For Jojo’s Ending, Explained: ‘For Jojo’ Ending Explained: Did Jojo Get Married Finally?


“For Jojo,” a German movie that just came out on Netflix, is about two best friends, one of whom is jealous when the other decides to get married. Since they were kids, Paula and Jojo have never been apart. Now, they live together in Berlin and are happy in their little world. But life pulls them apart when Jojo has to work as a tour guide in Tulum, Mexico and has to go there.

Paula knew how bad her life would be without Jojo, so she hoped for him to stay until the last second at the airport. They saw Daniel at the airport. They knew him from the island where they grew up. Daniel and Jojo became best friends right away, and as luck would have it, he was also going to Tulum.

Paula didn’t like how fast they became friends, but she couldn’t do anything about it now. She saw her best friend leave with Daniel, which broke her heart.

Paula is a strange woman who is so moved by her feelings that she loses track of her life to get her best friend back. Jojo, on the other hand, wants to live her life without Paula’s approval. She wants to be her person, but it’s hard for her to speak up when Paula is around. “For Jojo” is about how they deal with life, love, and the hard process of having to let go.

‘For Jojo’ Plot Summary: What Is The German Film About?

Jojo and Daniel had a good time in Tulum. During the flight, they sat together and talked about life. When Paula video-called Jojo, Daniel was there. She was busy a lot, and sometimes the network was bad, which made Paula feel even more alone than usual. Paula lost the drive she needed to get through her daily life. She would often just grunt while lying almost lifeless, showing how empty she felt without Jojo by her side.

She also had to deal with the practical side of life, which she did with the help of Jojo, despite feeling emotionally empty. She didn’t have a job and needed one to pay the rent. She had tried a few jobs, but she didn’t stick with any of them for very long. When she went to the job center for help, they gave her a job as a cleaner at a bowling alley.

Paula went to school for six years to become a lawyer, but she failed her final exam and gave up on her career. She got a job at the bowling alley, but whenever she felt down, she desperately called Jojo.

Jojo wasn’t going through what she was, which made it hurt even more. She was having fun in a different country, while Paula thought her life had no point. She didn’t want to share Jojo or their friendship with anyone else, and since they were no longer together, she didn’t think she was losing her a little bit every day. But soon after, Jojo called her and told her that she was going back to Berlin.

Paula was thrilled, but she was also curious about why she had changed her mind so quickly. Jojo chose not to tell Paula why. Paula was as happy as usual when she saw Jojo at the airport, but her excitement went away as soon as she saw Daniel with her. She did not want this to happen. Paula thought that maybe her best friend was pregnant, and that was why she had come back.

Jojo told her that she was wrong, but she wouldn’t say why. Paula couldn’t take it any longer, so she stopped the car in the middle of the road and waited for Jojo to answer her question.

Even though Jojo didn’t want to tell Paula right away, she knew that she couldn’t keep the truth from her. She said she was getting married in response. Paula was upset because she didn’t want to believe that Jojo wanted to get married. Daniel and Jojo were in the middle of the road when she left them there and walked away.

Jojo knew it would be hard for her best friend to accept that she was getting married and sharing her life with someone else. She planned to move to the island with the man she would marry, which shocked Paula. She could tell that her best friend was losing interest in her, and she couldn’t take it.

Even though she wasn’t ready to give up yet, she told the couple that she would go with them. And that was the first time Paula tried to mess with their relationship in some way.

What Happened On The Island?

Jojo and Paula grew up on the island, so it holds special memories for them. Even though Paula didn’t feel welcome in their house, she still found a place to sit. She went to Jojo and Daniel’s room to sleep next to her best friend when she couldn’t fall asleep at dawn. The next day, they went to a restaurant together, and Daniel’s friend Janosch suggested keeping Paula company. Even though Paula didn’t like it, she went along with it.

When Janosch asked Jojo what Paula did for a living at the restaurant, Jojo said that she didn’t have a job. This made Paula mad. She couldn’t believe that her best friend didn’t think much of her or that she talked about her in a bad way. Paula talked about Jojo’s wild past to get back at him.

She said that they had bet that they would sleep with different people while they were in college, and Jojo won. This made Jojo feel bad, and she didn’t understand why Paula brought it up in front of the man she was going to marry. They ran into Daniel’s ex-girlfriend at the restaurant.

She was upset to see him with another woman. When Jojo talked to Paula about how she was acting, she brought up Daniel’s ex and how she thought they were together even back then. Jojo wasn’t ready to think that her boyfriend was lying, so she didn’t want to talk about it. She told Paula she had to leave. Paula got lost in the beach town and ended up sleeping at her brother’s house. He was in college studying when she showed up unexpectedly. Even though he was glad to see her, they talked about their lives in a lighthearted way.

Paula saw Daniel’s ex, Ellin, working at a store near her brother’s college, so she went back to Jojo’s place. She looked in and saw that they were fighting, so she went outside to wait for them. She thought she was there to get her things, and she saw Daniel and Paula kissing right after they got into an argument.

She wanted to know why they were fighting, but Jojo told her that she was getting married and that Paula should worry about herself and what she would do after the wedding.

She didn’t know what would happen and didn’t want to believe that they would get married, so she suggested that they go shopping for wedding dresses. She brought Jojo to the store where Ellin worked, which she knew. She chose the dress she wanted to try on, and then she saw the other woman. Jojo figured out why Paula wanted to go shopping with her. She tried to take off her clothes quickly, but the side of her dress tore. Ellin saw that Paula put the dress back on the rack, so she told them they had to pay for the dress they had ruined. When Jojo went to pay, Ellin congratulated her and said that the two of them fell in love even though they were both rude.

Paula tried to act like it was a coincidence, but Jojo knew her friend well enough to know that it was all a lie. She wanted Jojo to give in and start to doubt her. She wanted to ask Ellin about her relationship with Daniel, but Jojo didn’t want to get involved in the drama. She knew that Daniel and Ellin’s relationship might have ended badly, but she didn’t want to let doubtful thoughts get in the way of her relationship.

Paula wanted to show that Jojo wasn’t right for Daniel. She just couldn’t believe there would be a wedding. When someone asked her why she thought that, she just said, “I know it,” without giving a reason.

‘For Jojo’ Ending Explained: Did Jojo Get Married Finally?

Paula began to hang out with Janosch after Jojo wouldn’t forgive her for what she had done. Janosch loved the island because it was where he lived, but Paula did not. She said Jojo was where she lived. A very important sentence for understanding Paula’s feelings.

She could feel that her house was falling apart, and she knew that someone else was going to take her place. She needed to go, but she couldn’t. She had never been anywhere else besides home and Jojo.

Paula was at school, so Jojo went there to see her. She wanted to talk to her boyfriend about Ellin, but his mood had changed, and he wouldn’t talk about her. Jojo thought she would directly ask Ellin about her past, but she was afraid that if she did that, she would betray her boyfriend. Paula said that they should go see Jojo’s mom.

They went there to show respect for her mother, who had killed herself after her marriage fell apart. Paula told Jojo that her mother had a hard time with marriage and that she shouldn’t have to go through the same thing.

Even though they fought, Jojo wouldn’t admit that she was in the same place. She said that relationships are hard and that it’s hard to break up with someone. She didn’t want to give up on love even though the guy she met at the airport wasn’t the same happy guy she met on the island. Worried about her best friend’s refusal to believe, she screamed her name into the distance, jokingly suggesting that the Jojo she knew had died.

In a drunken state, Paula visited Ellin. She already said she was sorry for how they were acting. Ellin agreed, and she also said that she and Daniel were still together in a way. Next thing we know, Paula is taking Ellin to the house of Daniel and Jojo. They were having a party at her house, and she told everyone that Ellin was there.

Daniel and Jojo were both surprised by how quickly things changed, and now Daniel wanted to talk to Jojo about it. Ellin said that she was still dating Daniel, but he said that wasn’t true.

Ellin kept saying that he hadn’t ended their relationship; he’d just said he needed some space. Daniel thought that was enough to end their relationship, but Ellin thought the fact that he kept texting her while he was with Jojo showed that he was still interested in her. Daniel kept writing to Ellin even as he and Jojo made plans for their wedding.

He told her he liked her and didn’t want to hurt her. Jojo was very angry, but Daniel thought she didn’t have a reason to be upset because it wasn’t about her. In the end, Jojo drives away, and Paula leaves on foot. Paula threw dirt at Jojo’s car, which made her get out and push Paula into the ditch.

In the end, they both got into the car. Paula tried to wipe Jojo’s face to get the tears off. Paula told her best friend that the man wasn’t right for her and that she had stopped her from making a bad choice. Jojo was upset that Paula told everyone about the drama in front of everyone else. She was so tired that she just followed her around.

She thought Paula should let her live her own life and learn from her mistakes. Paula didn’t care much that Jojo wanted her to have her own life. They danced together one last time at the beach, but when it was all over, Paula seemed to be all alone in the big world. The screen goes black for a second, and then it shows that a wedding is happening. Jojo and Daniel are getting married on the beach, and everyone important to them is there except for Paula.

There are many ways to think about how “For Jojo” ends, but one clear thing is that Paula feels very alone at the end. She tried to look out for her best friend, but if the wedding is real and not just a dream, it looks like Jojo stuck to her belief that she deserved to make her own choices and mistakes in life.

And Paula didn’t feel the same way, so we didn’t see her in the wedding procession. The wedding could also be Jojo’s idea of what could have happened after she broke up with her boyfriend and chose Paula. Though I thought that life would eventually force them to go their separate ways.

Even though it hurt Paula to see her best friend change, she had to learn to let her make mistakes. She had to pay attention to herself, which she didn’t do because she put Jojo at the center of her world. “For Jojo” is about how hard it is to have to let go of someone, even if you don’t think it’s for the best reasons.