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For All Mankind Season 4 Release Date: Will There Be a for All Mankind Season 4?


for all mankind season 4 release date

For All Mankind imagines an alternate timeline in which Russia beat the United States to the moon. Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine a world in which For All Mankind ended after season three, as Apple TV+ had already confirmed the show’s return before season three concluded.

The renewal was announced at the end of July’s San Diego Comic-Con. Thanks to this early confirmation, hopefully, new episodes will arrive a bit faster than usual.

But what precisely will transpire? The third season took us through the ’90s with a new objective, Mars; what does the 21st century hold? Join us here at Digital Spy as we reveal everything you need to know about the fourth season of For All Mankind on Apple TV+.

For All Mankind Season 4 Release Date

When Apple TV+ announced the renewal of season four at San Diego Comic-Con, they also disclosed that production on the upcoming season would begin in August 2022. If everything goes according to plan, new episodes could premiere in the winter of 2023.

If everything goes according to plan, For All Mankind could return even sooner; however, if past release dates are any indication, this is the timeframe in which we anticipate the game’s return.

for all mankind season 4 release date

For All Mankind Season 4 Cast

As with any show that traverses multiple time periods, the cast of For All Mankind is constantly shifting. However, we can probably assume that the majority of the following will return for season four:

  • Joel Kinnaman in the role of Edward “Ed” Baldwin
  • Jodi Balfour portraying Ellen Wilson
  • Wrenn Schmidt as Margo Madison
  • Krys Marshall in the role of Danielle Poole
  • Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin
  • Casey W. Johnson in the role of Danny Stevens
  • Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales
  • Edi Gathegi in place of Dev Ayesa

In addition, it is likely that CS Lee will reprise his role as North Korean astronaut Lee Jung-Gil following episode nine’s shocking twist and the conclusion’s aftermath.

Given her prominent storyline as the first female – and gay – President of the United States, we assume that Jodi Balfour will reprise her role as Ellen Wilson. However, this role may be somewhat diminished, as she is also set to star in the upcoming season of Ted Lasso.

Sonya Walger (Molly Cobb) and Shantel VanSanten are two cast members who are unlikely to return following the terrible tragedy that occurs at the end of the third season (Karen Baldwin). We wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a brief return of flashbacks along these lines, or perhaps in the form of memorial photographs and footage.

for all mankind season 4 release date

For All Mankind Season 4 Plot

As fans have come to expect, the season three finale of For All Mankind featured an abundance of drama.

While Ellen dealt with the repercussions of her coming out speech, Mars descended into chaos with the arrival of Lee Jung-Gil, Kelly’s pregnancy complications, and Danny’s long-awaited confession.

But against all odds, Ed managed to save both his daughter Kelly and his future grandchild, “Little Ed.” It was a moment of profound grandeur that starkly contrasted with the conclusion of season two. However, this does not mean that the conclusion was devoid of tragedy.

In a shocking turn of events, major characters ended up dying on earth when a bomb destroyed half of the Johnson Space Centre, the only place where they were historically guaranteed to be safe.

Hundreds perished in the explosion, including two of the show’s longest-running and most prominent characters. Despite the fact that no specific season four details have been revealed as of yet, expect this trauma to continue to have an impact on the show even though the timeline has jumped from 1995 to 2003.

But what does Margot’s leap entail? Why is she currently in what appears to be Russia? As President, will Ellen still be with her one true love? And will Ed maintain his muscular physique now that he is eight years older? The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in the fourth season of For All Mankind.

For All Mankind Season 4 Trailer

The fourth season of For All Mankind won’t premiere until 2023, but we’re on the case, so check back here for season four trailers when they eventually become available.