last year for the first time Two severe fires Sierra has crossed the rocky fortress of Nevada, which threatens tourist sites With Lake Tahoe. At 10 The biggest wildfire In the recorded history of the state, eight in the last five years.

Firefighters have been working for 40 consecutive days Burning and mental health Problems.